Comments for Disney’s Secretive Space 220 Restaurant: How Far Has Work Progressed?

space 220

Credit: ITM Kelly Coffey (background image)/StickPNG


  1. Larry

    I believe this restaurant was originally scheduled to open in late 2019.

    My wife and I were so looking forward to eating here during our scheduled vacation in June 2020. Owe, but the parks were closed and the final touches were delayed. We’ve rescheduled (twice) and will be there in June 2021. Please keep us posted if Space 220 should ever open. Personally, I feel the current delays have more to do with their desire not to hire additional staff. There’s several other EPCOT restaurants still closed, likely for that reason.

  2. Doug

    I have reservations for the 50 th anniversary in October. I hope the restaurant is open by than,

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