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young girl wearing minnie mouse mask downtown disney

Credit: Disney


  1. When we went at the end of December, I wore a cloth mask that had a transparent window. I purchased it on etsy. Note: if you buy one, get one that will not fog. Disney cast members did not make me change to an all cloth mask. In fact, I received many compliments from them.

  2. Dan

    If anyone is concerned about their mask meeting the requirements, just wear it to a Disney Store at your local mall. The cast members there are following the same guidelines as the parks and will not let you in if your mask does not meet Disney standards.

    1. Something

      Funny. They don’t seem to enforce it at my local mall.

  3. Chiu tommy

    I wouldn’t go anywhere away from my house for more than one hour unless I have N 95 or equivalent face mask to wear. Masks that meet Disney’s requirements or any similar ones can curb the spread of covid but, if you wear any of them as required for hours, you won’t have 100% breath freedom. Those masks stop the virus from coming in or going out of your breath at the same time restricting your breath and its freshness. The best mask is the mask connected to an oxygen tank.
    I wear masks since march last year whenever I leave my house but I don’t wear face mask regardless of the type for more than 1 hour

  4. Jan

    It does seem like Disney is doing a wonderful job during this pandemic time and since they now allow guests to wear a mask with a clear plastic panel at the mouth I suggest they have cast members do the same so that we can see their happy faces also! I do know that cast members wear a shield over their mask and they can still do that.

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