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Pluto on Disney Cruise Line

Credit: Disney via Disney Cruise Line Instagram

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  1. Van Hamlin

    Other cruise lines are still claiming to be conducting 2021 cruises. You start with a requirement to have the vaccination and a test three days prior to reporting for the cruise. next, you get your temperature taken prior to boarding and a saliva Covid-19 test. Only the healthy get on board. Next, you wear your mask and get temperature tested at restaurants and the casino. last you get screened when you return from an excursion.

    The rooms should have been cleaned and sanitized always. Hepatic filters should be used in the air ducting systems. Some areas of the ship should be clearly marked as use at your own risk. A quarantine sick bay should be set aside, as well.

    Remember, younger passengers are not at as high of a risk unless they are in the high risk group. The cruise will be fine for them.

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