Comments for Honest Review: Is Crystal Palace Worth it Without Characters or Buffet?

crystal palace

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: Inside the Magic Kelly C.


  1. Interesting. I learned a new word, pescetarian. It means the individual uses seafood as their only source of meat. It was hard to get a comprehensive review because I am a carnivore. I didn’t like Crystal Palace when it was a buffet, because it didn’t have many choices for the money. I hope it has improved.

  2. Sno Gal

    Well worth it, perfect for lunch. We were just there in April.5 adults, all carnivores. We left the kids at home for this trip – we told them we were scouting for when we go later in the year. This is on the list for bringing the teens. Crystal Palace has always been on my bucket list and didn’t disappoint. Characters are not a personal draw as I grew up in LA and went to Disneyland often, starting the year it opened.

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