Comments for 2003 ‘Clone Wars’ Clip Goes Viral, Dave Filoni Discusses Show

filoni 2003 clone wars

Credit: Cartoon Network/Lucasfilm


  1. Dank3owls

    “Today, when most people think about Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dave Filoni’s animated series that began airing in 2008 and ultimately ran for seven seasons across Cartoon Network, Netflix, and, ultimately, Disney+.”

    What happens when people think about Star Wars: The Clone Wars? This sentence does not finish it’s thought.. This distracted me so much, I’m afraid I couldn’t read further.

  2. Naveen

    Yeah, I completely understand that. I run into this issue a few times myself. It’s easy to mess up and not be able to finish out the sentence you wrote, the point you’re trying to make. That’s what happens when there’s too many details crammed into one sentence, you quickly become lost and end up prematurely giving the sentence a period and never giving it a real close, resulting in your readers getting lost as well and some potentially losing all interest as a result.

  3. James

    Disney, please bring back the classic ARC Troopers from the 2003 show!

    Although it’s nearly impossible to bring them back for new adventures, I can still dream.

  4. AC Walker

    The headline is downright false. Filoni does NOT say anything about the show in his quote, but commenting on Canon in general. Shame on you.

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