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  1. David Pusczak

    You misspelled Mr Spielberg’s first name. Proofread!

    1. Darcie

      If Indiana Jones 5 is the last movie . It should be Harrison Ford playing the part

      1. Final time, obviously.

  2. Christina Simmons

    No Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

  3. Joe

    Chris Pratt, NO!

    1. Chris Pratt is Perfect for the role

  4. Melissa

    He is more than enough for the job! He has the talent, looks, body, and brains. In my opinion, he is perfect for it.

    1. Pattie

      Mono no not ever. Ford only

      1. Sharky

        I’m a HUGE Indiana Jones fan, however, I’ll never watch an Indy movie without Ford playing the role. Ford IS Indiana Jones. Plain and simple. When Ford is done so is the character. Come on Hollywood, be creative and develop a new character. Stop rebooting!!!!

  5. Suzy Kallas

    Love both Ford and Pratt. Just quit all the chitchat and make the movie

  6. Tracey

    Yes please 🙏🏻

  7. Ellis

    A perfect choice. I hope this happens.

  8. Kris

    No! Just no! Ford all the way, I’m sure Ford would do the TV services on Disney+ too!

  9. Tom

    Corey played The Young Indiana Jones for 4 years! I hope they keep him in mind!

    1. Suzy Ince

      Yeah been they’re done that

    2. Brenda

      Harrison Ford is the REAL Indiana Jones … “If it’s not broke …Don’t fix it.” !!!!! ( I have a GREAT IDEA for a movie for Harrison. Please contact me. !!!!) Brenda

  10. Elliot Loucks

    No! This should not happen! Harrison Ford is the OG Indiana Jones! Besides, I love Indiana Jones as much as Han Solo. So Chris Pratt shouldn’t play Indiana Jones

    1. Leo

      Tal vez Harrison empezó indiana Jones, pero puede que Chris también… Me gusta indiana jones y quisiera mucho que allá una nueva película sobre el que es la 5 pero tal vez la edad de Harrison sea demaciada como para otra aventura de indiana jones…

  11. Derek S

    Pratt is too goofy to play Indiana Jones. I say let the character go if Ford is aged out of it – it simply can’t be recast.

    If you MUST reboot Indy, then I nominate either Oscar Isaac or Armie Hammer. But NOT goofball Pratt.

    1. Darryl

      They said the same thing about Keaton with batman but he was great

  12. Dan John O'Day

    I’d watch a reboot of Indiana Jones with chris pratt as Dr Henry Jones Jr

  13. Cherri

    Pratt has the perfect personality and charisma to play Indiana Jones. I would miss Ford and Indy, but for the character to continue. Pratt is the answer.

  14. SG

    No. Just no. Terrible idea.

  15. Mark

    No way on Pratt. The only person that should play Indy after Ford is Anthony Ingruber. He sounds and can look like a young Harrison. He did it alongside Harrison Ford in Age of Adeline.

  16. Brenda

    Harrison Ford is the REAL Indiana Jones … “If it’s not broke …Don’t fix it.” !!!!! ( I have a GREAT IDEA for a movie for Harrison. Please contact me. !!!!) Brenda

  17. Lady

    Pratt would be a better Jones’ son than Shia ever could. But replacing Harrison, NOPE, nope just nope. Harrison will always be INDIANA to me but the younger generation needs a younger hero….just don’t ” Disney” it up so much it’s unrecognizable.

  18. Lindsey

    Yes 1000% behind this!! Chris Pratt is a fantastic actor, he totally looks the part and would do a spectacular job!!! I REALLY hope this happens, would LOVE to see him play Indiana Jones!!!

  19. The final Indiana Jones film!

  20. Cool. I’m all for Pratt, but shouldn’t Ford be in it too?

  21. Tim Yeager

    While Harrison Ford “is” Indiana Jones in the same way Sean Connery “was” the perfect embodiment of James Bond, it is very apparent that it is time for another actor to step into Indie’s shoes. The franchise should take on a similar model; every 10-20 years the film’s should take a pause, and then a new actor should be chosen to take up the mantle. Ten years ago I pegged Chris Pratt as a perfect prospect; although I like Nathan Fillian in the role as well.

  22. Tracy Hageman

    There is only one Indiana Jones..HARRISON FORD!!! Indy is my superhero. I have seen each movie at least 1000 times each and NOBODY will ever fill Harrison’s shoes or fedora!!

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