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harrison ford as indiana jones

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Donny

    It’s really funny that he thinks that he can control that. Indiana Jones is bigger than an such an arrogant old wash out and will definitely outlive him for a very long time.

    1. Robyn Jorgensen

      Harrison Ford happens to be best friends with not only the creater but the directors and executive producers! So he does have a say. He is so beyond arrogant. He is Indy and no one ever will replace him! His son may carry on for him but he will be his own character!!! Get some class and show some respect!

      1. Chris P.

        Agreed. Chris Pratt must think he married up to be able to pick roles. Daddy Schwarzenegger can’t act and Pratt is just okay with no growth insite. Can’t buy talent.

    2. Walter

      STFU Donny!

    3. Michael

      Indiana Jones is an intellectual, Harrison Ford made that believable No way in hell Chris Pratt could ever make that believable that he’s an intellectual. His acting is not that good.

      Harrison Ford is right while wrong, Chris pine would definitely make a better Indiana Jones than Chris Pratt.
      Maybe that was a Freudian slip.

    4. OhioSmith

      No worries, just have a new guy and call him Illinois Jeffries or something.

    5. Alejandro Veltiosei

      Trump said something similar to what this old egocentric maniac said

  2. Seth

    Article was about Chris Pratt but the writer kept saying Chris Pine. Two different actors lol.

  3. Christopher Taber

    Chris Pratt vs. Harrison Ford is a badass he is my favorite actor he is Indiana Jones Han Solo and even play the president Chris Pratt can’t even compare and we will forget about him soon I hope

    1. Nero

      Why hope to forget? Agree Pratt is not Indy or a Harrison, but he is not that bad of an actor. So far, he did good.

  4. Bobby

    Very selfish. What is wrong with Ford? This guys behaviour is cranky, bitter and self centered. He seems to not have Joy in his life.

  5. Mario

    George Lucas said the same thing years ago in an interview. He pretty much said only Harrison will ever play as Indy.

  6. LukeyJ

    I 100% agree that Harrison should definitely play Indy in the new movie. To replace him with Chris Pratt is just outrageous. Without Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones would not exsist!

    1. Ian

      Why can’t they just write a new character who is an adventurer, and star Chris Pratt? Why does EVERYTHING have to be “rebooted”? It’s such a lazy way to make movies.

  7. Stenbolt

    Unless the new Indiana Jones film kills off the title character,
    thus rendering “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” noncanonical, Indy is still alive in 1993. Played by George Hall, old Indy bookended most of the episodes in the series. Fun fact: though the character was supposed to be in his 90s, Hall, in his mid-70s, was younger than Harrison Ford is now.

  8. Victor smith

    We had an entire TV series that includes an eyepatch Indy telling stories of his youth. What we still don’t have is a final Indy movie explaining how he lost the eye.

    1. Sarah

      THIS is the sort of thing I want answers to. NOT rumers of some second rate actor fantasizing that he is capable of filling Harrison Ford’s shoes.

  9. Brandon Kinion

    It’s a shame because Of Indiana Jones has all the trademarks of a classic character to be passed down (Joker/Bond). Plus, him being a professor is n Archeology really inspired the sciences. But whatever, some things just get replaced over time. We still have Liars Croft and she is much sexier anyway.

  10. Patti

    There is only one indiana jones. Why do they have to continue the character, can’t they come up with something new.

  11. P.Balakrishna Prabhu

    Harrison Ford is Harrison Ford, no one can replace him, however Chris Pratt is a New Kid on the block will have his own following, so no need to compare between the already famous star and a newcomer.

  12. Five different actors have ALREADY played Indiana Jones.

  13. Scott

    I’m so sick of seeing Chris Pratt. I really hope they pass on him for the role. I honestly don’t think I’d watch it. He would ruin it with his pompous cocky attitude and throwing a stupid wise crack every two minutes. I’d much rather see a no name get the role that would appreciate it more. I’ve not watched the new Jurassic Park with him in it. The dudes not funny. Andvits anniying to watch him in anything. My personal opinion though.

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