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  1. Katie

    I wonder how this will effect passenger numbers. I can’t imagine people would be willing to wear a mask on a ship for the majority of their trip. Personally, I’d be willing to wear a mask at ports of call if the local government is requiring it, but I wouldn’t want to wear one onboard.

  2. Jamie Feeser

    I was looking forward to my 1st ever cruise in December 2020 on a Disney ship which obviously didn’t happen. Still have giftcards to use & hope for a future one but no way am I going to go on a cruise & be forced to wear a mask the entire time. Especially outdoors in the open air. Disappointment has been month after month with Disney by seeing all the changes they or politically correct people are doing to change what 99% of us don’t see but entertainment & history of the park. Not to mention a CEO collecting millions of dollars in bonuses while laying workers off. Too many rules at the park now has made me not want to ever go back and I’ve been there every 2 years with my family since 2010. Disappointing

  3. Joanne

    Laying outside in the sun by the pool with a mask on??? No way. Absolutely not. That is absurd. That also seems like a huge safety issue to me.

  4. ADP

    To add where the article says cruises over 7 nights must be cancelled. Actually this relates to cruises to and from a USA port, so say Greek cruises on the Magic are not currently cancelled.

  5. Sara Sharratt

    My family of 4 just spent a week at WDW, and we wore our masks at all times that we were outside of our rooms. We lived AND had a fabulous time. You make a choice to be miserable or to enjoy yourself.

    1. Geotrain

      We just returned from WDW as well. We had to wear our mask everywhere. All attractions, stores, dining had very very very long lines to physically keep all parties 6 feet apart. This is ok when you are in an amusement park and WDW is 40 square miles. This would be absolutely awful on a cruise ship with staggered eating times, limited room for shows and movies, activities, just would not be relaxing like you would expect on a cruise ship. I believe I will not be sailing until CDC lifts its requirements for cruise ships.

    2. Good for you. Not everyone can wear a mask and they are impossible to breathe in. In fact, they don’t work at all. Go back to biology 101. Viruses are much smaller in size than the pores in your masks. The worst mandated states had more deaths than those with no mask mandates. Wake up, people. You’re only wearing them because MSM tells you to. Think for yourself and do your research. They don’t work.

      1. A Much Smarter Mark

        Hey Mr. Smart Guy. The virus itself is smaller than the pores in the masks, sure. But guess what isn’t….the particulates that actually carry the virus. You know, things like saliva droplets and mucus. Being the fly-catching mouth breather you are, I’m sure you’ve encountered those things at some point in time while woofing down White Castles and sneezing on your buddies. While you may have done research, you clearly need to do more.
        For what it’s worth, I think a cruise absent of people like you sounds like a glorious thing and can’t wait for my December 2021 Disney Cruise!!

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