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Bill Burr Mandalorian

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  1. StarWarsStan

    Its Shyriiwook not Kasheekian.

  2. John

    If you’re going to make a comment about the languages that Wookies speak, do a quick Google search to make sure you got it right.

    1. PH

      Came here to say this. I stopped reading the article after “Kasheekian,” which is not only a bastardization of Kashyyyk, but also not the language Wookies speak. 30 seconds of effort and Wookiepedia would have informed the author what he didn’t care enough to verify before publication.

  3. Everything Burr says makes 100% sense, that being said the accent still sounds pretty weird to me in Star Wars, I can’t help it, it just does.

    1. Why don’t you come to Boston and you can hear the Bostonian accent all day long.

  4. Mystic

    I love the genius of having Bill Burr essentially play himself — with all the cynicism, attitude and sarcasm — within the Star Wars universe. Simply genius.

    And yea, all that crap about his accent is the height of stupidity.

  5. Rob I

    Bill Burr has said many times that he just shows up and acts like himself. He never tried to get in character. This has been know about him way before this show was even an idea on paper. The producers knew this and hired him, accent and all, anyways

  6. Kerry Dixon

    I have to agree with Bill and David J Mayberry. Bill poses a good argument. But for this environment, his regionalism was very ‘non- Imperial’, which could have been foreshadowing to his character’s ultimate journey.

    And though Bill’s Massachusetts regionalism was odd for an Imperial, it clearly wasn’t as unsettling as Richard Brake’s deep South, serial killer accent. Thank you, Mayfield!

  7. Marshall T

    Quit bitching about accents and just enjoy the stories.

  8. Bob

    Who’s Jengo Fett?

  9. Craig

    I’m sure every galaxy has its Boston.

  10. Eddie

    Subtle African American accents? The hell are those?

    1. Cedric

      Screams racist to me…gods, don’t these people have proofreaders??

      1. Nunya Bidness

        I’m sure everything screams “racism” to you.

  11. Anthony Kennedy

    I loved seeing Bill Burr in the Mandolorian. His character is awesome. I could almost feel his loss for all those soldiers in the battle he remembered. I felt his rage as he shot that commanding officer. Who cares about any accents? Thats just petty BS if you ask me.

  12. Anthony Kennedy

    Are you for real? He is Boba Fetts father or genetic clone donor if you want to be specific. He was a true Mandolorian.

    1. BobDole

      He wasn’t from Mandalore and the joke is that it’s JANGO, not JENGO

  13. Kepora

    Twitter weirdos aren’t “Star Wars fans”. Stop lumping those cringy Reylos with us.

    1. BobDole

      Dear God, this.

  14. No pond hockey on Tatooine??

  15. Bill

    If you look up his character on wookiepedia it lists his home planet as “Space Boston”. Epic:)

  16. Michael

    For all of us international views, any accent adds more to the galaxy far far away. Just imagine watching the movie “Sweet home Alabama” without any accents!

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