Comments for Animal Kingdom Map Hints Masks at Disney Are Here to Stay

Credit: Matt Stroshane / PCDevv


  1. Michael Paluszkiewicz

    I don’t think the masks are ever going away…

    1. Sue

      Sad but true. We have become the second China. They have worn them for years but still get sick. It’s only what the government wants. One at to control people.

      1. JH

        People in large city in China (Communist China / People’s Republic of China / PRC) wore mask because of pollution and haven’t really been wearing them for the past few years after aggressive reduction in air pollution.

        Japan and Taiwan (Republic of China / Democratic China / ROC) has been wearing mask for years since SARS and they both have extremely low COVID numbers.

  2. EM

    We were waiting for masks to go away before going back to WDW. Guess we will be waiting a while or not going back. Sad.

  3. Gern Blandsten Jr.

    They will have masks in place until around Fall 2021. Right in line with herd immunity goals and the goals of countries around the world, not just the United States. This is a world-wide issue, not a local or American political issue. So deal with it or don’t go. Don’t support Disney if you don’t agree. Don’t support local businesses around you for following the law of each state if you don’t agree. Stay home, order on Uber eats and pout until this is all over. That certainly helps.

    1. EM

      I hope you’re not talking about me. You don’t know me. I only said we won’t go until masks are not in place. I wear my mask whenever I go out I just don’t want to go to Disney in August and wear it ALL DAY at the parks. Never said I don’t support Disney and especially never said I don’t support local businesses! I deal with it just fine and don’t need someone who doesn’t know me telling me what to do. I have my opinion and I don’t go around trying to shame anyone. You seem to have a problem.

      1. Luke

        Exactly. It’s one thing to where a mask at work or to run a few errands. It’s another to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation just to wear a mask all day long in the Florida humidity.

  4. Joanne Earle

    We already put off our big family trip to WDW in Jan to Nov. We will not go there if masks are a requirement forever. My grandson is autistic and won’t wear one. This is ridiculous.

  5. Jim

    Nobody is trying to control people. Just watch: the day will come when masks are not required. The bigwigs at Disney know that this policy is hurting attendance. The dollar is what they watch regarding ny issue. And I wouldn’t want to go while masks are needed. Years back when we first went one of the magical things about Disney was you got taken out of the real world into a magicaal one for a while. Being reminded by the masks of the Covid-19 horror takes away that magic. That;s while I wouldn’t go until after. Calm down everybody. Disney would love to see masks go away, too.

  6. Marty

    We will definitely not visit Disney until the mask mandates are gone!

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