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  1. Lexxus Smith

    Hey I’m Lexxus iam a true Harry potter fan

    1. HeY I'm LeXxUs SmItH

      why did you need to say that 5 times
      we read it once and didn’t care the other 4 times you said it

  2. Lexxus Smith

    Hey I’m Lexxus Smith iam a true Harry potter fan

  3. Lexxus Smith

    Hey I’m. Lexxus Smith I’m a true Harry potter fan

  4. Lexxus Smith

    Hey I’m Lexxus Smith I’m a true Harry potter fan

  5. I hop they got some delicious food I would love that

  6. Brianna

    I believe they should make a whole Harry Potter land! ~ Brianna

  7. Gabriel Urquidez

    I think Universal has a huge opportunity with the HP franchise. The expansion is well worth every penny. In my opinion, HP is better than Disney. Here is what I’d like to see:

    1. Get characters to roam the park. Dumbledore, Harry, Death Eaters, Snape…this would be huge.
    2. Provide wizard workshops “aka a simulated” class from one of the teachers at Hogwarts. Kids would go bonkers for this.
    3. A sorting hat experience where kids can be “chosen” for their house. Similar to the wand experience.
    4. Create a “broom” ride. This should be roller coasters of some kind.
    5. Create some form of unique transportation from the airport to Universal. This by far is the biggest opportunity to pack universal hotels and bring in more customers. How? Use the HP Bus. People would fall all over themselves to ride the HP bus.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Hayden

      For number 5 they just need to make it the knight bus. That would be sweet.

  8. Lexii

    I only go there really for WWHP. It’s like seeing my childhood right before my eyes. My first time seeing the Hogwarts Express, I sobbed. It’s so real and perfect! Forever a Slytherin! ?

  9. Jayden Miles

    I think they should add the burrow and maybe some things from the fantastic beast movies

  10. Robert Blochinger

    Hogwarts. It would be nice not just to see it. Visiting classrooms; entering the dining hall; seeing the stairs move and the room of requirement. Hitting up the owlrey. Dumbledores office. These things would be good.

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