California Acquires Pfizer Vaccine, Paving the Way for Disneyland’s Reopening

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We have been hearing plenty of news regarding the Pfizer vaccine being approved, and alongside Britain, Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico approving the vaccine, America is joining in with the F.D.A. giving approval. With this news in mind, the prospects of Disneyland reopening seem brighter.

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A few months ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom shared that, when considering how much longer it will be until California is “back to normal” and the pandemic is over, we should be looking toward 2021.

“Look, I understand the prevailing winds where people are pushing optimism because we’re desperate for it and we’re all longing for a ‘When is this thing over?’… And the sober reality is — and this is the sober reality — the expectation should not — cannot — be this calendar year. For the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation, as a state, that will not happen until 2021”

Now, with the news of the Phizer vaccine approval, Newsom seems to have a little more pep in his step as he announces that California is expecting a COVID-19 vaccine shipment. The Tweet shows Newsom talking about the vaccine news, and also notes:

BREAKING: The FDA has just authorized the Pfizer #COVID19 vaccine for emergency use. CA expects to receive our initial allotment of 327,600 doses as early as this weekend.

It is important to note here that the vaccine is currently only being approved for emergency use, but this is what we expected to see at the beginning of the vaccine rollout, as it would be unreasonable to think everyone can get vaccinated all at once. But something positive is that, aside from social distancing, wearing masks, and staying safe, the real solution — a vaccine — is coming.

Newsom’s original guess that Disneyland and other large California businesses wouldn’t open until 2021 is still proving to be true, considering we are already in December 2020, but hopefully the vaccine can help Disneyland Resort reopen sooner rather than later on next year.

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In order to reopen, Disneyland (and therefore Orange County) must be in tier 4, but they currently sit in tier 1. Tier 4 would require only 1 positive COVID-19 case per 100,000 residents — and that would still mean that strict health and safety protocol would have to be in place, as planned. Considering the state of California has gone back into lockdown due to rising COVID-19 case numbers and hospital ICUs trending toward full capacity, achieving a Tier 4 standing seems like a daunting task for Orange County, where Disneyland Resort is located. Therefore, the promising hope of an approved vaccine could be paving the way for California to recover and theme parks like Disneyland to reopen.

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Disney officials have not discussed how the recent vaccine progress will impact reopening their theme parks, though company executives have expressed their hopefulness. But if the vaccine is proven effective, it would make sense that once you have it, you should be clear to interact with others who have been vaccinated, as well. This light at the end of the tunnel could also prompt Disneyland Guests to begin booking their vacations for 2021, as soon as they are able to. Of course, things can change, but at the moment the outcome does seem promising.

Currently, Downtown Disney is open with very limited offerings as the consumption of food and beverage is now fully prohibited on property due to the Southern California lockdown.

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