High Winds Trigger Brake Run Failure on Universal Coaster

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Universal Studios

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If you are a Floridian, Christmas Day likely felt extra Christmasy to you this year. With temperatures peaking in the low 50’s yesterday, Orlando residents were definitely feeling some northern winds. At Universal Studios, it seems that the cold winds affected more than just the guests visiting the park.

Universal Orlando
Credit: Universal Orlando

Bioreconstruct posted photos of the Universal Studios coaster Rip Ride Rockit not only completely halted, but covered up during park hours.

Seems like a combination of cold temperature and wind prevented a train from cresting into a brake run of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Likely settled here during daily testing.

It seems that during testing, the high winds prevented the ride vehicle on Rip Ride Rockit from properly executing the brake run section of the track. The brake run section of a coaster is the moment you can feel the ride slow down prior to it picking up speed again. Rip Ride Rockit is a coaster with a low capacity and fast loading time so the mid-course brake runs allow for an easier loading period. Brake runs also help control the coaster’s speed, and as you may imagine, if a coasters brakes are not functioning properly, we may have an issue. 

It seems that the high winds caused Rip Ride Rockit to not properly crest amid one of the coaster’s brake runs, which meant the coaster could not run. Rip Ride Rockit is a coaster that often goes down due to high winds to protect the safety of Universal Orlando guests, but we rarely get to see the coaster fault due to it.

Luckily, as we mentioned, the incident occurred during a test run with no guests onboard — one of the many reasons theme parks such as Universal Orlando performs test runs daily. The coaster is now functioning properly so guests do not have to worry about missing the opportunity to head on up the 167-foot drop while listening to their favorite tunes.

Have you ever seen another coaster go down due to high winds? 


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