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boba fett

Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Hutch

    I love the added Mandalorion. I did notice Boba Fett is a better fighter than Mando. Do you think this is intentional?

  2. Jaime Acevedo

    Your article incorrectly states that Fett went in the Sarlacc pit in episode V, when it was in Return of the Jedi, Episode VI. Watch Star Wars much?

  3. Jaime Acevedo

    It was Episode 6, not 5 where Fett went into the Sarlacc Pit…Watch Star Wars much?


      Yup, it’s was episode 6 : return of the Jedi In which Fett fell In the sarlacc pit after han hits fett’s jet pack with a staff sending Fett in the air out of control and hitting the side on jabba’s barge, causing him to fall into the pit.

  4. Rob

    Episode V was not where Solo knocked Fett into the sarlacc pit, that was VI, Return of the Jedi.

  5. SW fan

    Who cares, its good to see him back on the screen and reprising the role again

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