Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Writer Says He “Hated” ‘The Last Jedi,’ Retcons Entire Story

the last jedi

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  1. Stephanus Surjaputra

    He wants to make Rey part droid? Come on. That’s a stretch. Yes, droids do retain things better, but I just can’t see it.

    1. Nora

      I like that. At least it fixes Reys perfection element.

      1. Matthew Foley

        Its called a Mary Sue. Theres always been an explanation for Rey being so Annie get your gun.

  2. Sean Lowery

    His ideas are way worse than anything that happened in The Last Jedi.

    1. Shaun

      Exactly. Those ideas are terrible

      1. Nick

        “The Last Jedi” was easily the worst Star Wars film ever released.
        I wonder how much money has been spent to convince people that “Toxic” fans. Didn’t make a genuinely awful movie.
        It truly did hobble the entire franchise, just for the sake of “subverting expectations”.

        1. Jonathan

          Nah- you people are drooling, diaper babies incapable of growth or maturity. Catering to your flavorless palette would be the worst possible use of energy a creative could make. Pathetic, hateful trash.

          1. Testosterone

            Funny how the people labeling others as toxic are actually cancer incarnate. Please read your comment before and after taking your medicine.

            If you want to change the minds of the greater majority of people that believe that these movies are trash, it’s as easy as making better movies 😉

          2. William Sherman

            The word is palate, pseudointellectual.

    2. Ken

      I enjoyed the addition to the Star Wars universe. Out of the sequel trilogy it is easily the best, with a close second being TFA. I understand that many people didn’t like the sequels and TLJ particularly, but many people like myself did like the sequels. And for those who didn’t like the sequels, unfortunately I don’t think they will be remade or removed from canon.

      1. Will

        Of course they wont be removed from canon. Theyll be recycled and repackaged into a lousier version with more politically correct enforced theme and hackneyed writing

        1. Matthew Foley

          Rise was pretty bad…have to ask yourself though if last Jedi hadn’t been such a horrible, worthless, Canon and Fandom sabotaging piece of crap what Rise COULD have been. You know had it not had to both fit Carrie’s death AND deciding not to just start with okay last jedi was all a Force Dream during part of Rey’s training and not reality and continue where Abrams left off.

    3. Sam Hathy

      Of all the movies in the sequel trilogy the Last Jedi was the only one to come up with any interesting ideas. Rise of Skywalker is the trash film. Not TLJ.

      1. Lance Andrew Loverink

        Interesting ideas like dropping space bombs in zero gravity or ripping through ships going light speed. The death star would have never made it if that were the case. Good try

        1. Todd

          Space isn’t magic tho, gravity exists in space. Objects falling out of the gravitational field of the ship would continue to fall

          1. wow

            You don’t realize that the point is that it makes a terrible story, do you?

      2. Matthew Foley

        Rise was pretty bad…have to ask yourself though if last Jedi hadn’t been such a horrible, worthless, Canon and Fandom sabotaging piece of crap what Rise COULD have been. You know had it not had to both fit Carrie’s death AND deciding not to just start with okay last jedi was all a Force Dream during part of Rey’s training and not reality and continue where Abrams left off.

  3. Nathan

    The Last Jedi had some issues, like EVERY SW film. However, TLJ was the best of the three movies offered in the sequel trilogy. TFA was nothing more than a repackaged ANH, made to sell new toys. The story was ok at best. I haven’t rewatched ROS since the horrific day I saw it in the theaters because it doesn’t deserve to waste another two hours of my life. I’d rather watch “Plan 9 from Outer Space” on repeat for a week. Don’t blame Rian, blame Disney for not having a cohesive plan for the three movies. Rian gave us the best of the three, with JJ just continuing to rehash the old. It wasn’t even fan service, it was straight narrative confusion.

    1. Drewbacca

      I’d say TLJ is the worst of ALL of the SW films. Only one I haven’t managed to sit through all the way through. Can’t say I enjoyed a single moment of what I’ve seen. The last one was a mess but at least it was entertaining.

    2. Juanito

      ¡Que pendejo!

      1. Phil

        Ok, here’s a much better one.

        Luke was in a force dream where the future is revealed that him if he doesn’t get involved. By the time Rey shows up he takes the light saber and hangs it in his belt instead of throwing it away now able to create a new and real future away from the disaster we watched bun Last Jedi.

      2. Donna

        I get what JJ was trying to do with TFA, give them more of the same and they will be happy. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great. But TLJ is the only film in history that mad me physically vomit. Maybe if it had had Luke Skywalker in it, it might have been better. I have no idea who that old pathetic guy drinking green alien cow milk was.

      3. Nota Neckbeard

        Last Jedi was great. It’s the cool thing for neckbeards to hate on. Now rise of skywalker that was a pile of trash.

        1. Tom

          You’re just wrong. TLJ is objectively a badly written film. It has major issues.

          You can enjoy it. But don’t pretend it’s a well made movie. It’s not. In that regard it’s trash.

          1. wow

            I don’t understand how so many people equate subverting expectations with good writing..

    3. Guy

      Yeah I didn’t find floaty, zombie Carrie Fisher very entertaining, nor the Dark Rey let down or the disappointing ending. TLJ was better. Teet milk and Leia Poppins be damned.

    4. Wakey

      It may have been the best movie but it wasn’t the best star wars movie of the trilogy. I think if you take RJ story, strip out the established characters to be replaced with new ones and call it a star wars story film you have a great sw movie but it was awful as part of a trilogy and part of the Skywalker sega. Almost all the setup TFA does is thrown away, it leaves very little for the 3rd movie to build on and it does a bit of a disservice to some established characters

      1. D

        This is the correct answer.. A lot of the ideas weren’t ‘bad’ necessarily for a stand alone story.. But the way they were implemented here shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what makes good writing. This movie was disrespectful to its audience to be perfecly honest.

    5. Alan Dean Foster

      This is coming from the dude who wrote Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, the worst Star Wars Legends novel. Dude thinks his own works are pieces of gold. Wouldn’t trust Alan at all.

    6. Mike

      This guy’s version is not better. Rey’s ability to quickly use the Force is not much different than Luke’s. The issues were Rian J. ‘s almost complete dismantling of what TFA set up. He LITERALLY tossed all of what was established away in the very first scene when Luke was handed his old LS. He just went too far. Star Wars was not his to change. He was entrusted with an established universe and asked to inject some of his own creativity. He basically said FU, I’m doing what I want.

      1. Marlon Bradley

        You don’t understand how film production works by the sound of your comment.

        1. Jeffery S Van Hoose

          Except Jar Jar Abrams is the one who made Luke an exile and that he ran away from his responsibilities, not Rian. If he didn’t want Luke to be done like that then he shouldn’t have decided to end it on a cliffhanger and left it so wide open. He could have made Luke say, “I’ve been waiting for you. There is so much we need to do. Come with me.” And then Rian can’t make Luke throw the lightsaber away. Everything Rian did was set up and a logical possibility for what Jar Jar left in place.

    7. BigBadDogIV

      I actually think breaking every major space battle in all 7 previous movies (and even the beginning of the 8th movie, because apparently Rian Johnson couldn’t even keep consistency within the same movie) by implementing “hyperspace ramming” into the canon is more than just a simple “issue”. But I guess giving a damn about the story and lore of this universe is just an outdated notion nowadays…

  4. DJ

    The Last Jedi was the only really good thing about the sequel trilogy.

    1. Willian


      1. DJ

        TFA was a retread, RoS was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. TLJ was the only star wars movie of all nine that was actually a good movie, not just as it relates to star wars.

        1. Tom

          I’m sorry you were starved of oxygen during childbirth. Being mentally disabled must be hard.

  5. Franklin

    Yeah his ideas to “fix” issues with the trilogy would have made things worse.

    Regarding Rey’s powers, there are now two factors to keep in mind: 1) She’s a Palpatine. 2) There’s a year gap between TLJ and TROS. They could say it wasn’t just Leia who helped to train her. Rey could have sought out other Jedi during this time for their guidance. These could have included Ahsoka and even Grogu. Just use your imagination. One year is plenty of time for “in-between” stories. I think the comic books and novels could explore this and help to explain and hone in Rey’s powers better.

    1. Zac

      Don’t think you could have made what we got much worse regardless.

      Rey’s power levels were ridiculous compared to every other character that came before her.

      1) Even Palpatine had to be guided by a master for a time, and 2) she was beating trained force users and using mind tricks within days of finding out what the force even was and lifting mountain sides in like a week or two.

      1. 1.) Rey was the most overpowered and underexplained Mary Sue character in the history of cinema, not just the Star Wars universe and the only explanation we receive at all was on Kathleen Kennedy and her cronies’ The Force is Female t-shirts. I will be so pleased when she is finally out of the picture come February, 2021. 2.) The fact that so many people in this comment section is claiming that the TLJ is their favorite film of the Disney sequel trilogy is indicative of 1 of 2 things: A. Rian Johnson, Brie Larson(herself high in the running for most overpowered, nonsensical character in the MCU..) and Freddie Prinze Jr. are still commenting on these news articles and on YouTube vids, out of some kind of misguided loyalty to the SJW Disney element, of who largely, will be given their walking papers early this next year. Or 2.) This generation of cinema fans have indeed, as I have long suspected, indeed been struck in the face with lightning and multiple times. If anyone is counting..?

        Buh bye Kathleen Kennedy. ? Buh Bye Rian(I have the most annoying, dork voice on the entire planet) Johnson-you can send us ‘toxic fans’ a postcard after you fly your BroomBoy back to Virgin Island? Buh Bye Brie Larson-I hope you packed your combat boots sweetie? Ruh Roh Freddie Prinze Jr.! Scooby-Doo should be taught in schools!?! Talk about remote-learning.. ?✌

  6. Inu

    What a horrible book idea lol pretty sure his book reviews will reflect it.

  7. Justin Baard

    “I gave Luke a proper send off by doubling down on goofy af emporer palatine storyline”

    That’s the opposite of how you do that. You can’t fix the only good movie in that trilogy by filling it with crap from the final and worst film.

  8. Niminae

    This guy and all TLJ haters are the reason Episode IX was a disaster. TLJ was fine, if only poorly paced and lacking some details. Maybe don’t try to write things out of hatred for other things and write something good for a change.

    1. Zac

      I know. Disney totally misread the room! I mean why worry about making a few hundred million less than the previous movie? When your movie is so good that it is practically a religious experience, I think it is a bit much to ask people to do things like the repeat viewings that happened with that generic The Force awakens. So many things about that movie were on point. Not that 3rd of the movie that was useless, not that 3rd of the movie that went at a snails pace, but oooo that other 3rd was so deliciously mediocre that I don’t think any other Star Wars will ever compare. The characters were great, too! I know upon watching the Last Jedi my daughter threw down her JoJo Siwa and Batgirl dolls to run to the kitchen and dump out our 20 pound bag of Onions from Costco so she’d have the same costume as Rose Tico! Dude, and the toys were fire! When I saw how bomb the Last Jedi toys were I knew they were going to go quick. Since we have so much already I decided we would hold off on buying just to make sure others would have the opportunity to enjoy them. Turns out there are a lot of other nice people out there too, because they didn’t buy them either! Really, it is unfortunate that Disney just suffers from the same decision making process as the rest of corporate America. I know at most of our corporate meetings we usually tell Stan the numbers guy to take a hike (who needs things like metrics, amirite?), spend copious amounts of time talking about our feelings, and then base all our major corporate decisions based on what is trending on Twitter. Unfortunately those TLJ haters are just all over Twitter. I really wish they would be more courteous like the people that love The Last Jedi. You never see them rant on the Internet or write copious amounts of click bait articles while decrying the state of the fandom.

      1. Jack

        Bravo, sir!!!!! Bravo!!! ???

      2. nice

        Thank you. I can rest now.

    2. Dan

      What made me stop watching these movies is the clearly forced diversity I’m sorry but trying to romance Rey and that black guy??? don’t even know his name he was so utterly bad at acting, just came out weird and like I said forced

    3. Tom

      That’s just wrong. Sorry. TLJ is objectively a terribly written story. That wasn’t because of the haters, that was because Rian is a talentless hack. We don’t write out of hatred, we wanted something good. Disney failed to provide

  9. Kyle Tormey

    What exactly is he referring to when saying “In his treatment for Ep IX, Foster set out to explain why the untrained Rey suddenly has more Force powers than anybody”

    I mean, it’s not like the most powerful Jedi literally, begrudgingly, agreed to train her or anything…?‍♂️?

    “and that’s how she can throw boulders around at the end of Episode VIII”

    Riiiigghhttt…not cause she was trained by Luke f?ing Skywalker ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

    ADF made stuff up, and conveniently leaves out anything that didn’t fit his narrative so he can retcon stuff he didn’t like.

    1. Zac

      I know riiiigghhttt! Obviously this genius author doesn’t realize Yoda was just s#!t tier instructor. Hell, if Yoda would have adopted Luke’s training methods Luke would have been flinging around X-Wings with a smile on his face within a few days of landing on Dagobah. He could have been working on more practical skills like force skyping some hot booty (probably Leia, cause you know, not siblings yet). Everyone else taking years to hone their skills makes perfect sense when you realize they weren’t trained by Luke f***ing Skywalker. If only Luke had trained Yoda and Palpatine instead. They would be throwing around planets probably instead of spending spending years training and putting in so much effort on small things like pillars and floaty senate chairs. I just don’t understand how all these neanderthals just don’t get it. All perfectly logical. Hell, maybe one day Luke will figure out how to make things even more efficient and just download his training from one person to another. One day (well not really he’s dead now, but I have no doubt Rey will figure it out)…

    2. Rich

      Luke didn’t train her, that’s the whole point.

      Luke sets out to train Rey why the Jedi must end, and not the ways of the Jedi, and he doesn’t even finish those lessons. She boops him and flies off first.

  10. Janine

    I like how your idea of a “legendary Star Wars writer” is a guy who the extent of their involvement with the SW universe is to have written novelizations novelizations of IV and VII and an unused and barely-heard-of sequel to IV. XD

  11. Bruce

    I didn’t actually watch the final two films so I won’t comment on their quality. Just that I’m having trouble imagining this could be considered an improvement.

    I’d prefer they just have Favlonicus redo the whole trilogy, and keep Kathleen Kennedy as far away from them as possible. Maybe they can redo the prequels while they’re at it and retcon the midichlorian…

  12. Megavegan

    Retcon 789 let filoni and drive handle it from here

  13. Jason

    The last jedi the best in the trilogy lol, it was pretty much like ESB except the space chase scene lasted 2 hours hours at 5 mph. Worst movie ever. His ideas do sound terrible though

  14. Colby Dial

    Augmenting yourself with Droid parts actually lessens your connection with the force, there are several examples of this. General Grievous, Anakin when he became Vader, Luke with his hand.

  15. Jacob Scott

    Rise of Skywalker was the worst Star Wars movie I have ever seen. It was just a terrible movie, let alone a bad Star Wars movie. The Last Jedi was the most interesting of the three and for everything to be retconned it the next movie just speaks to how terribly this trilogy was handled, no plan, no plot, just toy people slamming into one another while dead people get CGI’d back to life for $$$$$$$.

    The Mandalorian isn’t the best piece of fiction ever made, but it is so much better than this weak, limp, pointless trilogy that when compared against each other, The Mandalorian comes across like high art.

    This trilogy made me end up not care about any of the man characters because they didn’t have any personality beyond their quirks. Rose, the only character who actually stood for something beyond “I’m a rebel” got dumped to please the racist fans, and ain’t that just a great sign.

    I will be avoiding anything written by this joker in the future, just like the wankers who ran Game of Thrones into the ground in the last season.

  16. Matthew Markovich

    ADF is a hack writer. He ruined Star Trek with his novelizations of movies and his attempt a stand alone ST stories are worse. I knew if he got his claws into SW it would be a disaster. Don’t understand how he keeps getting published.

  17. Phil

    Ok, here’s a much better one.

    Luke was in a force dream where the future is revealed to him if he doesn’t get involved. By the time Rey shows up he takes the light saber and hangs it in his belt instead of throwing it away now able to create a new and real future away from the disaster we watched in Last Jedi.

  18. Josef

    TLJ had good aspects to, but also not merely one but several points of cataclysmic stupid (holdo maneuver, Rey not needing training to accomplish what took better-written and more believable masters years to accomplish, wtf Luke was supposed to gain by killing himself not in person). Throwing even more stupid into the novelization is NOT going to improve things.

  19. No Body

    Let’s be honest : the Disney films were destined to be hot garbage the Instant they chose to abandon the Expanded Universe. They should have turned the Timothy Zahn trilogy into films and been done with it! That’s really all we wanted. Make those stories we already know into films. Simple. Instead, Disney has to reinvent the wheel to avoid having to pay any kind of royalty.

  20. marcus

    Rian Johnson is an arrogant little shrimp and his The Last Jedi was an insult to any fan that pays attention. Making Luke into a whinno pansy drinking sea cow milk was ridiculous, the whole chase was stupid and the gambling planet was pointless. Him (Rian) saying that his movie received just as much bad press due as The Empire Strikes Back is complete BS. Watch any critique of the movie on youtube and you will find countless points about why it is so bad.

    In terms of recovering from it, at the least, explain that Rey has acquired a huge midichlorian (MDC) count due to all the jedis being killed of. The same amount of midichlorians(MDC) but less bodies for them to be divided to. So with the light side with so few bodies, they all concentrate in a couple bodies. So Rey has literally an entire jedi temple’s worth of MDCs. Then from that point onward she would be like the chosen one for this trilogy, but instead of failing like vader, she stays light.

    The alternative is to refilm an episode 8.

  21. Guerrero

    I agree. While I don’t hate the sequels TLJ was the only one to try anything new. The problem with 9 is that it tried to make fans happy with giving them what they thought people wanted. And the mandalorian, while i do enjoy it, is still fan service.

  22. Aaron

    To me, TLJ is easily the best SW movie outside of the original trilogy, probably better than all of the film’s other than V. But it’s okay if folks don’t like it. What’s weird is that were now three years into this desperate campaign to erase it from history. It’s beyond ridiculous.

  23. Todd

    I think some fans hate TLJ because of surface level opinions. Every argument I’ve heard for people’s dislike of what happened with Luke, I can give the reasons why I personally like it & how it ALL tracks with what came before. It’s all there, people just refuse to look deeper because of their visceral reactions & the whole social media mob factor. It’s gross. No, it’s not perfect but there’s only one film in the franchise that could be considered that. It’s fine if you don’t like the movie, art is subjective, but it would be nice for ppl to have a little civility & to grow up a little with the discourse of it & SW in general.

  24. Ben

    The Last Jedi was a great movie, although I will admit it was frustrating to see a movie about playing it safe and the dangers of risk taking. Rogue One, which was released after The Force Awakens but before Last Jedi was incredibly successful and all about taking risks.

    The disappointment with The Last Jedi was not in the movie, but in the fact nearly the entire resistance was killed because of secret plans. Just tell Poe we are going to evacuate to Crait as I go kamikaze on Snoke and no one has to die.

    As for Rey having incredible powers, no one seems to realize that Luke’s training consists of fighting a training droid onboard the Millennium Falcon, disobeying Yoda for a day or two, and then watching Yoda die. If anything it’s the prequels that need explaining, why did it take Anakin so long to get trained? Even Finn managed to give Kylo Ren a little trouble on Starkiller Base, and he simply received a lecture from Han on how the force IS a real thing. Meanwhile Grogu is a 50-year old baby and can force heal.

    I have no issues with any of the sequels, I found them all very enjoyable. But the Prequels are completely disconnected. In fact, The Last Jedi does one very important thing to explain the disconnect with the prequels, and that is explaining the balance in the force, without an entire Jedi order watering down the light side, a single soon-to-be-Jedi can quickly become as powerful as a Sith Lord. Perhaps that is the real reason for the Rule of 2, so that the entire power of the dark side is concentrated in only 2 individuals.

    However, The Force Awakens was a rewrite of Star Wars (A New Hope), The Last Jedi was just a rewrite of the Empire Strikes Back. You have to admit it’s much better they borrowed from the OT than the Prequels. We could have very easily seen Luke traveling to Naboo to settle a trade dispute and ultimately getting stranded on Jakku with Jar Jar and have to free an eight year old Rey from Unkar Plutt, which would be followed up by Rey secretly marrying Jar Jar after reconnecting many years later.

    1. Zac

      Uff. You do realize there are large spans of time between movies where Luke trains and he spends more than a few days with Yoda. I swear people get so disingenuous when it comes to talking about the TLJ and selectively remember everything that came before to try and justify its sloppy writing. As someone who thinks TLJ is the worst Star Wars movie, and has talked to many many other people that don’t like the movie, I have no idea where you would get the idea that the Resistance getting wiped out would be what turned people off of the movie. I’d more say the issue that to get from point A to point B in the movie people have to act like complete nimrods to drive the plot forward and provide for the plot twists. Keep in mind this is Star Wars. It doesn’t have to be some bastion of logic and reason, just semi-consistent. Maybe don’t have a party on the Falcon after you lose all your friends, or have an officer whos competent and not freezing out the entire crew cause reasons, or don’t use a code breaker who is conveniently in a jail cell, can conveniently break out at any time, and who shockingly betrays everyone after the conversation about having no scruples and looking out for number 1. These are all things that sucked me right out of the movie (among many others), without even getting to the dopey representation of Luke and Rey being a complete knucklehead trying to save McDreamy in black (who she has known all of like two weeks). That so many people were put off by the movie (for a large variety of reasons) should be a big indicator that there are some serious flaws with the writing of the movie.

  25. Dick Brazen

    Part droid? What if she’s just a savant? She mind-tricked a trooper basically on her first try. Athletic and scientific and mathematical geniuses come along with unheard of talents now and then, why not Force users?

  26. JD

    I will forever argue that The Last Jedi was the best of three sequels. It opens the story up. Makes the force accessible. Creates opportunity for greater inclusion of characters and side stories and the importance of the rebellion. It answers Rey’s parental question and while disappointing also full of hope (anyone, anyone, no matter where they are from or who their parents are or are not can potentially hold within them a connection to the force and light in the face of darkness). Force Awakens was a good intro to the characters. Rise simply demolished all of it. If anything should be rewritten it’s that one.

    1. Zac

      Makes the force accessible? Shows that anyone can use the force? Do the 1000s of other Jedi from nowhere not indicate that this is already the case? Rey being from nowhere just makes her motivations nonsensical (Hi Kylo who I just met and has slaughtered billions of people, I think your an alright guy with a little good in ya, the force which I just learned about two weeks ago tells me so). Rise suffered from the fact that Disney belatedly realized they were trying to tell a cohesive overarching story which their last film just put a wrecking ball through. If any film should have left things open for a new beginning it should have been the CONCLUSION to the Skywalker story, not right in the middle of it. Get mad at Rise all you want. TLJ left it without a major villain (Kylo is weak and ineffective, Hux is a moron) and satisfying conflict to move towards. Obviously Disney saw enough in their metrics to rein Lucasfilm back in and overly meddle with TROS to the point it was also a disaster.

  27. Farai Chiwandire

    I loved The Last Jedi. It was brave and took Star Wars in a new direction. All JJ had to do was continue that and a whole new bunch of Star Wars stories could have been created. Instead he went right back to square-8 and rehashed The Return of the Jedi with a forced romance plot, minimised Finn’s role completely and destroyed any world building that had been done while making Kylo Ren a wimp in the process. It was crap.

    1. Andy

      Forced romance? Did you see Rose and Finn in TLJ? Finn could have had a decent heroic death, but nope, Rose loves him after spending 10 hours with him.

  28. Joseph Cousins

    The Last Jedi was God awful, from start to finish, and there’s nothing anyone can do to fix it. Time to forget about the sequel trilogy. Go and watch the clone wars, star wars rebels, and the Mandalorian. Those are good examples of great story telling and proper character development.

  29. Micah

    Gosh, that is an awful treatment. I’m still dumbfounded how people can like The Force Awakens, in which JJ made Luke abandon everyone while the First Order was doing up a bunch of genocide and making it so that Leia couldn’t feel him in the Force. Also Kylo going dark side didn’t cause Luke to do whatever he could to save him, while he tried to save the father he never knew that killed his mentor in front of him. JJ didn’t give Rian a good Luke to work with. Rian did what was logical with Luke with what he was given. I thought Luke’s ending was actually quite heroic and called back to Obi Wan’s sacrifice in a New Hope. It was an expression of pacifism in the midst of a war scene, and incredibly taxing. It’s a shame that JJ decided not to use Mark Hammill in the Rise of Skywalker, the worst Star Wars product ever made, including the Christmas special.

    1. edward hurley

      Force Awakens is a masterpiece of humour, action sequences, general tone consistency in comparison to LJ . Basic movie qualities. If theae are done very well the plot doesnt really have to be revolutionary. Minute by minute TFA is a cracking experience that set up the second movie perfectly. What followed is the most silly things that fell flat face down on the humour bypass.

  30. Everton Carter

    This reads like a bad April Fool’s joke.

  31. Coolguy15

    Last jedi was a good movie, and up to par with the rest of star wars! I had no problems with it. It all made sense to me.

  32. Roger

    All three of the new star wars movies were appalling. I’ll never watch them again.

  33. Andy

    TLJ is the only Star Wars film that doesn’t fit in its own trilogy. The casino planet? Good lord. Almost nothing changes from beginning to end. Except for Luke dying, every character is unchanged, nothing of consequence happens. That’s just poor writing. And I don’t include Snoke in that because he doesn’t change either. We don’t know who is is at the start of TLJ, and we still don’t at the end. The characters move around a lot and say a lot of things, and ultimately it doesn’t matter. TLJ is completely pointless.

    1. Zac

      Outside of Luke’s tacked on death at the end, you could completely miss the movie and still be just as in the loop as anyone else watching The Rise of Skywalker. Sad.

  34. Simon Robyn

    Heres a better episode 9… Rey gets naked. Forces a wookie gangbang on kashyyyk while Finn yells “Rey!!!!!”

  35. Pixxel Wizzard

    The problems started in The Force Awakens. Kylo Ren was trained by Master Luke and then by Supreme Leader Snoke. He displays extraordinary power with the force, stopping blaster bolts in mid-air. Then Rey, a girl who just learned about the force the day before, defeats him in combat. It’s a joke.

  36. Daryl-Rhys Taylor

    His ideas suck. Like most Star Wars writers he hus just a stupid Star Wars fan that do nothing but cripple Star Waes and its potential. Honestly if you thought the the sequel trilogy and any of its films were terrible you are a complete and total moron who is now forever banned from talking about Star Wars.

  37. Jack

    Can someone expect lain Alan dean foster’s “Aunt Beau” comment?

    1. Miyagi

      Aunt Beru. It’s the name of the aunt who raised him on tattooine.

      1. Jack

        Understood. But how does that make for a good ending to a 9 film saga? I’m not getting it.

        1. Zac

          It doesn’t. Maybe in the sense that it ties back to one of Luke’s major catalyst to starting his adventure so it closes Luke’s arc specifically? The treatment isn’t any good. He just knew the movie (TLJ) sucked enough to need fixing.

  38. Jason

    Luke says “Aunt Beau?”


  39. Coopdeville

    TLJ ranks among the worst FILMS ever made, not just for sake of the SW canon. It isn’t just Luke, it isn’t just Leia Poppins, although those are definitely reason enough to want to sock Rian in his nose. The core of the script was utter bile. The CONFLICT .. ok we are on a slow space chase to see who runs out of gas. The CHARACTERIZATION Cpt Phasma, blue-haired secret keeping admiral lady GTFO. The SIDEPLOT was a thinly veiled political commentary about veganism and nit only did it not work, but Rose kisses Fen? The CLIMAX scen was an absolute JOKE, Luke brushing his shoulder like this was a scene from Spaceballs?! On and on and on with this dog turd of a flick. That’s not even getting into fan service of the Skywalker saga. At the time, Star Wars was the globe’s number 1 golden goose cash cow at the box office. For Disney to begin a trilogy with ZERO continuity of story line and then to turn out such a sham is a complete failure. If there was one person on earth I could punch in the face, I would choose Rian Johnson.

  40. Jimmy McNulty

    Fans are just the worst! And it’s hilarious that he sounds just like the whiny internet fans. When an intellectual property caves into the fandom, quality just suffers.

    All these little piggies want the same comfort meal over and over again, with no surprises or serious changes thrown into the mix.

    I get it, The Last Jedi didn’t give you the story you thought you wanted. Some characters had surprising arcs. Women were powerful. But seriously, calling it a horrible movie, or an abomination, or that it ruined the entire franchise for you? Get the phuck outta town, jack. There’s no way it’s worse than Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones. And besides that, it was an incredibly well directed film, with great special effects and action sequences. So you didn’t like what happened to Luke? Okay, that’s one little plot detail. You’re essentially negating all the great aspects of the film (like I described above). I wish you whiny Internet nerds could hear yourselves.

    1. Maliloki

      Poe going from charismatic squadron leader who was trusted to go on secret missions of the highest import and held sway with Leia to a complete hot-head with no tactics and being completely stonewalled by the same higher ups. The LOOOONG Rose/Finn pointless sub-plot, that felt completely disjointed from the rest of the movie, of going to a casino to look for a dude only to find a different dude and didn’t accomplish what they wanted to do because they had nothing else to do with Finn (they could have just found him in the brig on the ship they were on. Poe could have joined in on the breakout attempt and sped everything up and still served to build to the same story point). Rose having a faster speeder thing than everyone else and, after turning back, having a short conversation going the opposite direction of Finn, Rose apparently has the fastest speeder thing and is able to catch up and T-bone Finn (and not kill each other) out of the way. The complete and random destruction of Snoke with no payoff as to what he was. There was other stuff, but I only watched it the one time in theaters and had buyers remorse.

      TLJ did actually ‘ruin’ the mainline Star Wars movies for me as I still haven’t seen the last one. It killed any interest I had in the main characters Or ongoing story because of how it treated them. It was paced horribly with some dumb and wasteful timesinks while ignoring/destroying things set up in the first one with no real payoff and I don’t remember it leaving off with anything that really made me want to see the next one.

      The way Luke was was fine. It was different from how he used to be in the originals, but I felt like it was the only character concept that followed through from the previous movie. You don’t become a hermit and hide away From EVERYONE for that long if you wanted to be involved in the world. Leia Poppins was dumb, but not any dumber than other stuff any of the other Star Wars stories have done.

      TFA wasn’t an amazing movie, and there was dumb stuff there too, but the characters had growth, the plot moved, and it was fun enough. It set up things for the future installments and TLJ trashed them and left nothing of interest to continue with. On its own, separate from the trilogy (and replacing the mainline characters), this could have been worked to be its own fun thing in the same vein as Rogue One. But as the second part of a trilogy, it does not work. Or at least it does not work well enough.

      All that said, people are free to like whatever movies they want to, people just need to acknowledge if they’re good or bad as separate from liking them (I like a ton of bad movies) and not hate on those that don’t like the same things. And DEFINITELY leave the actors/creators alone on social media/in real life.

    2. Coopdeville

      No, you don’t get it. It didn’t ruin the franchise “for me”… it straight sunk the financial viability of several spin offs that were in the works. Those are the facts. “Changes and surprises” would have been a decent script with strong characterization, not strong women characters. The villain was weak, the was no conflict that made any sense. TFA was intentionally thrown out in the opening scene with that ridiculous throwing of the lightsaber over the shoulder. This movie was like SpaceBalls but without the smarts.

  41. NotMyStarWars

    Recton the whole Disney trilogy. 7, 8, and 9 live and die with George.

  42. William Sherman

    The word is palate, pseudointellectual.

  43. Crabbieppleton

    This sounds terrible. “Aunt Beru” as Luke’s last words? Why not “Save Martha”?

  44. Xgeoff

    All of the recent Star wars movies are utter yeah and should be declared non canon. Until favreau and filoni take over producing the movies we likely won’t have any good stories

  45. Darth vader >dark saber

    I just want to say that the last Jedi was not a bad movie (on it’s own), heck it might even be the best movie of the sequel trilogy, which is why critics loved it. However, it was NOT a good Star Wars movie since it took huge risks that changed it into something that doesn’t feel like star wars. This is why the majority of star wars fans absolutely hate that movie. Just thought I’d clarify my thoughts on the matter.

  46. Matthew Brewster

    ANYTHING else would have been an improvement to TLJ!!

  47. Eric B

    This guy is a Bozo. No one cares what a glorified dime store novelist thinks. Plus it was the only good one of the 3. Sure there were mistakes but if this clown was any better he might be writing a real movie instead of fan fiction.

  48. Bob Novak

    Based on his proposed ideas… Thank God he didn’t get his way. Part droid? Ugh…

    I suppose I am in the minority as I really liked VIII.. the scene where Luke tosses the light sabre over his shoulder may be one of my favorites of all time. It was a 180 degree departure from what everyone expected and KNEW would happen.. and to be honest completely reminded me of the same ‘boy’ on Tatooine. It opened some great scenes with him and Yoda and it provided a path where a Jedi didn’t have to be part of the monarchy.

    Undoing all that is what made IX predictable and ultimately saccharine imo… And this dork would have made it FAR worse.

  49. Joe Simpson

    Terrible. This has to be a joke. Not that it’s funny.

  50. Bea

    He decided to “fix” episode 8, when 9 is literally right there? Yeah, right. Last Jedi was a masterpiece. 9 needed to die in a hot fire. The only good thing to come out of it was the kiss.

  51. Dnndndjdjd

    Omg why are star wars fans so toxic??

  52. There is no 7-9. There never should be any. Why didn’t everyone pick up on the fact that Episodes 1-6 were all about Anakin. They always were. Luke was just a key in Anakin’s redemption.

    If anyone was to do 7-9 it should be George. Disney should have used George as he was available to them from the get go. Don’t let George write the script or direct the films, but use his ideas and get some talent writers to work with those ideas. That way we would have had proper closure to Star Wars. Everyone would have been happy.

  53. Darth Sleia

    TRoS already retconned TLJ, but I think the half droid idea is cute. I love droids.

    My main disappointment after what happened to Luke was not getting to see Finn become a real character. An ex-stormtrooper with such self-awareness and force sensitivity? That was the most interesting character idea. Oh well.

  54. Geoff

    Being that Alan Dean Foster is and always has been a terrible writer, I can’t say that I really care how he feels about The Last Jedi. That said, he still deserves his royalties for the books he wrote.

  55. Darth Notices

    First, once again, my original comments never posted. Odd. And as lengthiness is the forebear of boredom, they’ll not be typed again.

    Secondly, there sure are a lot of new Darths going around.


  56. edward hurley

    If the jokes fall flat no movie can claim to be a good experience. Thats it. Its over. So if your telling me you think its a good movie, youre actually gritting your teeth during every bad humour attempt beat and just ignore that none of the areas of your brain were stimulated in their attempts. Whats that supposed to be? Its either total BS or theres something you need to get checked out. I wonder if you were to sit under scrutiny from a psychiatrist or psychologist how long it would take to drop the act? It would have to be pretty quick because the comedy swing misses are straight out of the trap. It would be interesting to scrutinise, itemise every attempt actually , and mark each one out of 10. The first one was funny and charming well acted with good chemistry and the humour natural and unforced. Its as simple as that.

  57. Harry Poodini

    Pretty easy to critique when you’re not driving…stay in the backseat. Enjoyed TLJ..

  58. D

    I feel that episodes 7-9 would have made more sense if Goku and Vegeta fought Palpatine instead

  59. jenna1

    I find this odd that ADF has waited until now to come out with this opinion.

    Also, I find it odd that apparently he wanted a romance between Finn and Rey.

  60. Michael Smith

    This storyline is as bad as the real Episode 9. Awful crap.

  61. Ed

    Oh how the Last Jedi and well the entire Kathleen Kennedy era of Star Wars has been? Pure garbage? That’s giving it too much credit! From the first line of the Farce Awakens, “This will begin to make things right.” they took shots at Lucas. Then making Rey basically Superman another shot. The worst for me came in The Last Jedi. Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebellion, the man who with help destroyed the Death Star. The same man who while training with Yoda sensed his friends danger! He raced to help them and faced Darth Vader ALONE! Next he again knows he is possibly causing his friends danger so he goes, again ALONE to face not just Vader, but Vader AND Palpatine, the Emperor! Two Sith Lords and he faces them knowing he could die there, but it could save his friends. Now fast forward to Kathleen Kennedy’s movies. Luke a one time hero now is a complete coward. Hiding out like a joke on Ahh-choo or whatever or wherever he was. Why? Because the fearless Jedi was terrified of a little boy’s power!?!? Not just any boy but his own Nephew. Luke’s answer? Kill him in his sleep! Yeah! That’s the Jedi way! Did these people even watch Ep. I-VI? Killing a child or anybody in their sleep is a Sith move and would turn you to the Dark side of the force. Whoops! So Luke stops, but little Gentle Ben awakens and somehow destroyed the Jedi training camp and most people in it. Now that isn’t what bugs me, the TWINS in the novels Jacen and Jania Solo, Jacen turns to the Dark side and another of Luke’s apprentices turns to the dark side and he does destroy the temple. Now what bothers me is how they portrayed Luke as a weak, scared, and idiotic Jedi. NONE of the crap he did in ANY of the Kathleen Kennedy movies are remotely close to how his character was in the previous films. He trained, fought, and devoted his life to what he BELIEVED in, only to not only reject all of it, but choose to KILL HIS OWN NEPHEW? Again this to me was pathetically written! Luke Skywalker’s family and friends were his life and so was the Jedi way. NEITHER of which he’d abandon out of fear! Yes this was a rant. A long rant. But I have been a fan since 1977. I’ve collected merchandise, collectibles, and have a library of 250+ books from the great writers in the Star Wars history. Also when Kathleen Kennedy took over the interview given she states, Star Wars NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is the STORY and the FANS! We have to respect the story George created and the fans who followed it. Without the fans Star Wars is nothing. Fast forward a few years and she says this time, Star Wars ISN’T FOR THE FANS! So many lies have been said. So many jabs at Lucas and especially the fans have been done. One of the laughable authors, Chuck Wendig also attacked the fans. As did many of the “new” actors. Add to that if ANYONE didn’t like the new trilogy and expressed it, they were given a ultimatum, recant your comment or else! Star Wars has become a pathetic shell of itself. With Kathleen Kennedy in charge her AGENDA BASED feminist rant has become the new plot! The Farce is female her shirts read. The woman from Rebels recon had a cup saying how good the fans tears tasted. Ignoring the fact that WITHOUT THE FANS, she’d be waiting tables in a dive somewhere! This is just a few of the issues I have with Disney’s Star Wars.

  62. Ed

    Hmm, my first comment wasn’t posted?
    Let’s try again.
    Kathleen Kennedy’s work equals garbage!
    Rian Johnson=#$%-;#! & a unwatchable movie!
    JJ Abrams-PITY and laughter !
    First line of Episode 7, “This will begin to make things right!” From the beginning they jabbed at Lucas! Next they attacked Luke Skywalker.
    Luke’s accomplishments?
    1)Blew up the Death Star with a little Solo help.
    2)Helps the Rebellion fight the Empire.
    3)Starts Jedi training, but senses fear his friends are in danger. Does he HIDE? No, he goes ALONE to confront Vader. Loses a hand but still has GUTS!
    4)Goes to finish his training after finding out his father is Vader. Again does he hide? Nope. He is a bit pissed, but hey, learning your pops is the biggest Sith Lord next to the Emperor is tad unnerving. His answer…….he senses his friends are in danger with him there, so he confronts TWO Sith Lords, ALONE! Even if he loses if he can distract them he thinks his death could save his friends. Willing to die for his friends and sister.
    Now fast forward to Kathy’s little pile of poo!?
    Luke Skywalker was training Ben Solo(similar to the novels with the twins Jania and Jacen Solo), EXCEPT Ben gets naughty! Bad little Bennie! He is so strong! Eeeck! Luke is soo scared! What can a JEDI HERO DO? Ah-ha KILL HIM IN HIS SLEEP! YEAH THAT’S IT! THAT’S WHAT YODA, UM wait no, a Sith Lord would do that. Dark side force users do that! Luke stops. Phew! Ben awakens and destroys the training camp. Luke’s failed. His answer, AFTER THINKING ABOUT KILLING HIS NEPHEW! His BEST FRIEND AND SISTER’S SON. He sneaks away and hides! He abandons EVERYTHING he learned and loved!
    Then Rey arrives! Cue the music….DUN DUN DUMBBBBBB! She can speak wookie, droid, and everything else apparently. She can also use force powers she doesn’t even know about yet! But she goes to Luke for training?!? Why? She already knows MORE than him. Hmm? Ah-ha it is one more jab at Lucas, to emasculate Luke and make him a coward thereby turning Rey to the hero! Wow! Now THAT is a ……….THAT IS A JOKE!
    None of Luke’s actions in these “movies” is remotely close to his character. Not even close!
    These movies were used to push an AGENDA! Kathleen Kennedy had T-shirts made, the Farce is Female. The troll from Rebels Recon had a coffee mug made to express how much she enjoyed the taste of the fan’s tears. Executives, actors, and authors attacked! Sad!

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