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Rian Johnson with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Emmery J Myers

    The backlash against Rian might have crippled Star Wars for good. The Last Jedi was the last truly good Star Wars movie and it’s looking like it might remain that way.

    1. Tom

      The Last Jedi wasn’t a good Star Wars movie. It wasn’t even a good movie at all. Not catastrophic, but not good.

  2. James Brrrrr

    “the Last Jedi was the last truly good Star Wars movie ”


  3. JZ

    It was certainly better than Rise of Skywalker and more imaginative than TFA. They would have been better off pursuing his plot line instead of backtracking. He’s a gifted filmmaker. In addition to TLJ, Looper and Knives Out were also great.

  4. Pj

    The last Jedi did what it could with the garbage mystery box setup it was handed by the force awakens and it did it exceedingly well. Truth is rian johnson is too good for Star Wars. He graciously gave fans filet mignon and they screamed for hamburger.

  5. Rajz

    TLJ was an exercise in lazy and poor writing….so many holes that nearly ruined a franchise. Half of the 9th film had to undo the mess the Rian made. Luckily for Disney Favreau and the Mandalorian have saved the day by trying to gently scrub Rian out of the picture…

    I dont think Rian is part of Star Wars anymore, theyve just quietly brushed it into the corner while trying to de-cannonise all the cr@p he put in.

    All the people who say, “he was trying something new…you dont get it”….why on Earth didn’t Coppola listen to you guys and make Godfather 2 into a rom-com and make Diane Keaton the Godfather, that would have been a twist! So many people just dont get the medium of writing and story telling.

  6. C

    The Last Jedi was clearly the best star wars movie of the trilogy. It had genuine twists and turns, was captivating and had excellent cinematography. The characters actually developed in the Last Jedi. Yea Luke was a disappointment but not that much, the guy is nearly 70 years old, and very weathered, it would be ridiculous to expect him to do backflips. Sure I wish he would have crushed a Tie-Fighter with his bare hands, or actually taught Rey something, but it wasn’t that bad.
    He was like the obi-wan of this film with a better send-off.

    Force Awakens, was highly predictable and focused-grouped, it was a absolute disaster and ripoff. The characters and their motives made 0 sense and seemed like a plot out of a video game. The acting was not bad but the script was absolute garbage. Whoever put the Force Awakens together had extreme ADHD and couldn’t create a coherent story. So many examples of this “Kylo Ren take your helmet off” “Put it back on” “Take it off” “Destroy the dash board” “Now be calm”. “Finn show sympathy for a fellow First Order Trooper that died”. “Now gun them down mercilessly, good, keep killing them” “Yep, scream “Wooo” now”. “Rey be an isolated jaded nomad on a desert planet” “perfect” “Now be a sociable Disney princess that’s all smiles and giggles with her newfound friends” “perfect”. “Kylo destroy 5 random planets that the viewer has no attachment too” “Great”. “Luke’s lightsaber is calling to you Rey, you may be related…. .” “Oh wait your Palpatine’s Clones Granddaughter, that’s why it’s calling”. Honestly a 7 year old could come up with a more coherent plot and character development.

    the Rise of Skywalker was okay, it was a fun hollow movie that didn’t nothing for Star Wars as a whole. It was an okay movie, but with the already established characters being a mess it was hard to put things back together. It was fun but it felt very disjointed and patchwork-y. At least it had some twists and turns and moments of tension, and wasn’t completely predictable. The Palpatine scenes where pretty weird though, didn’t feel very star-warsy and felt very out of place. The “Final Order” was a really dumb concept as it literally get’s destroyed without ever proving itself and it just seems very very rushed. I liked the Rise of Skywalker I wish it would have took more chances.

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