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Credit: Instagram Star Wars Today/Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. tom

    you are making a drama of SW saga…what was was,marketing is mean and evil…mar hamil also is a past, and remember his role as it wqs..just dont make more drama..

    1. Dargas

      Who’s making drama?

      Dude… first learn how to think clearly and then learn how to write.

      If you love the sequels then good for you. Do learn though that the more time goes by the more those movies are recognized by ever more and more fans for the garbage it is.

  2. Richard

    He sure did saved mine!! I think i had never been so thrilled and emotional about anything during 2020 as i was when i saw a single x-wing arriving with a blue R2 unit on it.

    The rest was a roller coaster ride of happy tears… im 48 but for a few minutes i was 10 again!

    I can’t thank Favreau and Filoni enough for redeeming Luke and giving Mark a worthy return to the saga as the REAL Luke Skywalker.

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