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Disney World 2021

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  1. KenG

    I wish we lived driving distance from WDW instead of our destructive state of California where, as one Themepark/Disney YouTube vlogger said, “there is no joy” (as he promptly moved from SoCal to the Orlando area!).
    I would not any time soon get on a plane, especially now since they are back to packing people in. It is never fun to fly and hasn’t been for many years, but now—- No way.

  2. Daniel

    “There Has Never Been a Better Time For Last-Minute Disney World Vacations”
    Well other then the good chance of getting your family members killed. But it’s a small price to pay for Pirates of the Caribbean.
    and hey now you can tell everyone you introduced a few more Happy Haunts to the Haunted Mansion! 😀

    1. Chris

      So much misinformation and stupidity in this post. You’re more likely to get COVID going to the grocery store, and WAY more likely to die on the way there then from COVID in general.

  3. No shows, no fireworks, no FP+, no EMH, limited dining, no dining plan and you think that paying all that money makes it a good time to go?


    1. I couldn’t agree more!!! We went every year before COVID. No way would I pay that kind of money without the WHOLE package.

  4. Brandon

    Without characters, street performers and the true dining experiences it’s honestly more of a theme park without the Disney experience. Once these things are back we will certainly want to come and honestly can’t wait.

  5. Tamara Dowd

    Disney must really think people are stupid. Paying a lot for a little. Add it up ! The numbers are also going up for covid.

  6. Joanne Cutlip

    We were just there in September and it was miserable. One of the best things about Disney is sharing smiles and laughter. Right now you can’t see the smiles and it’s difficult to hear the laughter, what there was of it anyway. No thanks. We’re not going back until we get what we should for the amount of money we pay. We also don’t want to wear a mask. We usually go twice a year, such a shame.

  7. Slbno1

    Not going until, wearing masks are over..

  8. Sue Neupauer

    Was there over Thanksgiving, daughter got engaged by the Wishing well. So glad we went, it was wonderful weather and the pool was so relaxing. Ride times went quick. We are now stuck in PA with no indoor dining and many businesses closed. Long winter ahead. Go if u can and enjoy being outdoors and spending time at a beautiful park.

  9. TJ

    This stupid article should be retitled “There Has Never Been a Better Time For Last-Minute Disney World Vacations (If You Ignore the Global Pandemic)”

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