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  1. Darth Historian

    Kenner, for the most part, doesn’t exist to make Star Wars figures any more.

    Hasbro does, which bought out and now owns Kenner’s licenses. They did this years and years ago, like a REALLY long time ago.

    For nostalgic purposes, on Vintage Collection Figures and Accessories, they use the old style “Kenner” look.

    For purposes of basic journalistic integrity/research or simple curiosity, more information about this can be found on absolutely any Star Wars toy website from the past fifteen years.

    1. EricJ

      It’s trying to homage the exclusive Boba Fett action figure that you could only get with the original 70’s action-figure boxtops.
      And which is only remembered by the twentysomething collector fans who took over the action-figure industry and fan-gentrified it out of the kids’ hands, which is why kids don’t play with action figures anymore.

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