Comments for Johnny Depp’s ‘Drug-Fueled’ Finger Injury That Cost Disney Millions

Jack Sparrow in between two other men

Credit: Disney


  1. Rebecca Dunn

    This article is tasteless and so, so, wrong. Johnny has a case against Amber Heard for Domestic Violence in VA. The UK case has brought to light a lot of Amber Heards lies and fraudulent injuries. Even if you don’t believe that Johnny isn’t a victim, don’t write articles like this that are so far beyond insulting until the actual trial against Amber is over. This article will NOT age well. Please stop attacking victims. If all women are to be believed on DV accusations then Men deserve the same presumption that they are telling the truth until it is proven true or not. This IS an insult to all DV survivors. Myself included.

    1. Absolutely correct they keep kicking him
      When he’s down

    2. Mandy Brown

      Johnny Depp is Innocent ,how dare you post such an insulting post ,if you actually looked at the real truth then you would not side with. Psycotic narcassist like AH ,who dcreams victim when she clearly is not and the actual abuser ! Even arrested for it ,she gas now been proven too lie about donations to dying children !! Her character speaks volumes me myself and I is her motto ! As for trying too attack Disneys biggest earner Disgraceful for him and all true victims of DV.

    3. Johnny is fine and moving on with his life.

  2. Let me just say that I don’t believe Amber Heard. With that said, if Johnny Depp was taking drugs while filming, Disney should have taken some responsibility. What about drug testing when you have a job? He had a job that involved millions of dollars. Maybe Johnny felt he had to be on ecstasy to play Jack Sparrow. I don’t know, but I think the word of Amber Heard alone should not be enough to destroy a person’s career. The same thing happened to Jeffrey Rush and the person involved was found to be a liar.

    1. Marita

      I am so angry LIES lies just keep kicking when he’s down
      Hate people like you

  3. Ena Jack

    Let’s assume JD was on drugs at that time. What did AH do about it as his dear beloved wife ? Why didn’t she lay a hand to help him out of it ? Instead of poping up xzanax , ecstasy pills _and God knows what else she had there to satisfy her own lusts _ ‘en give ’em to JD ?!

  4. I am so angry LIES lies just keep kicking when he’s down
    Hate people like you

  5. Lyn

    The real problem is how the judicial system systematically dismisses police testimony in favor of a flawed system of authenticating photography when the photographs themselves can be false judging by the content? When the testimony by a woman unknown until her association with the person she attempts to defame, an unknown beauty queen who hides her motives and pre-meditates and sneaks the ugliest skeleton underneath by a brainwashing scheme which she carried out since 2016 with friends and family witnesses who agree with her and say her evidence is authentic. If the police have said it is not true and their eyewitness testimony is dismissed what is their grounds for judging her evidence to be valid on word alone when the photographs themselves can only be false judging by the content?

  6. Em

    Looks like Disney is trying to get people against hiring Johnny Depp so this stuff is leaked.

  7. Mandy Brown

    An absolute insult too al DV victims , as previously stated above JDepp does NOT deserve the absolute onslaught of furthering Amber Heards lies that have and are readily available on the internet ,too listen too she was never the Victim !
    But to carry on the horrendous false accusations leaves a very bad taste ! The Judge in Uk did not allow the evidence too speak for itself ,and conviently when looked at deeper should have taken himself from the Case with having dubious connexions too certain individuals including his son,his wife ,and other Friends ?
    I really can not wait for the truth to come out in Virginia courts and he has justice as he deserves ! #JusticeforJohnnydepp im neither a bott nor am I paid by him or anyone asscoiated nor was I a massive Fan but the injustice this man has had to endure is Diabolical !

  8. Kathleen L Haskin

    I will NEVER watch a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movie WITHOUT JOHNNY DEPP IN IT!! HE IS JACK SPARROW AND THERE IS NO REPLACING HIM!!!

  9. Lia

    Depp is the actual victim. Heard is a liar abs abuser. Shane on Disney

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