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  1. Ford-Thomas Frank Loveland

    I’m just confused on why someone would ask him about force ghosts, because apparently they know just as much as him

  2. Herbert Wells

    Many actors who owe their fame to a certain role that they played didn’t really like it. It doesn’t mean they’re not grateful, it just means that they got typecast maybe? And sometimes they just didn’t like the way the character made them look. Maybe it’s completely opposite of what their true character is in life.

  3. Röaörlhc

    Oh crap- does it really matter? It was an acting job which he did perfectly. Nothing more. And thats fine. After all its movies, nothing more.

    1. Bill

      Who cares if he likes the movies he made? He gave it his all while making them and moved on!

      1. Florence

        If an actress, or actor plays a character the fans love, it benefits them in the long run.
        Get a grip, or become a plumber.
        No one should have their privacy, or space violated. But when you are at an interview, relax.
        You read the script, you knew the character, you got the fans to come to see your movies, to get away and immerse themselves in the stories. You may be over it, but the fans, now and forever, will not.

    2. Some human

      I hate my job too but I’m not going viral about it.

      1. Dot

        Well.. you are not an a list actor. So it’s not shocking that your posts don’t go viral.

  4. Ferd

    He should shut up about his distain for Star Wars.

    If not for Star Wars and its fans, he would never have reached the heights in his career that de did!

    1. Bluesun

      Umm.. people go to him asking. He doesn’t owe you are anyone a damn thing

    2. Jeff olsen

      Lol. Take a breath and then realize how ignorant you sound. He isn’t as big a fan of star wars as you or me. So he doesnt know about certain aspects of the more. Oh my god! Lol

      1. Bill


    3. Brian

      What the other people said, but also you got it backwards. Without Harrison Ford Star Wars would never have crashed and burned.

      1. Ian

        I think you mean without Ford Star Wars would have crashed and burned?

      2. Dot callawayot

        Well.. you are not an a list actor. So it’s not shocking that your posts don’t go viral.

    4. Ken

      That is entirely inaccurate..

    5. Drew

      He doesn’t go out of his way to crap on star wars. But he is sick about constantly getting asked the same questions and instead of asking him questions that are relevant to him they ask him about things he probably never thought about. He had many other movies under his belt and probably projects he is working on but people only see him as han solo… It can get annoying to say the least

  5. Danger

    Yes and they gave him a proper send off Mark Hamill got the shaft.

  6. toybox

    “Shares his disdain” makes it sound like he went out of his way to say this or said it completely unprompted. Harrison Ford doesn’t care about Star Wars and never has. Old fans of the franchise know and accept this and leave him alone. Newer fans unfortunately get a rude awakening abt his disinterest, but he’s hardly crowing from the roof about his undying hatred. Give the guy a break.

  7. JH

    He’s an actor, to him it’s just another job, like anyone who punches a time clock.


      PEOPLE know you for the rolls you play movies like tv are just a illusion but some people can’t tell the difference be happy that people remember you for something PEOPLE GO THIER whole lives trying to leave a mark that they were here and that they mattered you DIE alone and scared that no one will remember you it will take over your mind body and soul it consumes you until the end so be thankful for what you have to OFFER CAUSE I I REMEMBER you!!!

  8. Bert

    In all honestly star wars is a pretty mediocre story. I can see why it wasn’t ford’s favorite role

  9. Toby

    F HIM

  10. Sheldon

    Probably hates Indiana Jones too, just does it for they paycheck, he admitted it to conan on an interview. When they asked him back all he said was how much, on conan’s show

    I hope he does die in Indiana Jones 5

  11. Chris Kinney

    Wonder why this person even thought Han would come back as a force ghost. He wasn’t even force sensitive, let alone a Jedi master.

  12. Jay

    Imagine being asked about updates and details about a character going on 50 years?

    He’s not showing “sustain”, IMO, he’s just not into it as much as some in the fandom. This shouldn’t be a big deal.

  13. Bill

    Lol what a bunch of morons. Arguing about movies and actors.?

  14. UncleRusty

    I’m good as long as he is grounded as a pilot. You and I would have lost our pilot’s license (if we had one) long ago.
    He’s honest and now because of all us gossips he’s paying the price. How about a break for Han

  15. Winston the Ogre

    Here’s an idea: if you’re over the age of… 30? And you’re still obsessed with a children’s science fiction movie from the 70’s, you’re absolutely pathetic and its time to grow up.

  16. Matthew Wade Collett

    Why is everybody so hostile on this though? I’m afraid to ask

  17. Ralph Clark

    Calm down, he probably doesn’t care because too much escapism is a bad thing. Sometimes fans can take stuff overboard, which can turn off people like Ford. He isn’t alone, many actors refuse to reprise roles in franchises. Hugo weaving is an example who has said He wouldn’t play Elrond again. As fans we need to tone it down sometimes.

  18. Lainey Rowena

    As someone else here commented, an actor depicts a character as their job. I’d add the point that to that actor, they play the role once (or for 5 films in a franchise) , the wrap on production happens, and that’s it. The film actor isn’t playing the role again and again like a stage actor would (multiple takes in filming, yes, but not every time fans watch the film). I love ‘Star Wars’ and understand it’s easy to forget. But, I’ve worked on one movie set as an extra, and I’ve seen how huge a factory of tons of different employees it is. The illusion is not there until the film is in post production.
    Harrison Ford loves the role of Indiana Jones. He may be annoyed by questions about ‘Star Wars’ because of the fact that his favorite role is outside of that franchise- it is Indiana Jones. Ford, like many actors and others in show business such as musicians, don’t like when fans assume things. For example, fans feel familiar with an actor almost like a friend, when the sober truth is we as fans only know the character depicted. I’m guilty, too. I love Harrison Ford. Do I know him? Nope.

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