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Credit: Lucasfilm/Disney


  1. Darren

    She is great in her role, shes entitled to her opinions just as much as the far left snowflake actors are entitled to theirs,doesn’t make her wrong, it’s an opinion, stop whining snowflakes

    1. Melanie

      It’s not just her opinions, it’s also that she was spreading false information. When you have a platform as big as her’s, you have to be careful what you say because it will reach and influence so many people. To be clear, I’m talking about the tweet she posted saying that the election results were wrong and that there was voter fraud when there was absolutely no ground for those claims. She was using her platform in a very destructive way.

      1. Joshua S

        How many actors peddled conspiracy theories about Donald Trump over the past 4 years? How many used their platforms to spread divisiveness, hatred, and intolerance for conservative ideals? You have some disgusting double standards… it’s completely unethical to think the very few conservative actors who voice their opinions should be “punished” because you don’t agree with them. Fascist.

        1. Daddy Piranha

          LOL. There were actors speaking out against “conservative ideals”?
          Liberals were intolerant of people who want smaller government? No?
          Then you mean they tried to get someone fired for believing in stronger states rights? No?
          I guess you mean that time someone lost their job for advocating for a lower flat-tax? Whoops! I was wrong again?
          If you mean liberals getting their feathers ruffled when people were bigots and benefited from corruption while flying the flag of traitors and losers, I think that says more about what the GOP has mutated into than liberals being hypocrites.

          1. Bluesun

            Nice strawmans…

          2. Denis Lanza

            Oh my God. You’re just so edgy. You have got us Conservative Republicans figured out. Wow. When not putting pronouns for an obvious woman is considered transphobic, it doesn’t take much to be considered some form of -ist -ism or -phobic. Get down off your high horse and you might actually learn something about real human beings instead of stereotypes and Twitter outrage.

          3. Peter Parris

            You’re right, it was GOP supporters that rioted and burned down cities, businesses and murdered people. Good catch on that one.

          4. StarWars

            You’re an idiot

        2. Michael Biggerstaff

          Wait, saying a rigged election was rigged gets you fired? Dafuq? Supporting the president of our country is wrong? Again, dafuq.. wtf does that even have to do with Star Wars? Can you idiots just leave one damn thing alone? PLEASE? Bigot, racist , nazis, go back to China and leave americans at peace. scencerely, freedom extremest, who still thinks the US is free.

        3. Cris

          I am a Democrat but I do agree with what you are saying 100% just because u have a different opinion it is no reason to punish them in the end conservative ideals are also American ideals just like liberal, I hope u don’t get mad at me for saying this but this is proof liberals and conservatives don’t have to hate each other, But yeah I agree Gina should not be fired reguardless of weather I agree with her or not it is her voice she can express it.

        4. David A Menke

          Conservative Ideals are excellent, but 75 million voters for Trump were looking for a messiah to enrich their lives. (sadly Trump is not the one.) The influence of actors and people in the spot light, influence young and old alike. Going against saving people with a Vaccine, is not the most ethical way to express your opinion. A better way may have been, “If you want to take the vaccine, great, I Gina do not personally want to take it” Trump did a disservice to our nation, by denouncing Covid 19 when he was briefed about it back in December 2019 and January 2020. Maybe if he would have used his influence, and been more proactive, then almost to this date, 300k people may not have died. Many countries in the world were “proactive” and lives were not lost. Think about it! Peace to you.

      2. Art

        Begone leftist wench!

      3. Bluesun

        There was voter fraud… To believe there wasn’t is just wilful ignorance

        1. Denis Lanza

          Amen to that. Of course you won’t believe it if you are for Gropey Joe, even though there are far more Red States than blue. They really messed up claiming they won Georgia. There’s no way that happened. I know a lot of people from and in GA including family. They’re as Red as blood. The only Blue area is the cursed “ATL”. Not a nice place and that’s nothing new. It was dangerous in the late 80s and 90s. Just moreso today.

          1. Nah

            Yup, there was voter fraud. Oh wait, nearly all of it they found was for Trump. Also, Georgia has changed a lot due to money pouring into the state with all of the films and shows happening there. But sure, use anecdotal evidence causxyz. Snowflake.

          2. Winston

            3 million “illegal” votes in CA in 2016. Not a single one found. Qlown.

        2. Bill Kilpatrick

          Where are your facts? I keep hearing about all this voter fraud but you’d think the conclusion would be based on some actual evidence. Where is it? Why can’t you produce a shred of anything in a court of law? Why do all these court challenges end up being nothing more than toothless op-eds confusing spin with substance? Isn’t that as ridiculous as a group of social justice warriors calling for the heads of anybody who says something they don’t like?

        3. Robert m

          Of course there was. You are living in la la land if you believe otherwise.

        4. Homestead

          Yes there was indeed fraud. They arrested a Trump voter. Shall I provide the link? Go ahead and provide yours. Oh and anything from OAN or op eds from Sydney Powell herself are not permitted. I’m dealing with reality not malignant fantasy.

          1. Carano has a PARLER ACCOUNT with all the Nazis and Q-Anon nutcases. That’s where you need to look. And NO ONE should be able to use Disney characters to OFFICIALLY promote conspiracy theories, white supremacy and Q-Anon crap. Go look at her Parker Account!!!!

        5. Sarah N Beaulieu

          No to believe there was voter fraud with every piece of evidence pointing to there being none and even the Supreame Court the idiot tried to stack saying shut up and go home. I’m pretty sure you’re the delusional one. Also funny how when there was actual fraud but it worked in favor of your canidate you were all about it, but when it’s a fair vote and he loses you throw a tantrum ?

      4. Glen Bradley

        But claiming the President of the United States is a “Russian Agent” is just fine? Not dangerous at all? I am sick to death of leftist hypocrisy.

        1. Ck

          Love Carano and this cancel culture bullcrap needs to stop,we are suppose to be living in a free country,and she is entitled to her beliefs without violence. At least she isn’t out there rioting, looting,or being violent like Antifa or BLM!!!

        2. Homestead

          The Trump/Russia relationship is the largest, most flagrantly corrupt and traitorous scandal in the history of this country. It continues to this day with crazy Donnie’s refusal to condemn the Solarwinds hack, the largest cyber security breach in this countries history. If Hillary Clinton had done a sixteenth of what Trump has done you would have lost your goddamn mind.

          1. ms

            why exactly would he condemn the attack knowing USA performs the vast majority of them?

            maybe you should consider de-radicalizing and try some non-vacuum education or some critical thinking?

          2. Mark

            Wait until you see the Biden/China relationship.

      5. Mario Guzman

        How about they leave her alone and let have her right like everyone else to have her freedom of speech and freedom to have her own opinions. #TeamGina

      6. Mario Guzman

        All of Hollywood is spreading false information even the news. So whats the difference??

      7. Dan

        To pretend there was not good is just a lie. There absolutely was fraud, the question is was there so much fraud it would change the outcome.

        Literally no one on either side disputes there was no fraud. Your comment shows why you shouldn’t listen to anyone on the internet, this actress included.

      8. Alan

        Freedom of speech is not just for the far left media and their lackeys. Where was your logic for the past four years with all the russian dis information coming from the dems and the media. The dossier is 100 percent proven fake and the media and the Dems kept running with it. Should tjey all be fired for spreading false information. No one and i mean no one should be afraid to say anything. The first Amendment grants us that.

        1. Leftist are the ONLY ones who give a crap about wether the regular people, left, middle, right or don’t care, LIVES !

      9. russell bingham

        I have no use for a trump supporter; and based on her tweets, that’s what Ms Carano is. But for all of her bold push back, to my knowledge, she hasn’t been bold enough to come out and say she supports 45. Why is that??

        1. Bill Kilpatrick

          I have no use for people who have no use for people who don’t vote the way they do. Why not put down the torch and watch the show? Carano’s role isn’t exactly Shakespeare in Space. She blasts. She kicks. She says something cute. Let the girl do her job – unless you want to show us how. If everybody has to vote the way you do, send us a postcard from Venezuela. I hear it’s beautiful there.

          1. Ripley

            Love your response..

        2. Elbonius

          Why must shemeet your litmus test?

      10. saj007

        THANKS FOR TELLING THE TRUTH…..People forget who they really are responsible to when they start talking in a PUBLIC DOMAIN….Simply meaning…..YOUR JOB IS #1…….Hollywoods Graveyard is RIDDLED with Actors WHO DON’T BELIEVE THAT FACT…….I will put it SIMPLY…….DONT LET YOU MOUTH OVER RUN YOUR BRAIN……….People WILL respect you more when your wrong and NOT PERFECT! Did I say I REALLY like her as an ACTOR? I Do……….

      11. Bill Kilpatrick

        She’s not running for anything. She’s an actor. She says the lines they give her. She fights fantasy baddies with the prop they hand her. She delivers thunder kicks on cue. Everybody on Twitter has a platform, including you. Go build your own platform. Go virtue signal your own millions of followers. Demanding that some actor puppet your social-political views is textbook fascism, even if her views are in service to a front-page fascist. Get over it. Get over yourself.

      12. Mac

        People get to use their platforms however they want. Jilust because you disagree with people doesn’t mean you have a right to silence them and demand they get fired. Stop crying about everything in life.

      13. Yo mama

        Dr Fauci has been spreading false Info for almost a year and yet he is still seen as the end all be all. Stop kidding yourself.

        1. Homestead

          Look we understand that your wholly incapable of critical thought, but please limit your abject insanity to right wing safe spaces only please. You’re doing lasting damage to innocent children who might frequent this board. I have the perfect place for you, it’s called r/The_Donald. It is currently quarantined, but your rambling incoherent nonsense wouldn’t know any better.

      14. Bern

        I couldn’t agree more with Darren she has her own opinion and she’s entitled to her whole own opinion this is still a republic and everybody has the right to express themselves The last time that was stopped was in Germany in the thirties and we all know how that turned out

      15. Star

        Anything you disagree with is not “False” or “Divisive”, its just something you disagree with. Grow up

      16. Kieran

        I don’t care about her opinions (although it’s entirely possible her mask remarks caused followers to become ill and/or make someone else ill). What really bothers me is the fact that THE WOMAN CAN’T ACT!! She ruins EVERY scene she’s in! Please, please dire her no-talent butt!

        1. Miles Ramstein

          Couldn’t agree more and I’m not just saying that because my son’s name is Kieran.

        2. Erik

          omfg—THAAAAAANK YOOOOOU!! I am 100% willing to admit her politics are not my own…. but they have nothing to do with why I think the show (and entire star wars universe) should send her packing… she should get the axe because she couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag!! (and truthfully I think a lot of people who feel a strong drive to defend her BECAUSE they support her politics and/or right to free speech have allowed that to blue their vision of her complete lack of acting ability ??‍♂️)

      17. Jerry

        There’s proof of election fraud! Supreme Court didn’t do their job and uphold their Constitutional duty!!!

        1. Homestead

          Jerry, I hate to break this to you but you are no longer tethered to reality. Fox News and OANN have broken your brain. The entire lot of you need to be rounded up and quarantined for the foreseeable future. You’re dragging this country down.

          1. Bobsbrain onccp

            Wow! Thank you for perfectly exemplifying just how wonderfully communist you people think. Come try and round us up. Silly safe spacer brought a blunt to an AR-14 fight. Lmao, couldn’t resist. He’s differnt killeem! Mob rules. Go blow up another city.

          2. Hnkdtnk

            What is wrong with you. Round them up and put them away for the foreseeable future. Im pretty sure that was the thought process of the nazis.

      18. Anthony P Lynam

        No voter fruad? Your entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

      19. See you have the REAL problem in your response. People shouldn’t take hers or any other person’s words to heart on the internet or social media. People spout nonsense everyone has there own beliefs and ideals and should be allowed to express them period! I don’t want a debate it’s a fact it’s up to you to be smart enough to decide if it’s viable or stupidity and teach your kids to do the same. The internet is not a safe space people choose to read other people’s twitters if you or anyone else don’t like what’s said don’t read it. If it goes against something you believe soooo much stop watching or reading or whatever it is they do. But in this case to demand she gets fired is ridiculous grow up. People like this force there will on people then spout equality, individualism and freedom of speech blah blah blah.

      20. Elbonius

        If you are trusting an actor for clinical advice, you deserve to take that advice.

      21. Bryan Heathcote

        What do you know a communist worried about “dangerous opinions”. Take your woke crap somewhere othet than America where freedom of speech is in our constitution. The only thing dangerous is people like you trying to take away that right.

      22. Sean R Christensen

        Your fales information isn’t real or true but your feelings. Grow up

      23. Renzo

        No fraudulent voting?
        I guess all the dead people voting is a ok with you then.
        And that was a proven fact in more than 2 states.

        1. Kirsten

          You’re right! Dead people did vote for Trump! I’m glad they will be prosecuted.

      24. me

        really? NO grounds?

      25. David A Menke

        Truly Stated

      26. Dave Baki

        The Election was rigged and anybody can see that!There’s plenty of evidence,the snowflake lefties should stop whining.
        Carano has every right to speak her mind,it’s freedom of speech,so get over it!

      27. Booker

        So should Kyrie Irving be banned from the NBA forever because he believes the earth to he flat? Politics and beliefs should be no means to be fired for a non-political career!

      28. Patrick Asuega

        So it’s ok for Actors, and actresses to blame Trump for false accusations for FOUR FREAKING YEARS! C’mon you sound like a hypocrite! Why don’t fire these actors, and actresses who say that they want to kill the president or blow up the white house? If Gina said that or if anyone said that now that biden is In office, if they said that crap then SJW would go bat Dodo crazy!

      29. The Axe Man

        Right On! Don’t forget she also was a Covid Deniyer and an anti-Masker! These are not the kind of messages we need spread. When I worked in Corporate America I was bound by a morality clause. A contractual provision that gave my employer the unilateral right to terminate my employment, or take punitive action against me, in the event that I engaged in behavior or conduct that may negatively impact, by association, the public image of my employer. And I was no big wheel I was just a cog in the machine. But we all knew you give the company a black eye or even a little nick, we would get the boot. There is no difference with Gina, she has not made any attempt to apologize and has mocked the very idea. She needs to go.

    2. Sarah

      Amen, Darren

      1. Ink Well

        Greedo shot first!

    3. Reader

      “we could all stand to learn a thing or two from them about friendship amid differing opinions”

      Anti mask and covid conspiracy theorizing is not having a differing opinion. With a platform like hers, its a danger to people.

      1. Drew w

        To whom ? If you disagree then you are obviously aware lol if you say “children” they consume media like any throw away culture and if you are a concerned parent you should monitor what your child is doing or at the very least be aware. If you leave your child to soak on the net there are far worst things out there that they can easily gain access to..

      2. Heather

        Just because shes not spouting the narrative doesnt make her a conspiracy theorist. There are many doctors and epidemiologists that agree with her. But they are immediately discredited as soon as they speak out even with impressive credentials and histories.

      3. Lame. If you are listening to an actress for advice on COVID the problem is you not them. Don’t blame others for being incapable of using your own brain. Pathetic.

      4. Wayne

        Really…do people like you really exist? Do you honestly believe that the truth is only what you believe and everything else is dangerous lies? I feel sorry for you, people like you are pathetic.

    4. Nomad

      Is she, though? If her opinion was “black people are inherently inferior”, would she be entitled for it? Or is she only entitled to it when it’s to the detriment of trans people?

      1. Bluesun

        That made no sense. People are allowed they’re opinions no matter how much you disagree with it. You are the problem.

      2. Denis Lanza

        Oh please. A detriment to trans people bc she wouldn’t put her pronouns? Get a grip. Seriously. This is at the point of insanity. She’s obviously a woman. She doesn’t need to put her pronouns. If that’s considered trans hate then that’s ridiculous.

      3. JAB

        I don’t remember her ever saying any group is inferior to another. Just that there is some type of scientific basis for gender. Something about x and y chromosxomes. She’s just following the actual science.

    5. Matt

      EXACTLY, why are conservative ppl considered so “offensive” etc , it’s really getting to be old, Disney may want to wake up not only snowflakes buy stuff, or have families to buy for. We are coming out of our shells and getting sick of this. Wake up Disney/Lucus

    6. J.H.

      First off, this article doesn’t really say anything about where her cast members stand about her future. Second, she’s entitled to her opinions. Enough with the cancel culture hogwash.

    7. JD

      Apparently, the liberal Democrat snowflakes’ fascist attempt to ruin her life & career is a dud. Go pick on someone else who disagrees with their world view.

    8. Vince

      Gina Carano has every right as stated in the First Amendment. Why should she get fired for exercising her right? Has this country become so politically correct that we can’t voice our opinion in the land of the free???
      Gina is perfect in this role and by firing her for something that holds no water is absolutely no reason. You keep going, Gina!

    9. Gina is great in the role and I would hate to see her go. She speaks her mind. Doesn’t anyone? People have the choice to believe it or not. Relax people!

    10. Sarah N Beaulieu

      An opinion really should be fact based all of her opinions are inaccurate conspiracy theories. So yes she has a right to her opinion and we have a right to call her stupid for expressing the in public. Great thing about free speech it goes both ways

    11. Joe

      As for snowflake comments that’s laughable considering the President is being the biggest snowflake ever. Now as for Gina Carano and her role in the Star Wars universe, I think she’s done a great job on the show and as long as she is capable of getting along with her co-workers and crew then what she does away from work is her personal business as it should be with everyone. We don’t all think alike. That’s America and that’s our right as Americans.

    12. Sezni

      To be honest I think all people should decide for themselves if they wanna ba apart of something or not. I respect Gina’s decision and I think she’s great at what she’s doing right now.
      Also one more thing………..
      How about that Mandalorian ending?

    13. Tonyp

      Looks like the comments turned into a political forum, lol. Me, I totally geeked out with Ming Na Wen.

  2. Jim

    Of course they support her because the the fire Gina Carano thing is a non story. Her “divisive” posts were more along the lines of light hearted jokes or just things that make you go “hmmmm”. They signal she may lean right wing politically but never forced her views on anyone else or was rude or abusive to anyone. A very small group of weirdos launched an unwarranted attack on her…. but it still was messed up that she had to read several dozen abusive tweets against her. I think the cast knows her personally, knows the attacks are baseless, and feels bad for her. The whole thing exposed this small group of trolls as rotten people with some sort of chip on their shoulder.

    1. No

      Thank you. It’s a non story and she is not controversial. A handful of woker-than-thou people decided she was insufficiently woke because her twitter bio didn’t have her pronouns, and then they aggressively bullied her about it for months.

    2. JAB


    3. Rob

      If Disney wants to participate in cancel culture. I am ready to cancel my #Disney+ subscription. I am not alone. This is the way

      1. Julie

        Completely agree. Team Gina.

  3. Sarah

    People are allowed to believe and to say whatever they want to. WHAT. EVER. THEY. WANT. TO. If you cannot deal with that it is best to remain sheltered in your home and far away from the internet. I don’t agree with a lot of Gina Carano’s political opinions, but damned if I am going to silence anyone; that would be a true sin against humanity

  4. Rogue

    I like Gina on the big and small screen. I’ve been a fan since her MMA days. She’s still relatively green in the acting business. As far as her social and political views go, she’s entitled to them, and doesn’t need any of us to agree. And anyone looking for celebrities and sports personalities to be role models just need to look elsewhere.

  5. Amos

    She’s dope in her role in the show. She should just apologize if she wasn’t really positive about her claims and realize how big her platform is.

    1. Bluesun

      You should apologize for existing if you think she needs to apologize for anything

  6. Cid

    There are too many good actors looking for roles to have to give one to an arsehole. Untill Americans stop making morons rich and famous, and put their money were their values are, will have idiots like these, and the sycophants that support them.

    1. Nap

      100% agree to this one. Not only is she an idiot but also a bad actress and should not be part of ANY other series.

      1. Bluesun

        I’m betting people call you an idiot more than they call her one.

      2. Homer Simpson

        She should be fired because she sucks. That is reason enough. Terrible acting.

    2. Bluesun

      So you are one of the idiots that cried because she doesn’t share your opinion I see. You are the problem

    3. Denis Lanza

      It’s all a matter of perspective. To me the people whose skin is so thin they can’t deal with opinions different than their own should just stay in their safe space and away from potential triggers. And since I am a Conservative Republican, I can’t stand the opinions of ultra liberal actors like Mark Ruffalo. Saying she’s a moron bc you don’t agree with her is ridiculous. It’s attempted censorship and punishment for having opinions different than the Gropey Joe camp.

    4. ACE

      So what do you do? Have a litmus test to get a job? What do we do with the people who have bad thoughts or opinions? Prevent them from working? Prevent them from speaking or rent/buying a house? Throw them out of the country? Put them in re-education camps? Have them sew something on their clothes so we know they don’t participate in right think? Kill them? What are you suggesting!

    5. Starwars

      No one cares what you think

  7. Redhead

    Leave her alone!!!! Disney don’t make her apologize for anything and don’t fire her! Just let her be who she is and live her life.

  8. Bluesun


  9. Daniel Barber

    Disney+ just lost my money and The Mandalorian my viewership. Never was big on Star Wars anyway. Star Trek is a far better take of a futuristic space adventure.

    1. Peter Parris

      I’m sure they’ll Disney will be just fine without you.

    2. J.H.

      Star Wars isn’t a “futuristic space adventure”. It’s a space western that takes place “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away”.

    3. Anthony P Lynam

      Let’s fire her because you don’t agree with her freedom of expression that is a guaranteed right enshrined in our Constitution. How very communist of the people calling for this.


    This “Cancel Culture” has to STOP!
    I don’t know What she Tweeted and frankly I don’t care. It doesn’t affect the show or the chemistry the characters have on screen.
    Like the author of the article put it:
    “Clearly, the cast of The
    Mandaloriann is close-knit
    andd we could all stand to
    learnn a thing or two from
    themm about friendship
    amidd differing opinions.”‘
    I couldn’t say it any better than that.

  11. Ron

    How do I get these trash articles out of my feed. Stop thinking that your stupid opinion is what I want to hear news should be facts not feelings. She is right for the role and I love that. If you don’t like somebody outside of work, don’t pay attention to them.

    1. Tha Dad Bod

      You don’t click on them and you don’t comment on them. Enjoy!

  12. David

    She should stay. This is America she has an opinion and the right to express it.
    But and there is a double standard then unless you have left political views you are wrong.

    1. Donald Trump

      It’s America and you are fired for speaking your views. Conservatives are now hate all David’s in this world. Either agree or hate Donald Trump

  13. T

    Two people is NOT the cast! Honestly, I’ve never liked her character. She’s boring and I don’t miss her character when she’s not on screen. She doesn’t add anything to the show. Ahsoka and the Nite Owls and Moff Gideon are much more interesting characters.

    1. Homestead

      Her acting sucks full stop. There’s no way in hell she can carry her own show. I honestly couldn’t care less that she doesn’t include pronouns in her twitter bio, that’s her prerogative, but when you start spewing insane conspiracies about election fraud you should have to answers for that. I felt bad for her and bit my tongue about her subpar acting until I discovered shes a conspiracy loon.

  14. Mike Cruze

    She shouldn’t have to apologize for her political views… So there’s no freedom of speech? You take that away and there’s going to be a whole lot of other rights being taken away… and I’m no Trump supporter!

  15. Homer Simpson

    So Gina can have her voice but all those black athletes shpuld be quiet? Only problem I have with Trump supporting Republicans is that they are 100% hypocrits. On her crying about poor Gina but want those NBA thugs to be quiet. Trump is out. Get over it. Crybabies. Trump sucked anyways.

    1. J.H.

      You’ve got things out of order. Since the precedent was already set that athletes/actors aren’t going to be reprimanded for their leftist views, it should therefore also be acceptable for athletes/actors to freely state their conservative views without fear of repercussion.

  16. Glen Bradley

    Woke Supremacy is just crowdsourced totalitarianism.

    1. PekaFisherman

      Amen to that

  17. Rumtin Tin

    Her divisive personal opinions aside, her wooden acting can’t carry a series. Action yes, acting, terrible.

  18. Dan

    This article is just a water of time. Some people on Twitter where mad, no one cares. It’s the 1% vile bottom feeders that made some bad tweets.
    Three only reason is a story is websites like this are just lazy and will write about anything that grabs attention.

  19. Eric McGhee

    Good, can we finally move on from this pointless topic? I’m tired of it popping up in my Google feed.

  20. Connor C Payne

    They definitely should keep her on the show. But because Disney is a liberal entertainment company that hushes the voices of those if us who know the truth, they will probably eventually kick her out. And if they do then I’m sure there will be a lot of backlash as there should be. Her beliefs aren’t controversial, they just go against the liberal and communist agenda.

  21. Shawn Caldwell

    Why would Gina apologize? She said nothing wrong! We love her on the show!

  22. S

    She’s an awful Trumpo who spouts absolute drivel on twitter, and deserves whatever criticism comes her way for her stupidity.

    But unless what she’s spouting is downright offensive, I don’t see why she should lose work. Separate the art from the artist, etc.

  23. Dafyd

    Don’t kid yourselves, folks. Journos writing about tweets has little to do with principle and more to do with picking low hanging fruit to write an article in thirty minutes and generate those clicks.

  24. Randy Kite

    It doesn’t matter what her personal beliefs or politics are, her job is to entertain and she does. If she show up on time, knows her lines and continues to do her job there is no reason to let her go or get rid of her. If actors careers were solely based on their personal beliefs none of them would have a job.

    1. Suzy Ince

      Well said!

  25. Bill Kilpatrick

    I voted for Biden. I think Trump is a walking constitutional crisis. But these crybabies on the left – who can’t just fire back a reply and move on – are to be laughed at and then ignored. Virtue signal all you want but when you call for someone’s firing because they don’t believe what your sociology teacher said in class, you are the problem. You’re the digital lynch mob. On-camera, Carano is great at what she does – and that’s all I care about. Your Che Guevara McCarthyism is out past its bedtime. Put it to rest. Talk of “what she’s doing with her platform” is creepy. Go build your own platform. Quit demanding that actors be your puppets. Send us a postcard from Venezuela. Go do crazy on your own dime.

  26. Grady

    I’m republican bro. But the only poison spreading lies and division was our president. He single handedly made our party and country look like idiots!

    1. Homestead

      Every time I see someone admit to being Republican and at the same time acknowledging how utterly insane Donald Trump is I have hope for this countries future. Unfortunately I don’t think there are enough of you out there.

  27. Cristina Hernandez

    Who cares what she thinks. Everyone has a right to their opinion. Cant believe people are still going on because someone spoke differently.

  28. Zac

    It’s almost as if you can have an opposing opinion from the mainstream and still do your job correctly and be a good person. Crazy how that works huh?

  29. Suzy Ince

    There’s a place where you opinion must fit within the story of those who rule the social waves. IF a differing opinion is voiced their job, their friends, their lives are taken from them. Their voice is silenced. They are never to be seen again. You think I’m taking about communist China don’t you. I’m not.
    FREEDOM OF SPEECH. It’s given to all of us. Don’t like what your reading, quit following. You’ll be much happier.

  30. Mad Mike

    Calling opinions dangerous is ridiculous. Adults can make their own decisions on what is right and wrong. Stop looking at authority for all of your life choices.

  31. Mike

    This whole country gets butt hurt over everything and to sensitive give me a break its her right to express her personal and political opinions without repercussions and not forced to apologize for anything and I pray she stands her ground because so many of the entertainers cave in and kiss ass even tho they don’t believe in the apology their giving but yet doing it for the almighty dollar those types I personally have no respect for…….I PRAY MISS CARANO STANDS HER GROUND

  32. Jennifer Byrd

    I’m a chemistry lab manager for a small company and even we have restrictions about what we’re allowed to post about because managers are representatives the company. Since she plays a character for Disney, and is thereby a representative of Disney I think she should be held to their standards of appropriate conduct or face the consequences of the company.

    1. E.D.

      I agree. Unfortunately, it comes with the job. So she’s held to a higher standard, because she works for a company who’s image can be smeared with her non-neutral opinions/comments. People should have the right to speak their mind and not be prosecuted (for a lack of a better word) for what they say. Whether it be left/right politics, racial injustice, or likes/dislikes of a certain population. But really, that makes our world ugly, that we cant get along despite our differences. Many are strong and can take jabs until it hits home. Anyway, this article does NOT state how the cast speaks out on Gina regarding her twitter posts?‍♀️ And, I really don’t like her acting. So if anything, recast her for her poor acting. She really doesn’t bring life to the character.

  33. Steve

    To H E double hockey sticks with all this cancel culture, appeasement and pc garbage. TV and movies are supposed to be an escape from the struggles of everyday life. Return to that and stop the childlike behavior because someone might be offended.

    1. Laurance

      Hey! I love what Gina does. What her politics and/or opinions are is entirely her own,and should not cause her to lose her job. All those leftist demagogues should just shut the hell up, and leave the woman alone.

  34. Bob

    Hate the cult not the cultist.

  35. Mike

    The Leftist Twitter Jackals are NOT going to win this laughable campaign against Gina. She has a MASSIVE army of Fans to give the finger to these spineless freaks!

  36. Mocha

    All I have to say is that Art, needs to be separated from the Artist. You guys should now this. All I care about, is this; Do they do a good job at acting? Do I find their roles and characters believable? If the answer is”yes” to both, then I like them as an actor, a professional, an artist. I don’t care about the real them, I don’t care who Joe Shmoe or Gina voted for, I just want some good Star Wars.

  37. Ryan

    Donald Trump is a Fascist. That’s why Antifa is his greatest enemy. We can’t reward or further normalize the spread of false information. Donald Trump is also not a conservative. His strong support of tariffs and resistance to free trade are one example. He is also a racist and his supporters are traitors to our country. There are plenty of conservatives that can see that. Let’s not pretend this is a matter or right vs left. It’s wrong vs right, lies vs truth, fact vs fantasy.

    1. Brian

      Antifa is far more fascist than trump. Look up the definition instead of listening to illiterate quasi woke morons.

      1. Homestead

        Donald Trump is an autocrat and a fascist. Yes when fascism erupts within a political party like it has in the GOP and conspiracy circles like Q-anon, anti-fascist groups tend to perk up. So, let me say it again for you for emphasis, Donald Trump is wanna be fascist loon. I have serious doubts about someones intellect if that’s not blatantly obvious to them after the last four years.

    2. Bryan

      You’re an absolute fool if you think Trump is a fascist. Trump fights for the constitution and against communist China who is now running internment camps rounding up millions of people. Antifa is a marxist terror group that hates America. Trump supporters aren’t burning down our city and attacking citizens with their children. You don’t even know what a fascist is if you call Trump a fascist. Antifa attacks ANYONE who disagrees with them and they attack free speech. They are the very thing they claim to stand against, Fascists. Tell me what freedom Donald Trump has tried to take from you or anyone? Speech? Guns? Anything? No he fights for your freedom to even it you’re to ignorant to appreciate it. Tarrifs? Yeah against countries that are fascists and have taken raped the American people via corrupt politicians for decades.

  38. Chris

    Leftist Hollywood freaking out over someone not parroting their nonsense? Nnooooo! How dare she.

    Clearly, the left hates independent thinking women and must cancel anyone who doesn’t tow the line.

  39. Hd

    She should stay on the show. This trend of firing people just because they go against the mainstream opinion needs to stop. Cancel culture is out of hand and needs to be curbed. I disagree with what most actors post but that doesn’t mean I think they should lose their jobs. This is like me calling for someone like Mark Hamill to be fired just because he spouts off the Trump hatred lines.

  40. Miles Ramstein

    I don’t care about her politics. Gina needs to go because she is a really bad actress. Brings down the quality of any scene she is in. Britney Spears is a better actress. Just sayin’.

  41. Anthony P Lynam

    Let’s fire her because you don’t agree with her freedom of expression that is a guaranteed right enshrined in our Constitution. How very communist of the people calling for this.

  42. Roy Dorantes

    In my opinion, Ms. Gina Carano needs to take some acting lessons quick. She’s really, really, really bad. There’s no “character” in her character. When you look at her face there’s nobody home. She’s just standing there, or moving this way or that way. It’s bad. I hope she leaves the show and makes way for others with some real acting skills. The rest of the cast seems to be doing their best in a scene, and then, Carano walks in – poof! There goes the magic of the moment. She needs to go.

    1. E.D.

      Omg, right??! “When you look at her face there’s nobody home. She’s just standing there, or moving this way or that way.”

  43. Tha Dad Bod

    Clearly they are lesbians. Also I am here for that, lol.

  44. Melvin

    She is not a controversial actress,the only retarded controversial people are the WOKE Feminazi LGTB ones that wanted her to be changed for a man that think is a woman…she is doing a good work in the series and deserve part of the fantastic success and revival of the Star Wars fandom

  45. Anthony Pingitore

    Of course she is amazing in the show, if they kick her off or don’t giver her a show I will be done with Disney +. All actors have opinions, they all offend someone, people need to grow up and just get over it.

    1. C.C

      Gina is entirely entitled to her own opinion!!! Its called free speech!!! I dont agree with most of the actors/actresses in Hollywood and their political views, its their opinion. I dont ask for them to be fired because I disagree with their opinion, that would be childish! Gina’ is a important part of the series. She plays her part well. Some comment she can’t act. Well maybe being emotionless is part of her character? losing her family to the Empire and all the death and destruction shes seen would make anyone be that way.. Im no actor or critic… personally I
      like how she plays her character. I think she should get her own show. I would certainly watch it !!

  46. SagarPatel

    Imagine that. According to the left, there’s only one “correct” thought.

    1984 anyone? They’re just too stupid and brainwashed to realize.

  47. Chip G

    What do her opinions have to do with her job? How many emails/ posts have criticized her? 500? 1,000? Disney can easily absorb the loss of those viewers.

    But all the critics are probably rabid Star Wars fans, anyway. Do you think they’re not going to watch a Star Wars show just because Carano is in it? Not likely.

  48. C.C

    Gina is entirely entitled to her own opinion!!! Its called free speech!!! I dont agree with most of the actors/actresses in Hollywood and their political views, its their opinion. I dont ask for them to be fired because I disagree with their opinion, that would be childish !! Gina’ is a important part of the series. She plays her part well. Some comment she can’t act. Well maybe being emotionless is part of her character? losing her family to the Empire and all the death and destruction her character has seen would make anyone be that way.. Im no actor or critic … personally I like how she plays her character. I think she should get her own show. I would certainly watch it !!

  49. I am pretty far left, but all I can say is a big F-you to all the snowflakes acting like book-burning Nazis because they are too lazy to just make fun of bad ideas or disproving them. There is no democracy without informed debate and the free exchange of ideas. You can’t “cancel” ideas, you can only support, oppose or ridicule them. Stop getting offended on behalf of people you don’t even know, stop with the emotional BS hysterics, stop with the Nazi censorship, stop with the hate and nonsense. People have the right to their opinions, and you won’t change their minds with anything but love and persuasion. All you idiot snowflakes are doing is having childish temper tantrums and dividing people even more as you delegitimize everything you say. I support free speech so I would never ask to cancel you, but you are pathetic and you discredit yourselves with your intellectual laziness and moral decrepitude. Love Cara Dune. Keep doing your thing and ignore these quasi-fascist cry-babies.

  50. Brian

    Anyone who wishes a person I’ll based on political or personal beliefs deserves worse than what they wish. This cancel culture bs is a blight on humanity and a testament to all that is wrong with a big segment of the USA.

  51. Michael

    She had been great and if we judge actors on their political stance I guess there would be no Star Wars. So far left need to chill you don’t see the right attacking the left leaning actors. Just enjoy the show for what it is and shut up.

  52. Chris

    I thought Gina Carano was very good in her Mandalorian role and I enjoyed her performance. However, if she is trying to undermine our democracy I can no longer support her and I think she should not be part of the third season of The Mandalorian! Her type of thinking is undermining the legitimacy of my community (Black and many communities of color), and I have had it with centuries of not allowing or suppressing our vote. The cast members that support her should be ashamed of themselves. Her thinking is dangerous!

  53. Ripley

    All I care about is that she’s acting and I get to see her in action. I’ve been a fan since her fighting days. Her opinions are different than mine and that’s Ok. Other celebrities have said worse and they’re still going strong, why should we judge her any different..????

  54. Garou

    Leftists are the most divisive people I’ve come across. They remind me of the catholic church during the middle ages, crusading against anyone that dares to go against thier righteous sense of morality. Their cancel culture reminiscent of a guillotine. They are more than willing to make anyone that dares to breath a word of conservatism or capitalism, the new strange fruit.

  55. Yolive

    I think Gina is great in the role and couldn’t be replaced. Perhaps people should take a good look in the mirror before speaking their minds. Not to mention, there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Relax people!

  56. Rhonda Linville

    Gina is great as Cara Dune. She should stay in the role and even expand in one of the spin offs. She’s entitled to her opinions just like we all are. She’s never said anything hurtful toward anyone that I’ve read. Even her post about election results…go back and read each line item…everything she said…every American should want. She’s saying let’s end all voter fraud with 2020 election. We probably didn’t vote the same way but I can take every bullet point she stated and apply it to the results to the senate races in Kentucky and SC. She questions things but look at pics of her out shopping, she’s wearing her mask. Maybe Beep/bop/boop is gender neutral droid. Maybe she doesn’t like labels. Maybe ppl are making mountains out of mole hills. It’s down right bullying toward her and it needs to stop. Ppl that are harassing her couldn’t be true Star Wars fans.

  57. Dan

    You have to be pretty amazingly gullible to believe one word out of Donald Trump’s mouth. Joe Biden won the popular vote by 7.1 million. That wasn’t faked. Trump got his butt kicked and he’s too much of a loser to admit he lost. But his supporters are bigger losers than he is, and that’s saying quite a lot.

  58. Jeff Shannon

    She is entitled to her own opinion. Some will agree and some won’t. If don’t care what her thoughts are as long she plays her character with heart.

  59. Blake McCracken

    What a stupid and pointless article

  60. Linda

    Wrong. I was a poll challenger at TCF and there was fraud at my table all evening long. Proof? I can witness a murder but apparently not Trump ballots being tossed under the table and fake ballots being brought at 4am…we we couldnt take pictures. Gina owes nobody an apology..you do… This election was the biggest fraud in American history.

    1. Howlng

      Great. Stand in front of a judge (and recording devices) and swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God. That means no “I think” or “I heard” or “I believe” or “I’m pretty sure”. If you can do that, I’m sure Rudy has been looking for you for quite a while.

  61. Albert

    Imagine being a leftist

  62. Sarah N Beaulieu

    I liked the character wish she would keep her conspiracy theories to herself. Masks work and Trump list. Then again she got punched in the head for a living so you can’t count on her to be real bright

  63. Danny

    She shouldn’t lose her job for joining the conversation about voter fraud, whether it happens or not. Losing your job over conversation is authoritarianism.

  64. David

    The Mandalorian has a global fan base and the things she said is about American internal affairs so I don’t think most ppl care about what she said, how offensive it might be to other Americans.

  65. G Squire

    Gina is entitled to her opinions but not dangerous stupidity. She is all brawn and no brains. The female version of a meathead. She spreads false information about election fraud, despite zero evidence to the contrary. I mean nada, in which MULTIPLE courts have invalidated the bootlicking right wing stink of conspiracy. Then she mocks mask wearing. Oh gee, only HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS have died. Then she blocks anybody who doth criticize her for doing so. Many of the blocked are Star Wars fans. I bet she loves the controversy and the attention. We’ve seen many actresses like her come and go. Any whiff of fame and they act like their _____ doesn’t stink. The reason why Pedro Pascal and others don’t speak out against her is Hollywood is a super fake place. I bet behind her back it isn’t all sugarcoated roses.

  66. Kirsten

    It doesn’t matter. Trump lost. The reign of terror is over. The snowflakes whining about election fraud are just silly and living in fantasy land.

  67. me

    this IS America still, correct? agree or disagree

  68. Jmac67

    How so Empire of Snowflakes. You dislike what someone says because it doesn’t meet your standards. The biggest snowflakes are folks who represent the Mouse. The fold like house of cards in a small breeze. I have seen actors who were drug addicts, drunks or worse get a dozen chances but if you have a political opinion that doesn’t fall in liberal line you are treated as is you had leprosy. How do you spell hypocrites, L7BERALS.

  69. David A Menke

    So many of the comments are angry on this post. If you want to state your opinion, on what is right for humanity please do so with humility and grace. Name calling and hate are signs of weakness.
    Peace to all of you.

  70. David A Menke

    After reading so many comments, this is a Disney site called “insidethemagic.net”
    We are the people, who love Disneyland, WDW, Disney movies.
    From the beginning when Walt created Mickey Mouse, Disney movies, Disneyland, he was focused on the Family, children and Life and liberty.
    As Americans we have a “freedom of speech” but we need to be civil and careful with that constitutional right. Freedom comes with responsibility and humility.
    As for Gina, which this post is about, as an Actress, who now is making her living with a Disney product, it is best to err on the positive side and not express opinions which may jeopardize the people who are paying you for your acting abilities. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when it comes to expressing your opinions about vaccines or health issues, that should be stated how you feel in a thought way.
    Remember, This is Disney, “happiest place on earth.” and we need to behave in this manner.
    There are other sites, FB Twitter, if you want to be angry and express political views. In my opinion, Gina was wrong. As an Actress and playing the part, she is ok. I live in Denver and a Weather Reporter was fired over expressing his personal view on a social media site. It was part of his contract, not to express political views on social media. He knew what he was doing, but faced the consequences of being released by the network. Was it right? In my opinion, NO, but there has to be some form of refrain when you are in the Public arena.
    Peace to you all, enjoy Disney!! and keep the World safe for everyone.

  71. Liannesclan

    It is sad but Not surprising she would be for Trump ?as the UFC sadly supports the idiot Orange clown – his baseless false accusations which have been proven as such suggest that the followers these koolaid drinkers will listen to wrong things and go with it without listening or researching it themselves – really sad – if she is spreading this false information then STOP – cannot wait til January 2021 for change ositive change to happen

  72. Craig Howard

    Keep her, she’s good.

    1. Raquel Ruppert

      I agree. Her character is awesome and her performance adds to the wonderful show. Her personal opinions have no effect on her acting.

  73. Julie

    She’s FANTASTIC in her role and entitled to an opinion. Y’all chill and quit hating.

  74. Andrew Blood

    While I appreciate that people love the character Cara Dune, writing off her transphobic behaviors as a ‘difference of opinion’ and that we could all learn from the cast by their ability to ignore the issue… come on! I don’t have any problem accepting an apology from Carano about her comments or looking past her spreading false information about the election, but let’s be honest about what’s going on. Have more respect for the issues, Disney. This is more important than Star Wars shows.

  75. Jeff

    A few “woke” nutters whining on Twitter is NOT a “backlash”. Stop catering to tiny groups of extremely vocal complainers. Gina is doing a great job. Some people just want to “cancel” anyone who doesn’t think exactly like they do.

  76. boB

    Its their fragility. They can’t help it. These messages may make you feel angry, sad, apathetic. This is hard work and you must be trained to accept it

  77. Goose

    Wow. I came here for the geek SW talk, not the politics. I love the show. And yeah LUKE!

    Carano can say whatever, just like everybody else. But there may be consequences… whether or not I agree with her.

    However, people who claim it is her right to freedom of speech forget that some speech or expression is not as protected or not protected at all, for example, “speech that incites imminent lawless action.”

    In this case if one can show that a person is rallying people to not wear masks in jurisdictions where it is legally mandated, then this speech may not be covered under the 1st amendment. That’s a legal issue to be argued in court.

    I’m not arguing this is the case with Carano, but it’s a reminder to all that the 1st Amendment doesn’t cover just any speech.

    And more importantly, let’s remember that the First Amendment prevents the GOVERNMENT from taking action against our words.

    It doesn’t prevent people online from telling us to shut the fudge up or prevent a company from firing our a** for saying stupid stuff.

    THAT’S not a breech of our first amendment rights.

    That’s just human society and capitalism at work.

    And back to the real point for me.. The Mandalorian is a fun show with its pros and cons. I have enjoyed it and reading the stories and non stories too.

    Thanks Filoni & Company!

  78. Travis

    If Star Wars gets rid of Gina for her views they would be no better than the tyranny of the Empire that they write about. Yes, she is conservative. No, she is not spreading false information. Her history shows us her character and it is why I stand with her. She is a strong woman with great values which we need in this time when the leader of the left has stolen the rights of women, which women have fought over 50 years to achieve, in sports and other areas of life by pasting a executive order.

  79. David

    Nothing says tolerance for people with different ideas and opinions like being so totally intolerant of what someone says that people try to blacklist them from their chosen profession. I mistakenly believed that being tolerant meant that even if you disagreed with someone, you would still stand up for their right to say and believe the way they chose. How naive of me.

  80. Journey

    This us vs them is stupid. Gina wasn’t fired because she was a conservative, she was fired because she was an idiot. Disney has many conservatives in their leadership, so they don’t fire people for being the same as them…

    Clearly all the people hear crying about Gina getting fired where also there to back up James Gunn when he was fired by Disney from Guardians Of The Galaxy! Oh wait, no none of you cared or were instead screaming that he should be canceled for making what were clearly jokes.
    Gina was fired more likely because she was spreading lies that even right now FOX is running scared from and firing people like Lou Dobbs to avoid the lawsuits they are racking up to the tune of several billion dollars by companies like Dominion etc. No smart company in their right mights will have employees making unsubstantiated claims that were clearly proven to be false in over 60+ court cases and open themselves up to litigation, over a person who is a B level star at most, and again the heads of Disney are mostly conservative anyway, so what are you talking about her being canceled because she is ‘conservative’ stop with the victim wanna be bs…

  81. Trauts

    For some reason itis ok for ANTIFA to exist adn for liberals to call a sitting pPresident a Nazi and say that his supporters are fascists. but she can;t compare what the liberals are doing to what the Nazis did?

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