Comments for ‘The Mandalorian’ Fans Thank Favreau, Filoni as Season 2 Ends

Jon Favreau


  1. Peter

    Terrible Finale! Lost a fan in me last night. Had to pull back the whiny failure family of Skywalkers into the mix?!? Do we enjoy Grogu for 2 seasons only to realize he’ll be slaughtered by Kylo soon or have to miraculously survive yet another whacko Skywalker lose his mind and kill all the Jedi? Thought Filoni and Favreau were taking the story lines outside the old played out tropes….guess not.

    1. Deborah

      That wasn’t terrible; it was the best thing ever! Thank you Jon for saving Star wars and renewing my love of it.

    2. Dingus

      You must really hate Star Wars if you think that finale was bad.

    3. Phivo

      Okay, goodbye. For every one of you there are one thousand new fans and watchers.

      1. Mathieu Korning

        Episodes 7-8-9 were garbage and basically broke Star Wars.

        Thank you Mr.’s Favreau and Filoni for saving the soul of Star Wars and giving us all a new hope.

    4. Darth Sheldon

      Bye Felicia

  2. Mark B Vickers

    In a year when very little has been joyous, every Friday we ALL got to come home and relax and ENJOY our own little corner of the Galaxy. Bravo Filoni and Fav and yes, I said them in the CORRECT order. Many thanks for the ride.

  3. Jeremy

    Thank you Jon and Dave for an incredible series! You guys have helped save Star Wars!

  4. Jake

    What an indictment of the failure that has been Kathleen Kennedy Starwars. This show has all the things she claims to want but can’t get right because she hires people like her, who not only don’t really like the franchise, they don’t understand it. This last episode had the action, the emotion, the subverted expectations, the strong female characters everything she has tried to do bit done correctly. Thank you JF and DF for expressing your love of this franchise through your work and showing the people that shout “man baby” because they think people hate women and not their awful writing, how to create great Starwars.

    1. Collin

      She hired both of them…

  5. krissi

    After working what seems like forever in a hospital every day ,I had this to come home to on Friday ‘s .The best part of my week and probably year . This last episode made me feel like a kid all over again . Thanks to everyone in the entire franchise for giving us a bright light in 2020 . Each and everyone of you has restored my faith in television .Now off to play with my decades old green saber .

  6. Josh

    My love of Star Wars started in 1982 when a friend of my dad’s gave him a very bad bootleg of Star Wars on a betamax tape. I’m 43 years old and with everything going on in the world this year every time I’ve tuned in to Disney plus for the show I felt like I was five again. Jon and Dave you gave us our New Hope. To all the stars and guest stars, you’ve given us our new heroes. So from me and many many of my friends, we thank you and love you from the bottom of our hearts.

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