Comments for Is This the End of Disneyland Single Rider?

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Credit: Disney


  1. Stephanus Surjaputra

    The problem is, what’s to stop from single riders from going on the regular line? For example, what if you go with a friend and he/she doesn’t want to ride the ride you want to ride? Does that mean you can’t ride it?

    1. Indy

      A single rider can totally get in the line but they won’t be seated next to a stranger, they will be given a seat to themselves with the one next to them empty.

  2. Larry Gould

    After the covid 19 virus is contained, I would hope that they reinstate the single rider line. For the last several years, I’ve visited the Park by myself. During that time, sometimes the single rider line wasn’t in effect and I had to wait for extended time in the regular line. If I’m only there for a day, it really eats into my time to enjoy the really essence of the Park.

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