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  1. Phoebe L Ho

    For most of last year (2020) I held onto a reservation for Paradise Pier hotel. I was willing to pay out a lot at the least impressive on site hotel for a chance at a theme park reservation. Since I will probably have to have a hotel room to get into the park, I probably won’t have a choice. I just worry that they’ll announce the reopening of the parks before they accept hotel reservations again, which will make everything impossible.

    1. We are very concerned. Our family lives in Arizona and we have family traditions for visiting the parks for birthdays each year. We are annual pass holders but some family members who go with us are not and we always celebrate together. There are 20 of us who travel and celebrate together. We normally stay for one week. We need to make reservations 8n advance to coordinate time off from work. We love Disney because of our traditions and we are worried that the new reservation system will compromise these traditions. Maybe Disney could look at something different for larger family groups who have different passes among them.

  2. Tami Rable

    We have rented a airbnb house for 17 of us to visit Disneyland and California Adventure in early July. We made these plans pre-pandemic, and certainly did not expect the closure to last this long. I am starting to be concerned that 17 of us will have air and house, but not be able to get into the park. Crossing my fingers that my family will be able to experience the magic of Disney, and that the 5 kid’s in our group will not be disappointed.

  3. Mike

    Will the Park still Honor the So-Cal 3 day passes we bought pre covid. They sent us an email that those tickets are good til 12/31/2021. If there’s a reservation system in place how will they honor those tickets?

  4. Upset dad

    Just give me my money back.

  5. mark

    we are out if state visitors. By the time we picked the best rates for a hotel and airfare. we have to hope we CAN get into a park. That varient throws a big unk own o to making plans.
    Best option: Sadly. face the fact that we will never see the inside of a Disney park again.

  6. Merlin

    Will guests without a cell phone even be able to visit?

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