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    So according to Newsom, You could’ve been able to do this a week ago but NOW it is WAAAYYYY too dangerous to do so
    God is this year just the year of the idiots.
    We freak out about some virus that is not bad at all when it has a 99.80% survival rate even among the elderly.
    6% of all deaths are from a covid death without other health conditions.
    COVID particles are small enough to fit through mask holes

    1. Janie

      .Rules still exist, even in free countries!!! Life would not function wo rules! How did you all make it through life this long as an adult wo following rules is what i want to know?!

      1. True Liberty

        There are rules and there is tyranny. What California has become is tyranny and I bless the gods, and everything else I live in Florida every day I wake up.

    2. Robert

      The 6% nonsense about Covid deaths is nothing but Right-wing propaganda and disinformation. The US leads the ENTIRE WORLD in Covid deaths. Some of you may not care about the over quarter of a million Americans who have died from this, with thousands more by the week as our president golfs, but I’m very grateful for those of us who DO care about following the science and saving lives from this virus.

  2. Tina

    The only way Disneyland will open and operate normally again is to do so normally as we were.The success has always been because of the freedom to be as free as a child.Everyone will be cleaner and more aware because of this past year experience.If we continue with all the new restrictions and accept it as normal then the Virus really got all of us.

  3. Melinda Murphy

    Don’t worry, politicians and unelected health officials have made sure that every flu season we have to wear masks.
    And when COVID-21 or whatever ‘health crisis’ come along, business and society as a whole will be forced will forced to shut down again.

  4. Liz

    I know its an unpopular comment but tecjnically shpuldnt the park re-close due to the stay at home order?shopping ay disneyland doesnt fall umder the guideline of why you leave home in this order.sorry but disney is to money hungry to follow a simple stay at home order? If everyone took the order seriously mayne they coild open up everything sooner.

  5. True Liberty

    My god California! My god! Just look at yourselves!

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