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  1. Alex

    I wish I had faith that Disneyland is going to reopen *at all*

    1. Debra

      Same here

    2. Natasha

      Well we know they’re going to open… eventually or they would have finished the snow who’re refurb and HM refurb either. It’s just a matter of when. I’m guessing the Newscum recall goes well and along with this vaccine, it will open up sooner rather than later and once king tyrant is removed, we can be free of house arrest and most of the unconstitutional orders. I do think Disney will still try to be safe as possible though but hopefully if deaths get down to 1 per 100,000 which would mean we have this virus under control that we wouid be allowed to love mask free too but I also think if we get down to that level why wouid we need to continue on like this? Everything should be open if here’s that little death and the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed than why not? Newscum is doing what he’s doing for political reasons because there’s no science behind what he’s doing by keeping everything closed. Obviously it’s not working because he’s chased either everyone inside to congregate or defy him because they’re sick of this dictator telling us what to do and taking away our livelihood and destroying our businesses so that’s why we continue to do so bad here where you have Florida wide open where people feel
      More trusted are more likely to follow the guidelines and not make a point by rebeling like we do here due to newscums draconian style measures.RECALL NEWSCUM if you ever wish to live freely again because mark my words as long as he presides over California we will never gain our freedoms back, never! And when I say freedoms, I mean mask wearing fir the next decade and him shutting down bussiness as soon as flu season hits every year

  2. Chris

    Art of Animation is actually easy to socially distance, they will just need to go back to having you return your boards to a cast member at the end of class so they can be sanitized, same with the pencils. Knott’s was already doing this for their equivalent during Peanuts Celebration before this mess started, so no reason Disney couldn’t do the same.

    The walk through of Sleeping Beauty’s castle is also simple, there would need to be distancing markers on the ground (probably glow in the dark) and a CM at the entrance spacing groups as they go through.

    There have been times that the interactive elements at the Toontown character houses have had to be turned off, so this is easily accomplished.

    The submarines are likely to not return at all though, they are expensive to run, slow to load and take up a massive amount of space that could be better utilized for something else.

  3. Barbara Lynch

    I am surprised that Finding Nemo is still there…even without the pandemic. The only attraction that I can think of that was worse than Finding Nemo was “Mission To Mars”!

  4. Debra

    I’m loosing hope that they or any theme park here will ever reopen.

  5. Bob

    While disappointing, the shut downs are the correct move in saving lives. When the virus is no longer a threat we can go back to a more active life style. The true crime was the lack of financial help from the government which would have allowed people to hunker down till this passed. While not totally perfect, WAY more people would be alive right now, and vaccines would are just kicking in. Greed is the true down fall of society, greed is why we are not further along as a species.

    1. Rt

      To hell with the people who have jobs and businesses though right? Just print money. Let’s lockdown every damn business like tyrants and destroy lives over a pandemic from China, who lied about it. All over a 99.7% survival rate!!! I hope you haven’t reproduced, last thing we need is more lib/marxist like yourself.

    2. Mike

      Reality is… The virus is never going away… If you think these shut downs are “working”… Then say good bye to the parks and all the businesses that have shut down and prepare for this to be life

      1. Steve

        You are over reacting.

  6. Phoebe L Ho

    I agree that the Subs will be closed for awhile, but will not go away. Some other attractions that might be a problem:

    Any ride where you have to steer your vehicle or use a “shooter”.

    King Arthur carousel- very high-touch.

    Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates, Haunted mansion. These are mostly indoors, including the queue.

    Star Tours- this ride is all indoors, and the ride vehicle consists of several people in an enclosed space.

    Mr Lincoln, Tiki Room – unless they really limit capacity.

    I want the parks to reopen real bad. I’m trying to be a realist, though. We’ll be lucky to even get our feet in the door. I hope they manage to reopen a lot of the rides, but who knows?

    1. Natasha

      RECALL NEWSCUM and watch Disney reopen (safely of course) but if you ever hope to regain any of your freedoms again he must be recalled or we will forever be living u see this Dictator for one reason or another.

    2. Mark

      I was at Disney World a few weeks back and Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Space Mountain and Star Tours were all still operating but with greatly reduced capacity, social distancing and limiting vehicles to people in a single groups only

    3. It’s funny that you listed almost all of the major rides that make Disneyland magical 😅

  7. LAURA

    For those of you that say the parks will never reopen. 1. Look to WDW… its expanding hours, capacity and experiences…shows are coming back. 2. The pandemic wont last much longer! The biggest block to California parks isnt GERMS… those are being dealt with by masking EVERYBODY, sanitation, distancing and temperature screening…. the problem is NEWSOM POLITICS! He is AGAIN facing recall! Those running that movement need to up their game and GET HIM GONE!!

    1. Natasha

      I couldn’t agree with you more! This isn’t about a silly virus, it’s about politics pandemic and that’s all he cares about well that and his greasy hair and $$$ dinners. Think about this, a virus that causes flu like symptoms for over 98% of the people has shut down everything in California. What will happen when flu season hits again? Will he find never ending reasons to lock us up again and again? I think if we don’t recall this hypocritical tyrant, we little people will be punished indefinitely for his failures! RECALL NEWSCUM!

      1. Ck

        Silly little virus?You are an idiot

    2. Stephen

      You don’t care about the surges?

      1. Rt

        You don’t care about facts? Like 99.7% survival rate. Best thing to happen is Disney closing permanently, they’ve been spewing sjw bs for far too long.

    3. Sic

      Totally agreed!! I live here in Cali and never ever. Voted for him

      1. Mark

        The Animation Experience in Animal Kingdom is similar to Animation Academy and is currently operating with social distancing in a much more confined space. Therefore there is no reason Disney couldn’t do something similar at DCA

  8. Rt

    You don’t care about facts? Like 99.7% survival rate. Best thing to happen is Disney closing permanently, they’ve been spewing sjw bs for far too long.

  9. Ivan

    That’s going to make a lot of people mad look at Disney World when I want there. I was starving to death. I wasn’t thinking about stopping to any restaurants because I was already there . i eat when i was in the road but when i got there Hollywood Studios all restaurants was restricted the only one was open was Starbuck s I eat biscuit and a mocha. Now about tickets I just got lucky because i was there on a Friday. then Saturday morning they sold out tickets I can’t go in the Magic Kingdom so they sent me to Disney Springs just to get a theme park ticket . And they said that you can use the same one you had yesterday. Which is the same one from Hollywood Studios. Here’s an idea for y’all keep it safe and don’t make it restricted don’t close down some rides just because of pandemic just let everybody have fun and it will be safe Trust them and they all trust on you. I’m not saying this because of my childhood I’m saying this for everybody’s childhood. When Disneyland opens remember these words don’t close down a tractions just keep them safe that is all I got to say for. Just keep attractions open and keep them safe that’s all I’m asking good bye I hope I see Disneyland open and safe not a restricted

  10. Tina

    It’s really odd to me that the state with the most restrictions and lock downs is proving to have the worst amount of cases reported, sounds fishy to me, Californians have to demand answers and take back their thriving, well managed lifestyles.

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