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  1. Anna

    If you are that afraid of getting the virus then I don’t think you should be going to a theme park to begin with. They have to start opening more things up at some point. I think this is doing it in a proper way.

  2. John Tompkins

    Lines were nuts last week, even on the weekdays. They keep silently increasing park capacity so something has to give. All this and they’re only going to be open 8 hours a day in January? So dumb.

    1. Davis

      Bc we are shortening capacity then too the gov has been warned and disney already had plans that this was holidays only! Shorten schedule was always due to off season covid has nothing to do w it.

  3. harry

    Disney is starting to slowly turn their parks back to normal
    I’m going new years and I don’t give a crap about this virus because when I enter the magic kingdom gates, I am entering my happy place and no virus is going to keep me locked up
    I wanna live my life and when Disney does things like this, it puts a smile on my face cause this tells me they want to go back to normal as well

    1. Joe

      Finally some common sense being discussed.

      1. ETP469


    2. Mark

      Finally. No need to live in fear because of a virus with a 99.5% survivability rate if you are under 70.

  4. Chris

    This is wonderful news! I’m more likely to go to the park with plans like this! It will hopefully mean shorter wait times.

  5. TomC

    Same on Rock and Roller Coaster and the lines moves much more quickly.

  6. Theresa Spradling

    Long lines and outside face masks…No Thanks

    This is definitely showing they are heading in the right direction…I understand facemasks inside and maybe for waiting in the line but not out side walking around facemask especially at only 35% capacity….once they remove outside walking around facemask requirement ill renew my Annual pass

  7. Tamara

    No wonder the numbers are going up in Florida. Thoughtless, uncaring people.

    1. Denis

      I concur. Disney is my favorite park ever but unfortunately this is a recipe for disaster.

    2. Deonna M

      I think if people are willing to go to a crowded theme park during a pandemic, they are assuming all risks when it comes to the possibility of becoming infected with Coronavirus. Disney and other parks can follow as many safety protocol as they want, but there’s still only so much to be done to prevent the spread of the virus. If you don’t want to risk it, stay home until the vaccine is fully released and case numbers have gone down.

  8. Anon


  9. Dis fan

    And the panic-demic continues, so whats it like to live in fear all the time, we going in late january, cant wait, if your afraid stay home, less people in line, ???

  10. Angry atchu

    Man, I hope every one of you ignorant fools cheering a corporation choosing profits over safety get whats coming to you.

  11. Tired of the politics of it all

    Well i love they are getting rid of all this silly distancing that really doesnt exist anyway while in lines or exiting locations. However they are seriously over the top. It is a persons choice if they want to wear a mask to protect themselves. If a person is at all afraid of a virus stay home do not ever leave your house. Think about you can sit down and eat and take off a amask. So the virus magically knows not to infect you while eating or drinking come in common sense people.

  12. DaveG

    Seems to be a calculated risk by Disney. Slinky and Everest are outdoor coasters while Space Mountain is indoor. Are the distancing while queuing?

  13. Lk

    If your afraid of the virus so bad that you feel unsafe sitting in the next row on a theme park ride, you should probably stay home. Also these BS articles trying to get people to fight about a virus whose survival rate is greater then the flu is absurd. Find something meaningful to write about.

    1. Nota Fool

      You realize 300,000 americans have died from this right? I mean I plan on going when I can, but I’m not going to keep my head in the sand.

  14. Rebel orange bird

    I thought ride social distancing was kind of silly your not like sitting on top of each other. Your wearing masks and social distanced in lines were people can be a bit closer to others for longer timeframe than on a 2 min ride! I also heard from friends this is holidays only!

  15. Joe Sidebottom

    If you’re under 70 there’s almost zero chance of dying from this “virus” why on Earth would you be wearing masks or social distancing at all if you’re at almost no risk.
    What a total sham.
    Were going to Disney soonb so we will have to dawn our muzzle’s.

  16. Disney WTF

    Disney is nothing but All about the money. they do not care if you get catch the virus at the park; Return home a few days later and spread it to others..Disneys true colors are more vivid each day.

    1. Mark

      This is only bc of the holidays off season is on the way and capacity will be back to normal! So will all this! The gov just got in trouble for everything going on and the mayor just remind everyone of the mandate thats still in the counties which disney is in.

      1. K.C. Cooper

        Disney is not subject to county mandates due to the Reedy Creek Improvement District – a special local jurisdiction created at Disney’s behest.

  17. Davis

    Please whatever you believe do not resort to violence! I am security and had to send folks screaming at me out of the parks to the sheriff dept plus i been punched twice. Please please do yourself a favor esp during this holiday season spread kindness and know others are in this same situation not just you! The whole world is dealing with this! Believe me i want reality to return but the true reality of it is that this is it and i want to be alive to see tomorrow!

    1. K.C. Cooper

      Were you there for the infamous A Bug’s Life misquoting incident?

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