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  1. Dawn

    And when they finally file for bankruptcy, will they be asking for a government bailout?
    My family are frequent flyers at Disney. I paid 600 to do the Dopey challenge in January. I got covid at Disney. No one from the 30k plus people died , and it was already at Disney world. The liberal idiots running Disney now are driving it into the ground. We had planned a vacation for 7 for my 50th next year, but we will be going to universal instead where freedom still exists.

    1. Chris

      Universal also has mask rules…..

      1. Davis

        EVERYWHERE HAS A MASK RULE! STOP MAKING THIS DISNEY ONLY THING SORRY YOU ACT LIKE A CHILD AND DO NOT KNOW THIS! On top of that most people want to be alive tomm i do at least!

  2. BW

    “Liberal idiots” evidently want to keep people safe. Too bad you are so much saner.

    1. Jamie

      Millions of people are dying no one cares just like you till you know someone who dies i have family and friend dead and i am tired of people like you making it about politics!!!! Its not political if its WORLD WIDE ISSUE! Do the political parties go out and kill people? No its a virus! I am so sick and tired of the tears and defending my dead against morons like you!

      1. Mike

        WATCH T.V.
        NO THOUGHT
        DO NOT THINK

        1. Tad

          Ann … That’s because there is no logic to Dawn’s childish rant. My 5 year old understands how masks help reduce the spread. After her 49 years on this earth you’d think common sense and reality would prevail but age does not necessarily impart wisdom. Her rant next time will be how unfair it is to have to wear masks at Universal. Didn’t they know it was her 50th b-day 🙂

  3. Concerned nurse

    So done with people whom think this is not for them etc. I working in Hosp hearing its a hoax etc is like lending someone your car asking them to be careful, than having them destroy your car, blame you and than yell at you to hurry up and fix it. If I hear one more person so
    say, “but most people recover” I’m going to lose it my sanity! Yes we treat people and yes most get better but it takes time and resources and millions are people are still dying! Millions of others are sick! We treat everything else and yes HIV, cancer, heart attacks and diabetes etc happen too but you would take precautions to avoid getting thoses conditions in the 1st place… And if you get sick that your not going to die!!

    1. Concerned Citizen

      Thank you for saying this. I so wish the people who don’t believe this is serious would just go down to their local hospital and ask to talk with a healthcare professional who deals with this every day. Maybe, just maybe, it would convince a few of these people that it’s real and it’s more dangerous than the simple numbers they use to defend their idiocy.

  4. Janie

    Those of you vouched my freedom my right = no masks! Sounds worse then my rebel teenagers… whom i remind daily…Rules still exist, even in free countries!!! Life would not function wo rules! How did you all make it through life this long as an adult wo following rules is what i want to know?!

    1. corey

      how many articles are you gonna post this on?

    2. Jerry

      With every “Right” there are associated responsibilities.

      I believe public health supercedes your right to be mask free, your responsibility is to do the right thing and mask up

      1. Janie

        Ty jerry!

  5. Mrs Mandy woodfield

    We’ve booked for June and after having blood clots on my lungs I was told I also have COPD, what are the rules there as I don’t go out that often because of the wearing of a mask, I feel like I’m being suffocated, can someone tell me where I stand on this issue!!!

    1. DebbieT

      There are no medical exemptions for mask-wearing, sorry. If you can’t wear a mask, you may want to consider rebooking.

    2. Alison

      If you have COPD, you definitely don’t want to get Covid. I much prefer a mask to a ventilator.

  6. Ann

    I don’t see the connection between the Dopey Challenge and getting Covid. The Dopey Challenge was in early January 2020, before Covid was spreading in the U.S. So you paid $600 in January to do Dopey, does that make you exempt from anything? And how does that make Disney “liberal”–they didn’t require masks then. I’m failing to see your logic.

    1. Nick

      Well, you’re not alone, the entire rant is disconnected and perplexing and Dawn seems to be the only one realizing the absolute and clear connections.
      How she can say the virus was “already at Disney” and that was definitely the source of her Covid when there wasn’t even a specific Covid-19 test back in January is a mystery.
      And, Disney is not going bankrupt.
      And, the Universal facility has all of the masking and distancing rules that Disney has. The only difference there is you don’t need to make reservations to enter the park.

    2. Jim

      Actually your wrong. The Red Cross has confirmed in blood samples in September of 2019 that the covid-19 anti bodies exist. And that is all over the United States. So let’s keep hiding in our closets, wearing face diapers, and going to the ER for a runny nose. Thank you sheepople.

      1. Evan

        Hey Jimmy, actually you are wrong. In March of 2020, the Red Cross started collecting convalescent plasma from donors who had already recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection to support hospitals evaluating its use as possible treatment for critically ill coronavirus patients. At that time, the Red Cross was only testing convalescent plasma for COVID-19 antibodies. Starting in June 2020, the Red Cross began testing blood, platelet and plasma donations for COVID-19 antibodies as an additional health service to their donors. Anyway, what little credibility you might have had is lost with your face diaper comment. Masks work, but why listen to medical professionals? I’m sure your education and experience make you an expert.

  7. J.

    Good grief, slow news day? Yet another mask article. The parks have been reopened since July, by now we are all well aware of their mask rules. Can we talk about something else now?

  8. Mark

    My daughter has gotten covid and before you call me a bad parent for sharing. She is because of her health issues medically wavier to not wear a mask (i wear a n95 one and a shield bc i also pt wrk at the parks still). Though even at disney she is bc of medical reasons she does not need to wear a mask bc she has to wear her breathing mask most of the day… Now i explained back to my covid story! Covid is no joke and right now it seems to be (sadly 9/11 happens we were united now this it is someone elses problem though dead toll which in 1 day got to 9/11 #s but still someone else problem and its sad)!!!! Beyond the emotion which are numbing as a parent whom has to go through this (my daughter is 5 btw) sitting in a ward at the hospital for a wk hearing screams from children and parents crying to drs please let my child be okay is insanely heart breaking and brings new light to all this (for those of you whom are still in the dark i wish you could sit in one of those wards you be out of there and wearing a mask and following rules within a second)! Once home now my daughter has to use a new mask medically treated mask that now is 24/7 but bc she also has ocd all i hear in tears is…. Where is my mask daddy, why can’t i smell, why does my mouth feel funny, why do i not know i ate something & the list goes on to also include why is this happening make it stop daddy !?
    So please whatever you do take care everyone for all of our sakes! Weather you care or not this is world wide thats why its a pandemic! I also do not wish this on anyone even those that do not understand! And because we are on a wdw site remember… Vacations will be there your life or the life of a loved one may not! Happy and safe holidays to you all!

  9. Find happiness

    I do not know whose worse itm w another mask article… all of you complaining w the wrong out my butt info or those that can not follow rules that prove all those children at the parks (not just disney) follow rules better than the adults!! Come on people grow up, wear a mask as most of you argue its a piece of cloth so wear it already you made more out of it oh and we will not have to hear you once you do! So your not only saving a life you shut up too!

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