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Disney Cruise Line


  1. Kevin O'Brien

    Yes I looks like disney has nearly done 12 or months without passengers. The CDC has lifted the no sail order and replaced it with framework for conditional sailing order and disney are trying to meet the requirements disney don’t say which requiremention has or hasn’t been met the only requirement that they announced yo the public was over 7 nights sailings have been removed/cancelled. Disney hasn’t removed European sailings longer than 7 nights because the CDC isn’t in charge of Europe instead it’s under European healthy gateways and CLIA Europe only sailings. Transatlantic sailings from Miami to Barcelona and Dover to New York has been cancelled because of sailings are over 7 nights and arriving or departing from US ports.

  2. Santina

    Love this cruise.line.. cant wait til you are in full swing.. I would to take pictures of your beautiful ship docked.. be safe

  3. April

    It also could mean that they have met the new capacity and blocked them so people couldn’t book them. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. Elizabeth

    The article is misleading in the dates. There are currently Disney cruises scheduled for March that have not (yet?)been cancelled.

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