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  1. Linda Camacho

    Awful! Depp IS the Pirates Franchise!

    1. Kelly

      I said the same thing. Think of all the money he brought Walt Disney only to be treated this way. The truth will prevail!

      1. Ann

        Amen to that. They are doing him dirty when he made them richer

    2. Sandy J Renfroe

      When he first started seeing her, I had the weirdest feeling about her. She did not have a good reputation. I had the feeling she was intending, for unknown reasons, to destroy him. She was just that kind of person. I hope she’s happy now that she brought down one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. I hope Momoa steers clear of her. She’s poison.

      1. What happens in his personal life shouldn’t effect the decision to have him play Jack Sparrow. He IS THE ACTOR WHOSHOULD PLAY HIM !!! HE MADEDISNEY TONS OF $$$$. YOU JUST LOST A TRUE FAN !!! I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED JOHNNY DEPP IN ALL HIS FILMS AND ALWAYS WILL. DISNEY I HOPE THIS NEW FILM FLOPS WITHOUT DEPP !!!

    3. Sue


  2. Edward Miller

    For a company that loves money so much, they sure act like they hate money.

  3. Kelly

    Johnny made Pirates of the Caribbean what it is. Such a slap in the face to him. I personally don’t want to see a female version of Pirates. Such a talented actor taking all this mess in stride. The truth always comes out.

  4. Allynn Reissman

    I think it is a shame that this wonderful actor will not be back as captain jack sparrow . Amber heard accomplished what she set out to do and ruined Johnny’s reputation I think it’s a crime that disney subscribers to the he said she said bullcrap of a divorce that was ugly and sided with amber that is so unfair! Johnny will always be captain jack sparrow and I for one will never watch a pirate movie without him! Shame on you Disney!

  5. JJ

    Johnny Depp made the Pirates of the Caribbean movie what it is. I will not watch a female version of it. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? He is a great actor!

  6. Jon C

    There is no franchise without Depp. Remember these are the same people who turned the bride auction into a pie sale in the Disney parks.
    But don’t feel bad Johnny, look what Disney did to Star Wars. At least you won’t be killed by a whiney brat.

  7. Van

    I have doubts that Depp is capable of doing another movie. Johnny Depp needs rehab or rest or counseling. Besides, The Pirates movies have run their course. It is time to move on.

    If Depp gets his act together, he might have a future in another Disney movie but he is a gamble at this point. I would put my money on new talent. Younger actors that cost less and will tow the line.

  8. Deidre Rawson

    Depp is the only captain Jack Sparrow that I will ever watch. He is such a wonderful actor and so very talented. Women ruin their ex’s lives all the time. The truth will prevail! It always does. Disney is making another huge mistake by getting rid of him. I must say, I am losing faith in Disney with all that is going on. Shame on you Disney!

  9. I’d rather there be no Pirates 5…Disney can wear out the patience of the saints with their endless franchises. However, without Depp and his iconic Captain Jack Sparrow, any future Pirates’ movies would be pointless, regardless of Disney’s “vision.” I wouldn’t waste money on anything that didn’t include Depp.

    1. Sue Hieber

      I could care less, I’ve never been able to stand mr.depp.

  10. Angel

    Without Johnny Depp noone is going to care about your next movie. Jack Sparrow is Piratesof the Caribbean. Without him it won’t work.

  11. Judy Perry

    He is the main reason for the movies. There will be no pirates without depp. Just not the same.

  12. Sooz24

    He makes those movies entertaining ! No one can take his place. Will not watch them without him. He deserves another chance. His private life should not affect his career like this.

  13. Tcbm

    I so agree, Johnny is Pirates.

  14. James

    So I guess they have resolved themselves to having the next POC bomb at the box office.

  15. Kris

    I guess that means my Pirates collection is complete. I will not watch one without the only Capt. Jack Sparrow. Disney, you lose.

  16. Connie

    Rubbish, the public knows Heard as a consummate liar!! Disney is a nutter for doing this.

  17. McG

    Will they take him out of the Pirates ride at WDW also? Hope not but they seem to cave to whoever is crying and don’t listen to the real fans. Too PC for me.

  18. Geraldine Krill

    That is a shame… Johnny Depp is Capt. Sparrow… Sad

  19. Shirley

    I will not watch the Pirates of Caribbean without Depp and I won’t add the movie to my collection of the Pirates

  20. Mike

    Won’t be watching. I will not support cancel culture in any form. Disney can piss away it’s last dollar for all I care. I want no part in this world these woke-tards are trying to create.

  21. Mary Kate Bennett

    I’d be very disappointed if Depp was not casted. This is an extremely personal issue between them and should not have any bearing to his role in this Disney film. Anyone can say whatever they want, there are two sides to every story and I do not believe I read that he was tried for assault and battery charges and will be facing prison. Pirates without Depp is not ever going to be the same, nor will my favorite ride at Disney.

  22. Shannon

    I will not watch another Pirates Without Depp, is just not worth the ticket price. Shame Disney!!!

  23. Emily smith

    I met Walt Disney when I was little. How disappointed he would be. Johnny Depp is Pirates. We are a huge Disney family and love Pirates. It will be nothing without Captain Jack. The new movie will bomb. Shame on you Disney execs. In today’s times I guess no one matters.

  24. Tobe Kelsey

    Absolutely…I don’t like it all! Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow! Taking Depp out of the world of Pirates of the Caribbean, will destroy the heartbeat of the movie series!

  25. Pirates 5 will bomb. Robbie is having to much input. I heard the girl from Jumanji was supposedly to have the lead not Robbie

  26. Johnny if I were you I would go out and start your own movies! The heck with Disney you made the billions and this is how they repay you! You have a lot of fans and you would be great in whatever you do! Keep up the good fight!

  27. Barbara Ervin

    No Johnny Depp, no more Pirates for me. Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp is the only reason I ever watched these movies and without him they’re a no go for me! And I hope all other Captain Jack fans will feel the same way!

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