Comments for Hasbro’s Darksaber Deemed ‘Most Dangerous’ Toy of the Year

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Credit: Hasbro


  1. Joe


    We have slipped into an alternate dimension I no longer recognize.

  2. Anonymous

    Like seriously since when has it been bad to swing a plastic sword at another kid with a plastic sword, it wouldn’t be fun to wear protective gear unless its part of a costume

  3. David

    This is embarrassing, when I grew up you could buy all sorts of plastic swords, cap guns, little toy pellet guns and all sorts and we had a great time. The main thing to remember is if you get hit by a plastic sword, you’ll live.

  4. Ahsoka

    Things like this are dangerous ONLY if not properly taught the way to use and not supervised. It is called responsible parenting and teaching children respect.

    1. S

      The real parents these days is youtube autoplaying garbage content and 0 supervision.

    2. Peejay

      Well you could say the same thing about every toy that has ever injured or maimed children. Not sure if this particular toy is dangerous because I don’t own one, but allowing any toy on the market and just saying, “well parents should be responsible,” is just as dangerous. There have been toys that caused harm even when used according to the safety warnings and under parental supervision.

    3. Swashbuckle

      Get hit by a hot wheel and see how that feels.

  5. J

    Definitely is dangerous considering the marketing strategy appears to be targeting hajeebs… The lead content is the biggest concern.

    1. C

      1. Tell your kids to swing at imaginary enemies.
      2. Let your kids lightly whack eachother and have fun like kids have been doing for centuries.
      3. Don’t buy it, and try to recognize you are the problem.

    2. Lord Padriac

      I’d worry more about exposing my kids to the racism inherent in your comment than a few whacks from a plastic sword that will likely break said plastic sword anyway.

    3. Craig Nutting

      It’s habeebs

  6. Foogle

    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  7. T

    So basically this is just one big ad for the darksaber…

  8. Captain Obvious 2020

    *Watchdog World Against Toys, And Causing Harm*
    (Fixed It)
    This is an Evolutionary Test, so if you think that your offspring would Fail this Test, you should probably keep them (the kid) in the Box.
    This ‘Watchdog’ group is bad, and they should feel bad.

  9. Jeffery L Stringer


  10. Ruth Ramos

    Disgusting and dangerous toy. Should be banned from this great God-loving country. Keep away from my grand children! Thanks!

    1. Swashbuckle


    2. Rueseki

      this better be sarcasm

      1. No fingers kevin

        Dude where do I get one

  11. Jeff-fa-fa

    What is worse kids using plastic whack each other or kids using limbs off a tree to whack each other like I did when I was a kid and I’m sure many others did too.

  12. MajMoFo

    Someone come on over and we’ll break out the lawn darts ok? Either that or we need to burn down all the trees so kids don’t have sticks to swing at each other either.

    1. Craig Nutting

      Stupid people like this that think everything is dangerous is why we don’t have lawn darts anymore. The only thing worse than these worry warts are the politically correct police… How gay, like this article!

  13. Rye

    Heck yeah, we should make more dangerous toys, that’s how toys were back in the day. You might shoot your eye out kid.

  14. C

    Do they even tell is how it could be dangerous. I mean it’s only just a picture of a kid holding up a fame sword so that doesn’t even tell us much.

    1. Devon

      Basically boils down to “it’s a rigid plastic sword that kids can hit each other with.”

  15. Adam

    Ha,. This isn’t dangerous.
    I remember lawn darts.
    We used to Chuck those things at everything

  16. No

    Bunch of pussies these days

  17. Craig Nutting


  18. Kat

    Try LEGO to the eyeball, hot wheel to the head and a toy piano to the lower back. If you don’t want to get hit with it or have to watch the kids hit each other with it don’t buy it. Stop being a helicopter parent, and teach the children to respect the toy!

  19. Not aa dangerous as the legendary mexican flying chancla….

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