Comments for Fans Defend ‘Mandalorian’ Actor Following Body Shaming Comments

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  1. Daddy Piranha

    He was badass. That’s all I noticed.

    1. Aaron

      Likewise! All I could see was the VERY capable actor playing his character to the nth degree!

      1. Clayton Maurer Jr

        If anything, I thought it was more noticeable that Timothy Olyphant had a frame that didn’t fill the armor with the presence it needed. His acting was spectacular as usual, but he was not the action hero we wanted and received from the REAL Boba Fett.

        1. Jil (Amy) Romine

          Three people played the original Boba fett.


          No way! The part was incredibly well played, and there’s nothing else that needs to be said. I lok forward to seeing more Boba throughout the next few episodes!

        3. grumples

          All I know is he wasn’t near that fat in Aquaman.

    2. Aaron

      Likewise! It was amazing to see him wearing the armor again and being a total action badass!

    3. Jesse M

      The Actor who played boba fett Was spot onI was happy that he put on the armour and he looked bad-ass. I hope there are more episodes with boba fett. I’m a big fan of boba fett . I don’t care What people think about The Actor who played boba fett. He did A phenomenal job playing the Character of boba fett And he look badass????????

  2. Robin

    Honestly article writers perpetuate a very small amount of twitter trolls comments inflating non-issues for clicks. They’re worse than the trolls, stop clicking and spreading the trash writing and they won’t get paid.

    1. Gharms

      Exactly. I saw this and thought “Those who are perpetually offended are still offended”. How is this news? I saw exactly ZERO Tweets about “Boba Fat”. Seems like an outrage journalist and the outrage mob on Twitter CREATING a far larger issue than it ever was to justify their existence.

  3. Aaron Hollis

    Temeura has aged wonderfully, and has grown immensely intense, as an actor. We are so grateful to see him reprise his role and to be performing as the badass Boba Fett. He is an actor who wears the armor proudly, and it shows in all his scenes. His choreography and grace at handling the action scenes was intense, focused, and very believable. So very happy that he is still, very much, Boba Fett!

  4. Bob

    Oh yeah

  5. Toviad

    Far “larger” ?

  6. You can come and body shame me am used to being called all the names of the sun. My physical appearance just blends in with the tide.


  7. Anonymous

    All I saw was his badass moves, like tf. Watch the damn show guys.

  8. You

    Grow up. We live in a world of over analysis. These people obviously have too much time on hands and need to move back to the land of make Believe

  9. Scififlippa

    What ever happened to if you can’t say something nice . Don’t say anything at all.

  10. Tim

    Boba Fett hell yes he back. It’s a shame that Kathleen Kennedy took his movie away from him not right not cool. For the fans We need that movie Boba Fett 4 life.

  11. Neil Hale

    It fits the age of the character.

  12. Rick Massey

    Didn’t notice and after watching the episode again 4x’s after these ignorant attempts a body shaming,I can say he looks just fine….smh

  13. Eduardo Martinez-Rivera

    Can we all just b grateful that he was brought into this series!!!

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