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Harambe Market at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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    This guy is a schmuck. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with an entitled C-list celebrity ( at best ) who believes he can get away with anything. There’s no two sides as he says.

    1. Dave

      They never get tired of playing the race card anybody who gets arrested in Disney World is a real moron I hope they nail this Punk

      1. Good for Disney standing up for their cast members. It doesn’t matter his race or position or status he should have been arrested and banned for his violent attack on an individual.

      2. Ellen

        Please refrain from the “they” reference. Not every person of color is on board with this A-hole.

        1. dave

          you are another one! don’t give me that crap, YOU know who THEY is!

          1. Melanie Durham

            AGREED! 100%

    2. Peter

      Beyond a doubt! Well put!

    3. Yes, before covid you would get remove if you mistreated the cast members. They deal with people from all around the world. But singled you out because…. I can’t think of any racial reason.

  2. NO_NAME

    Guess he’s gonna play the black card. GTFO, you punched a Disney cast member because you made a disgusting joke. You need to be locked up.

    1. Ruben

      Although I agree with the commets…. Jesus it sounds like BOOMER central up in here haha. ANY WAY this guy is a dumbass and deserves what he got.

    2. Joe

      Riiiight…waiting for the lawyer’s ‘green light’. Another Black-Lies-Matter.

  3. Corey burnett

    He totally went to far, no cast member should be treated this way. But this is the new Disney, guest are not treated with respect anymore. Disney policy is guess are alway wrong and must be dealt with.. Sad the magic is no more

    1. Anonymous

      The rest of the of the guests were receiving the respect they deserved. To have a cast member stand up and say “no they deserve to feel safe and not mocked.” You act like crap you don’t deserve “magic”

    2. LL

      Where in the original story did you determine guests are not treated with respect? A condition of purchasing a ticket is you will follow the health and safety protocols set up by Disney. This person clearly thinks rules don’t apply to him and a cast member addressed it. Now he faces assault charges. In this situation the guest didn’t show respect.

    3. R

      You are so wrong. People treat cast members terribly because they feel entitled and they paid to get in. It’s all about respect for others, something our country has abandoned.

  4. D

    The title sounded like a Disney ceo was banned after a altercation

  5. Roger D Wheat

    No_Name is absolutely right.
    This guy thought he was being funny and when he violated Disney’s policy and strict health rules thought the race card would save him.

    1. Ted

      Of course make it racial. He doesn’t even apologize. His character sounds like a douche. Hundreds of Thousands of people have Died from Covid and he wants to joke around. What an @$$. Everyone should boycott him and his projects.

    2. No Name

      You are so funny! I sure hope your right.

  6. Ed Dart

    It would be hard to find a reason it would be ok to punch a Disney cast member.

    1. JP

      My girlfriend and I Went to all four parks and we were appalled by they way people(guest) think they are entitle to do whatever they want. Very proud of WDW of enforcing their rules for the safety of the remaining cast members and others guest. They have plenty of MAGIC to give, to those who follow the rules, if you don’t, they will show you the way out.

  7. Leigh

    I don’t care if you have polka dots. You can’t just punch a person and think it’s ok. Glad they banned him.

  8. This Smith guy sounds like someone who is shameless and never feels wrong. That’s usually one of the worse kinds if people.

  9. S Joy

    I have been a annual passholder for over five years! I have never seen any cast members who have not thought of the public first! I appreciate Disney handling of this situation and how they are handling covid! Thank you Disney staff!

  10. timothy Farmer

    Personally I feel he deserved it if he is going to try to bring in a race whenever race has nothing to do with it sorry to say but black people normally pull the race car and 90% of the time it’s for illegitimate reasons. me personally for him trying to pull the race card he should be banned from anything and everything he tries to do he should be forced to live in his house by himself so when he tries to pull the race card the only person he can pull it on is the mirror.

  11. Tim farmer

    He can go ahead and talk to his lawyer there is almost no area in Disneyland that isn’t covered with a camera so so there’s more I could go ahead and try to go to the court but it’s going to get thrown out as soon as Disney drops the video. he will then be charged with assault and battery then have to pay the cast member he assaulted. but he is uneducated and doesn’t understand that. I don’t care if he is CEO of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary he is still an educated and does not know what is going on in life he is book smart not street smart he is screwing himself by trying to get a lawyer but he doesn’t realize it his lawyer can’t defend him whenever there’s video of him assaulting an individual he just lost his record deals his CEO job and whatever else he valued.

  12. John Montes

    “Y’all know my character.” Just the fact that you were even arguing with a cast members tells me your character. Add on the fact that you actually PUNCHED a cast member and that tells me your “character” has got to go.

    1. CK

      Sounds eerily similar to an R Kelly rant a couple of years ago….and we heard his side of the story, so did the courts, and where is he these days? We’ll probably hear the same out of this guy. Sad NO ONE has ever heard of this clown until now. I just got back from Disney, if your mask (or your kids mask) isn’t covering your nose and mouth, they very politely ask you to cover everything or make a gesture toward you, with their own mask asking you to pull it up. Disney is so racist, it’s because I’m white that they did this…right? QUIT WITH THE RACE CARD ALREADY!!!

    2. Joeybats

      As Winston “The Wolf” said,
      Just because you ARE a character doesn’t mean you HAVE character.

  13. Victoria Mahon

    That headline is misleading. Everybody’s the CEO of their own company. This guy is just a has been wanna be celebrity with an attitude problem!

  14. Jennifer Wood

    Ms. Jennings, your title is very misleading and you did not elaborate on “why” the cast member was punched.
    This Blue Smith is a low level celeb anyone can be a CEO of a low level inc. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Melanie Durham

      There was a story a few days ago about why this happened! If you follow ITM!

  15. Fat Boosie, Esquire

    Disney hates black people, confirmed

    1. Traci

      Boo Hoo. Act like a decent human being

    2. Michelle

      You’re just pathetic!

    3. Normal Human

      There’s a typo in your headline. You should be replace “CEO” with “thug” as it is the proper word use and CEO is hardly applicable. You could also use “criminal”, “washup”, or “bad father”.

    4. Laughingoutloud

      I have to assume this is a joke because it is not even close to reality.

  16. Tammy Kane

    I here 20 years ago to enjoy things like Disney and cruises. However I’ve almost passed out twice from mask use due to a health issue and low blood oxygen and now they e have caused more issues.. They endanger me more than they protect others and I’ve still tested negative for covid . I will never return to Disney until this crap stops.. There should be some sort of middle ground. And if you are healthy and not running a fever or coughing and sneezing social distancing is more important than a piece of cloth on your face. This whole mess is just about compliance and obedience than real prevention. As with their photo manipulation of massless people on rides to now appear as they had their masks on. This all wont stop until we boycott these places and just say no! Before you shame me, I wear masks everytime I go out, I just had to go to a thin polyester mask so I can breathe which protects no one but makes the paranoid happy to see our mouths muted and covered. Symbolic for shut up and obey. I don’t condone his actions, if that’s the park’s policy then just find other places to spend your money and don’t support them.

  17. Cary

    People we all go to Disney world to get away from covid-19 and relax not to have someone who have fame and money who thinks he can do anything like a bad joke and to punch a human being who is trying to make it better for the kids and parents is not right this guy have no respect and to talk about racial please give me a break the cast members always do a good job and are trying to put food on the table for the family so shame on that guy that hurt the cast members I hope they don’t allow him back in any Disney world parks ever again

  18. Karen

    He had a mask on. He sneezed and made a joke. My co workers and i do it all the time. Rona….is that You? Being familiar with Disney policy this cast member went too far. Now..with that being said..this had Nothing to do with being black and everything to do with being an ass

  19. Surely

    Usually when someone in this time and age claims bigotry.

    It’s the person looking in the mirror.

  20. Traci

    “The media will put out a one sided story even without facts, because they enjoy demonizing our culture and bring us down. It’s sad. There’s 2 sides to every story and since this story is bigger than me and the color of my skin, I’ll wait till my attorney gives the green light. Thanks for your support. Love… Ps: Y’all know my character.” What? I believe your culture is AMERICAN. You are not from another country. WTF? Excuses all Excuses to get all with anything.

    1. Pete


  21. DVCManda

    Whew! All of these racist a$$ people on this post. “Typical punk, blah blah blah” Punching a cast member is never ok. I would like to hear all the facts before jumping to conclusions. Smh.

    1. Art

      The facts are obvious you choose to ignore them because you are too stupid or naive to take the oath of least resistance.

    2. S

      Honestly, It isn’t (most aren’t) based on racism, it’s based on experience with/in/at Disney. So, you could say it’s based on the “character of Disney”. …& it’s over the course, of more likely than not, a large number of years (30+) & many, many, many trips (20+) for some. Customer service IS the business, & it is in EVERY last detail. They dot their i’s, & cross their t’s! That’s why they are so very successful as a business. I know in a “Karen” world, it’s hard to comprehend what good customer service is & that it should be expected, & that customer grievances should be handled respectfully by both sides, but they are so on top of their game Disney actually offers courses in it for corporations to attend & learn from. …& those corporations pay top dollar!

  22. Jeffrey Smith

    Banned CEO? That’s why I bothered to read about this GD idiot. If title had read what he really is I would have ignored it. Of course, name should have been a tip off.

  23. Htk

    I go to Disney parks every year. In my 200+ times inside the parks I have seen two fights. Both fights were black men attacking their wives/girlfriends.

    1. Andre

      And what is that supposed to mean? I’m black. I’ve been going to Disney since the 70s. I’m a DVC owner. I’ve never been in a fight. Oh, and I’m a “black guy”.

      1. Winter

        There is literally no reason to bring racist, nasty commentary into this conversation. Maybe bring up his character as a human being, that’s it though. Just because you’ve had those personal experiences, doesn’t mean it’s a normal thing. Maybe you’re just looking for those specific altercations more than others… 😒

  24. Jeff

    “Spectacular Blue Smith, who is a rapper, reality TV star, and CEO of Adwizar INC…”

    Never heard of him.

  25. Notasnowflake

    I love Disney, but can’t stand the snowflake attitude of it’s fans. I’m not about to excuse punching a CM or anyone. However, this is where our society is now. When you bully people, you are setting yourself up for a bruiser when, eventually you bully the wrong person. Disney had turned their CM’s into Gestapo agents. *If* a previous account I read was accurate, and this was all over a joke that threatened zero health risk, the CM was being a bully. No excuse for a punch, but I suppose none of you have ever heard the phrase “you mess with a bull, you get the horns”. Perhaps there’s more info that I haven’t read yet. I haven’t read anywhere he endangered anyone. So it sounds to me like he was being harassed and the CM probably didn’t want to back down after he got started when the guest didn’t ‘obey’.

  26. Manny

    I just hope all those who chime in about true safety of cast members will have r the he same comments about Disney enforcing mask rules. The reason I say this is I have seen rude guests berate cast members because they want to make some misguided statement about wearing masks at Disney.

  27. Jaxx Larson

    He PUNCHED a cast member. That deserves not only banning, but criminal charges. The guy is an a$$ who thinks that he can get away with anything because he’s a so-called “celebrity”. What he is is a racist POS who deserves what he got. I hope his “business” goes down in flames.

  28. Ferd Berfle

    I know the lawyers will come up with a hundred reasons why not to, but to shut this whole stupid time-wasting mess quickly? RELEASE THE VIDEO.

    We all know that damn near every square inch of the Disney parks is under video security cameras.

  29. Erin Moore

    He sneezed and yelled covid and laughed. He was told it wasn’t funny. Started an argument with a cast member, who then asked him to leave the line. He refused and then “accidentally” (he claims) punched the cast member twice, giving him a concussion. Quick google search, since it wasn’t mentioned in this article.

  30. Ernie Santanelo

    Been to Disney untold number if times, only once did I meet a rude cast member, a bus driver. Disney is in the people business, all people”, they train and expect all cast members to be guests in their house. Yes their may be times or cast members that do not always perform as directed but a report to members service would always solve the problem in favor of the guest. Violence is not the answer and does not belong at Disney.

  31. should have thrown him in the lions den! this moron is GARBAGE!

  32. Bobsmith

    The problem for him is there are 8 witnesses to the incident, 1 off duty police officer, 3 veterans 2 vets wifes and a 14 year old girl and one other child, How do I know? I was there, I know everything he said up to the point of the assult. I was inline in front of him. I know how he was acting.

  33. Michael Robinson

    Disney’s Quality Standards:
    2. Courtesy
    3. Show
    4. Efficiency

    If you are violating #1 and do not comply to what the cast member is asking you to do…….you will be removed from the park….PERIOD. Safety for the guest and the cast member is their #1 priority. Without knowing the details of the situation would imagine this scenario falls into this category.

  34. No Name

    We are an annual passholder and live down the road from Disney so we go whenever we can get a reservation. Most people at Disney are very courteous and abide by the rules but there are a few that refuse to follow not matter what. I have severe lung damage so I’m very cautious of people being closer than 6 feet to me. When people are in line and they just refuse to stay away I ask them or point out the line on the floor. When that does not work, I ask them to get in front of me because I know when they reach the front of the line a Cast Member will tell them to step back. One family that managed to advance in line by courtesy of us, hoarded the next family but when they got in eye site of a Cast Member they backed off.

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