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A close up of an animal


  1. DBosch

    Here’s my take on this. How about we put German, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, every language on EVERY sign. Otherwise this would be discrimination to all foreigners. See how this works, you complete idiots. I have traveled to many countries, and I am expected to know the language or get a translator. See how rediculous this whole thing is. For heaven’s sake you morons. Lawyers how about you start suing the stupid. You go to or live in an English speaking country be prepared to speak the language or get a translator. PERIOD. Stop being cry babies. Again, I travel a lot and believe me when I say these countries don’t give a rats butt if you don’t speak their language. Cause a ruckus and get shot. Take responsibility for your choice on going to a park with Scarry rides. Even I know (English speaking) just by looking at certain rides I’m not getting on. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. So remember every person who can’t speak English in America, get a lawyer and she every single town because every every sign should be in a thousand different languages. NOW SEE HOW STUPID that is, you money hungry losers.

  2. Common Sense

    @DBosch What in the heck does your opinion on language have to do with an article about animals getting a treat for the new year? Take yourself to Fox “News” where idiots like you belong.

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