Universal Could Streamline Sanitation Amid Ongoing Pandemic

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Universal Orlando Sanitation

Credit: Inside the Magic

Universal Orlando Resort may have just found a solution to the issues revolving around the need to sanitize their attractions.

Comcast Corps.’s theme park giant filed a patent in October for “Systems and Methods for Sanitizing Amusement Park Equipment” and it seems to use UV light to automate and streamline the sanitation procedures implemented on the ride vehicles at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure.

Universal Orlando Sanitation
Credit: Universal

Orlando Business Journal reports:

The system would include a sanitization station with a housing configured to receive a ride vehicle as it travels along, with an ultraviolet light transmitted toward the ride vehicle. The patent doesn’t provide any additional information nor images to see how it would work. However, the mention of using ultraviolet (UV) light long has been a technique favored by hospitals and others to sanitize equipment.

This comes after a study from the American Journal of Infection Control discovered that the pandemic virus is highly susceptible to UV rays, making it a reliable method of sanitization.

“We are working on developing the best solutions for bringing clinical-level disinfection to everyday spaces through installable and programmable deployment of full-spectrum UV technology,” said Terrance Berland, CEO of Violet Defense.

Currently, theme park attractions have to temporarily close so attendants can sanitize each seat by hand, and this results in longer wait times and long lines building up. Universal’s new patented system looks to change that while also increasing the overall cleanliness and safety of its parks. Especially with the opening of its highly anticipated Velocicoaster getting closer and closer.

jurassic world velocicoaster
Credit: Universal

But again, there is still very little information known about this new patented process, and we at Inside the Magic will update our readers as more information comes to light.

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