25 Days of Magic (Day 6): Thomas Kinkade Studios Artwork

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Thomas Kinkade Disney Holiday Set

Congratulations Michele K., you are the winner of our Thomas Kinkade Studios sweepstakes.  If you didn’t win now is the perfect time to buy your own Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Art for yourself or as a gift. Thomas Kinkade Studios is having their Disney Collection Sale now until the 9th of December. Receive $100 the Limited Edition Canvas OR 20% off the Disney Open Edition Home Decor. The coupon code is ‘DISNEYXMAS’ which you can order here.

Additionally, we have our Thomas Kinkade Studios Sleigh Ride Sweepstakes, the new release from Thomas Kinkade Studios which you can enter to win now.

thomas kinkade sleigh ride
Credit: Thomas Kinkade Studios

Tomorrow’s sweepstakes is Mando Marvelous and later this week we have our sweepstakes from Buckle-Down and FUN.com’s Villians Giveaway. Be sure to enter these and all of our great 25 Days of Magic Sweepstakes now.


Looking to add a little more Disney to your holiday decor this season? Well, Day 6 of Magic has you covered! Thanks to our loyal sponsor, Thomas Kinkade Studios we have the honor of giving away a 3 piece canvas gallery wrapped Thomas Kinkade Studio holiday collection. Let Mickey and the gang bring a smile to your face as they celebrate the season in Mickey’s Victorian Christmas. Or, become enchanted as Belle and the Beast fall in love amongst the freshly fallen snow. Finally, watch Disney’s sweethearts, Mickey and Minnie enjoy some holiday time together. No worries about picking your favorite because our winner will be getting all three to enjoy!

The entry form is at the bottom of this article – enter now as we stop taking entries at 7 pm Eastern (4 pm Pacific) on December 6th. The total prize value is $267!

Don’t wait until December 6th to enter – be sure to enter this and all of your giveaways ASAP. We stop accepting entries at 7 pm Eastern so that we can draw a winner later that same night.

Thomas Kinkade Studios

Prize Details

Much of Thom’s work celebrates the season of Christmas and Thomas Kinkade Studios Disney Art is no exception.

Mickey’s Victorian Christmas

This painting continues the rich legacy of Thomas Kinkade who was an admirer of Walt Disney and loved Christmas. Last year when we featured this painting in its own stand-alone sweepstakes it became the most popular Thomas Kinkade Studios giveaways we’ve done.

Mickey's Victorian Christmas
Mickey’s Victorian Christmas

In this particular painting, we find Mickey and Minnie decorating a street light with a festive wreath as Donald and Daisy decorate the tree in the yard and Goofy hangs the Christmas lights around the house. Look closely and you will even see Pete next door.

Beauty and the Beast’s Winter Enchantment

Curious which Thomas Kinkade Studios sweepstakes was our 2nd most popular of all time? Yes, it was this beautiful piece.

This painting shows the moment in the 1991 Walt Disney Animation movie Beauty and the Beast that their friendship transitions into love. Much of Thom’s work shows special moments in Disney movies.

Beauty and The Beast’s Winter Enchantment
Beauty and The Beast’s Winter Enchantment

Of all the Disney love stories, “Beauty and the Beast” is perhaps the most poignant. Beast’s true identity is a charming prince who is discovering love in the form of the beautiful Belle. In Beauty and the Beast’s Winter Enchantment, both Belle and the Beast come to realize that their friendship has blossomed into love. While the two dance in the crisp winter snow, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, Lumiére, Plumette, Frou-Frou and Madame de Garderobe celebrate this new young love. Escape into this painting and witness unconditional love in its purest form.

In this particular painting, we find Belle and the Beast dancing in the snow with the Beast’s castle in the background. Can you spot everyone else watching on?

Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday

This particular painting was never a part of a prior Inside the Magic sweepstakes, BUT it’s easily just as good as the two paintings above. I think you will agree between these 3 paintings it’s a stunning collection of Kinkade Art.

Fans and long-time collectors of Thomas Kinkade Studios artwork will know that this isn’t the first Disney Christmas Kinkade. In 2016 as part of the Sweetheart Series, we got Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday.

Thomas Kinkade's Mickey and Minnie - Sweetheart Holiday
Mickey and Minnie – Sweetheart Holiday

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