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  1. SG

    If Disney (I haven’t been anywhere else) passed, then the rules are too lax. Yes, they enforce mask wearing which I vigorously applaud. But there were many times when I used my magic band to pay which requires a pin and none, zero registers had hand sanitizers. I had to go to the exit doors to sanitize – how many people bother? Buses, a small totally enclosed space between you and an unknown pathogen carrier. Monorails, not much better, but better, because you get your own bench facing each other. We normally love socializing and still do trying to keep the mask on tight. The ferry is good, try to stay upwind. But this is the worst, all indoor dining had space around tables but, there are hundreds of people in the buildings with their masks off to eat, laughing, having a good time, which should be a good thing. PreCOVID I’d never think twice. If we caught a cold from Disney, it was just the norm. But we were unnerved. Go eat somewhere else? You can’t, all dining requires Mobil orders, no problem, but once you get there you’ve paid already, are you really going to reorder somewhere else? You know it’ll be the same there too. Eat outside, we did, back to back with a young family.
    There are just too many people and you absolutely can’t get away from them. For those of you who go often, you know exactly what I mean, it’s like a peak day on a non peak day! Let that soak in with this pandemic!

  2. Leeann Jacket

    I’m so happy to hear that. Maybe it will convince Governor Gavin Newsom to open up Disneyland. Maybe I should get a refund on my Disneyland tickets & head back to Walt Disney World.

  3. Can someone from Disney, Florida officials or the strike team come talk to Newscum here in California about reopening Disneyland. I mean I’m ok with singing a waiver I won’t sue Disney if I get covid!!! Had it twice already. Can’t afford a Disney World Trip even though I’ve been an essential worker the entire time and no hazard pay or paid time off but hey. I still got medical benefits.

  4. Oana

    After just returned from Disney World I can say that the report about the compliance of the DW Resorts with safety rules is true. My husband and I have felt safe spending a few days in the Disney parks. First of all, one needs to make a reservation online for a certain day for only onr park. At the entrance, there are medical staff members who are taking everyone’s temperature..all around the park there are sanitizing stations, clean bathrooms, mask wearing is obligatory and one is continuously rwminded of that through the lod speakers. There are park employees everywhere who, if they see anyone without a mask, remind that person to put a mask on or offer to give them a mask if they do not have or lost one. The only time when mask comes off is when eating and have to be stationary. When waiting in line for attractions, there is clear signage on the ground or above the ground. Seating on the rides is done as instructed by park staff and ensures separation as much as possible. There are plastic dividers where physiscal separation is hard due to space constraints. I havr also seen staff disinfecting with sprayers some of the rides.

  5. Mel

    These regulations have nothing to do with the State of Florida and everything to do with Orange County. The governor is doing nothing so counties are fending for themselves. I applaud Orange County and Disney for their strict and successful protocols. Visitors feel and are safe attending. However, let’s give credit where credit is due and it’s not with Governor DeSantis. I understand the article mentions Orange County, but I wanted to make sure there’s no misunderstanding.

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