Comments for Disney Offers Tips for New Rise of the Resistance Virtual Queue Process

rise of the resistance


  1. prince charming

    The hotel guests on property should be guaranteed a boarding pass. The are the ones that provide the money not the guy who goes to the park once every three years.

  2. Dr. Nigel C

    Maybe, just maybe… If all of the Disney bloggers would stop yanking all of the boarding group spots from actual visitors, it wouldn’t be so difficult for all of us “regular guests” from being able to ride! Sheesh.

  3. Nick

    So, good luck. Refreshed at 6:59.56 says Join at 7am. Refreshed at 7:00.04… full, try again at 2pm. In 8 seconds, it was full. This was on December 10, a Thursday. According to crowd tracker, a 1- or 3-of-10 on the crowd size. I can’t imagine what it would be on a busy day.

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