‘Ratatouille’ and Black Widow Dresses Step Out for Dapper Day

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New frocks are on the scene just in time for Dapper Day this fall. Ratatouille stars in a brand new silhouette from The Dress shop in a chef-style dress, complete with rat brothers — Remy and Emile — in the pockets. Likewise, the new Black Widow dress is already slaying shoppers with its unique keyhole neckline.  Both garments are now on sale, waiting for you to crave a stylish occasion!

Ratatouille Dapper Day Dress

The Ratatouille dress is extremely refreshing because The Dress shop is giving us a new neckline as well as varied pockets. (The fabulous pockets is what got us addicted to these dresses!) The chef’s whites present here in a light blue plaid accented with blue piping and buttons, lining down to a blue waistband.

ratatouille chef dress dapper day
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Remy and Emile peek out with snacks of choice from scoop pockets, leading to a slightly flared skirt with kitchen tile check. The hemline has large tile accents of cheese and Remy’s nose lining the edge, which continues the grading theme from collar to hem.

ratatouille chef dress Disney
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

The Ratatouille dress is only available in The Dress Shop at this time, retailing for $128.00, in all the usual sizes offered at the boutique.

ratatouille dress price
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Black Widow Dress from Disney’s The Dress Shop

“When a master spy needs to attend a fancy affair, there’s only one dress that will do. This chic sleeveless frock with contrast yoke and trims is inspired by Marvel’s Black Widow and her distinctive hourglass emblem.” – shopDisney

black widow dress dapper day
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

With a gathered waist (not pintucked, like the shopDisney description says) and a flared skirt, the wannabe vintage silhouette by Her Universe captures one of the first Marvel Characters in Disney’s The Dress Shop at Cherry Tree Lane. While it looks black in the shopDisney photo below, the hourglass Black Widow emblem is actually a keyhole neckline.

You can find the frock at both Disney Springs in store, as well as online at shopDisney.com, though the jacket is not yet listed online.  The Black Widow dress also retails for $128.00.

black widow dapper day dress
Credit: shopDisney.com

Black Widow Leather Jacket

Pair your Dapper Day dress for a Black Widow Disneybound with this homage paying jacket, also by Her Universe. The black leather-look has a large Black Widow emblem on the back, showcasing your Dapper Day Disneybound. Gold cuffs and waistband trim set off the other colors in chic style.

black widow jacket Disney dress shop
Credit: ITM Katrina J

The front motorcycle silhouette reflects Black Widow’s vehicle of choice, with a classic asymmetrical zipper and slash accents. The peaked lapel unsnaps and tucks in to zip up further, protecting you from winds as you ride.

black widow dapper jacket front
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Available only at The Dress Shops where you can pick up Disney Dapper dresses, the jacket is priced at about $85.00. Keep in mind that Annual Passholder discounts do apply to these garments.

black widow jacket price
Credit: ITM Katrina J.

Step out in style at Walt Disney World Resort’s Dapper Day Fall 2020 dates, or perhaps celebrate Dapper Day at home in your stylish getups! Which Dapper Day dresses are you looking to add to your collection?  Leave us a comment below about your next look!

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