Comments for Should Disney World Bring Back Maleficent in a Cavalcade?

Disney World Cavalcade

Credit: Disney


  1. Mmluv

    I was really expecting them to bring Maleficent out during the Halloween season or at the least on Halloween for a few cavalcades.

  2. I have not seen Maleficent since the dragon was releasing fire with the head in the down position being a danger to crowds, cast members, and other floats. If they were unable to fix the malfunction, I imagine Maleficent will be a nonfunctioning float (no fire). Then again Disney may have already dismantled Maleficent and all of this is pure speculation.

  3. mark nowak

    with not being able to afford a visit but every 5 or 10 years, daily changes make absolutely no difference. We would never know what we would miss if it’s any random day. I’ve never seen it,but hope it becomes a standard fixture somehow,somplace.

  4. SG

    As APs we go often. During Halloween they only had two mini parades ( two floats) and no Maleficent! She would have been a great addition. After her firey incident it wasn’t long before they had her back thrilling all of us with her majesty.
    She’d be out of place until Christmas is over but perfect for New Year’s and after!

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