Comments for Josh D’Amaro Dares Disney to Move Forward


  1. EricJ

    “How can Disney help move their parks and brands forward?”

    (Well, for starters, they can publicly take back that “We’re letting Baby Yoda run the company!” crap about putting everything behind their streaming service…)

  2. Michelle Infante

    I grew up in Disney Ocala born girl. Please dnt take away the carousel of progress . It is a HISTORIC opportunity to show kids that one worked hard for what we have. My family is a Disney Family you can look us up. WE LOVE RENOVATIONS but please remember Mr. DISNEY DREAM. Simplicity is Family. THANK YOU TO ALL DISNEY EMPLOYEES STAY SAFE

  3. Michelle Infante

    WE are a Disney family. Born and raised in Ocala I have seen big changes in MICKEYville. Some changes are good but please Remember Mr. Disney dream. FAMILY FUN. SALUTE to all the DISNEY EMPLOYEES. YOUR AWESOME.

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