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Jack Sparrow and Mr. Gibbs being chased by soldiers

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    1. phillip van meter

      Betty white is ten times better then Johnny Depp

      1. Deon G Robertson

        And shes not acting anymore so…

        1. Sheri Onghena

          There is no Pirates of The Caribbean without Johnny Depp. It would not be worth watching at all. They have always been my favorite movies of all time. Waste of time and money without him.

          1. angel bender

            so true if he not put back in the movie we will no watch it or anything else diney comes out with either

          2. Sue

            Not only has he made pirates of the Caribbean the sucsses it is but his charity work as Jack sparrow has been amazing

          3. Emoly

            Everyone wants Johnny Depp you would be stupid to ignore that you want your movie to do well so I suggest you put him back as Jack Soarrow or be prepared to loose a lot of money

          4. Yousuf


      2. Paula D Smith

        It won’t be worth watching if Johnny Depp is not playing Jack sparrow!!

        1. Kathy Lee Meli

          Also would never watch Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp, no one else could play the part! It would be a waste of my time and money without Johnny Depp!!

          1. Brittany Nicole Kittrell

            Bring back Johnny. No pirates of the Caribbean wothout him. Hes amazing!!!! The only reason I am obsessed with the pirates movies…..

          2. Wanda Gray

            I have allllof Johnny drops movies of the pirates of the. Caribbean an other movies put Johnny depp back in to acting an on. Anything else. About his x wife Amber I never did like her acting. An it always takes 2 to tangle so put Johnny depp back into acting

          3. Candece Beck

            Nobody can do his parts for any movie. He is one of a kind. I will not watch the new pirates movie or the new harry spin-off.

          4. Amanda L Noland

            Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow makes Pirates of the Caribbean. Taking him out of the picture will ruin it and won’t be worth the time and money to even watch it.

        2. Cindy Stacy

          Disney had no right getting in the middle of Johnny’s marital problems, especially when Amber was taped saying that she couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t ever hit Johnny again! She said she just gets so mad she can’t contain herself! Really?! There is no other actor that could play Jack Sparrow better than Depp! Disney is a fool for letting him go!

        3. Stephanie Brown

          No no no without Johnny Depp, it would no longer be worth watching. Love the other actors, but jack sparrow could only be Johnny!!!!! I wouldn’t watch or buy anymore of the movies.

        4. Michael G Pesole

          Yeah, I think it’s been pretty much proven that Heard was the instigator in trying to goad Johnny into fights he really deserves to be back as Capt. Jack.Adrian Lee


          Weve loved other Stars whove done worse things. Johnny Depp didnt do anything to us! His suit with his ex wife should have nothing to do with his movie roles. Disney isnt squeaky clean anymore!!! Youre stupid if you think it is. Theres no POTC without him. Disney needs to get over themselves. (Yoda voice) ” mmm. F$@%ed up you did.”

        6. Karie Roper

          I will never watch another POTC without Johnny as Captain Jack as full time character.

      3. Kathy

        Who is without sin?

        1. Sharon Thacker


      4. Theresa Walters

        Bring back JACK! Johnny Depp is the only one to pull off Jack Sparrow. He is a great actor. So let him do what he does best!

      5. Caleb Bennett

        There is no POTC without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. He IS the franchise. No debate.

      6. This isn’t about Betty White. Bette Miller’s schtick has always been to be vulgar. Disney shouldn’t promote a vulgar character. This is about Johnny’s career being a victim of political correctness bs. A judge accepted the exes account in a he said she said civil trial.The burdon of proof isn’t high. The media as well as his ex had a very substantial financial stake in the trial. The civil trial judge had to guess who to believe. The judge guessed wrong. Films are for fans. Fans want Johnny.

      7. TJ

        I think there is enough blame with both parties to go around, but not worth ruining his career. It’s always the man is totally at fault and the woman isn’t just because she’s a woman. Wake up people, woman do harm too.

      8. Jesse R Ellis

        She said Bettie Midler, not Betty white. But yes Johnny Depp is a great actor and i would love to see him in the next installment of POTC. Or any other movie for that matter.

      9. Karen Collins

        Indeed she is, but he’s also a great actor.

      10. Terri Phillips

        He is Jack Sparrow.He belongs with Disney.

      11. lukian milinovich

        Nope. She can be in the movie but no one an di mean no one can act as good as johnny depp does for jack sparrow

      12. Carla Florek

        I won’t be watching or purchasing this movie without Johnny Depp. He IS Jack Sparrow. So upset about this news. Bring him back!

      13. Mary Barnes

        You can’t compare the two actors it’s ridiculous. Love Betty White as a comedian
        Love Johnny Depp in everything!

      14. Manish

        I don’t care who is better than whom But captain Jacksparrow is thr character which Only jonney deep can do

    2. Andy

      Please bring Johnny Depp back to Disney

      1. sherry gerwig

        Luv luv luv Johnny Depp

        1. Stephanie Brown

          No no no without Johnny Depp, it would no longer be worth watching. Love the other actors, but jack sparrow could only be Johnny!!!!! I wouldn’t watch or buy anymore of the movies.

      2. Carolina Ferguson

        Please bring this irreplaceable actor Johnny Depp back to Disney studios or i will not buy another Disney DVD again.

      3. Shobha

        Johnny Depp is a must see, we want him back!

        1. Max

          There is No Pirates of the Carrabian Without Johny Depp if u think he can just be replaced then You Disney are a fool. Hope u fail Without Depp.

    3. Dana MacDonald

      The Pirates franchise won’t be the same without Johnny!! Please bring him back.

    4. Laura

      Johnny Depp is meant to Jack Sparrow. He and only he can play that part. I dont believe he deserves to lose all his roles. That he worked so hard for.

      1. MERR

        Johnny Depp is greatest pirate that every play jack sparrow.

      2. Lynn

        I’ve always been a fan & will remain a fan. Can’t imagine Pirates of the Carribean without Depp. Nope…

    5. Jae Hayes

      Pirates of the Caribbean is not really a hit w\o Jack Sparrow….

    6. Jeni

      No matter…he IS Capt Jack Sparrow. Return him to that role.

    7. Beth

      Look, it takes 2 to fight and Johnnys ex admitted room hitting him. Is that ok? And aren’t we suppose to help and forgive? I know a lot of people will not watch this moview with himy in it. And I know a lot of people aren’t watching that best movie either cause they fired him, and aquaman, please, nobody wants to see Amber on that movie again.. the fans, the viewers, we pay yalls salary. Bring back the 1 and only Jack Sparrow.

    8. Lisa Jill Cole

      Johnny Depp is the best thing about POTC, what a stupid business mistake on Disney’s part and Warner Bros. I will boycott both franchises for removing one of the best actors of our time.

    9. Rebecca

      Love Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. No one else can be Jack Sparrow but Johnny Depp. Please Disney bring him back.

    10. Tri

      I’m a big Johnny Depp fan. No Johnny Depp
      No movie. It’s that simple. I will cancel my subscription to Disney and no longer watch any movies with actors replacing him.

    11. Marcy Lee

      Yes without him there is no pirates of the Caribbean

    12. Valerie J ONEILL

      Y’know nobody is perfect. Give him a break, he’s a great actor and if it wouldn’t have been for him the whole Pirates Of the Caribbean wouldn’t be as successful as it was. How about trying to give him some support. He was there for Disney’s success and good times, how about being there for Johnny through these bad times, Disney?

    13. Samantha

      Disney should pull their head out their ares and begg for Johnnys retern arest amanda hearst for her lies especially when so many women suffer dayly n she lies about abuse Johnny should have her arrested n prosecuted she will go to hell tho because of what she has done and said Johnny is amazing in so many ways n Disney should be ashamed off them selves so get him bk before the world gives up on you Disney Johnny made Disney be put bk on the map but don’t bring him bk then you will loose all respect so bring him bk or better yet he should work for amazon or net flix films then he will blow the roof off in a good amazing spectacular way we will always love Johnny dep

  2. EricJ

    …I’m sorry, we have people who WANT Pirates to come back after “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, which still had Depp in it??
    Apparently, they want the Son of Will Turner arc resolved?

    1. Sara

      Pirates of the Caribbean will not be worth adding to our collection without Johnny Depp. If Disney is going to treat their biggest money maker this way then subscribing to Disney+ isn’t worth it.

      1. Gotti

        He made this movie good if he not back im not watching

  3. Diane

    Why should his verdict come between his career?
    There are lots of actors with more than this and they are working there shows. We all know it’,it’s, not true

    1. Maria

      Bring Mr. Depp back! Hi is one of the best actors in the world and his part in the pirates movie cannot be replaced in any way. Mr. Depp is these movies!

    2. Bernadette

      Without johnny depp,you have no jack sparrow, he’s the reason I myself,and ppl around the world watch,and enjoy his movies,he’s the best,and not bringing him back would be a disservice

    3. Meg

      Please bring back Johnny!!!! His quirky and unconventional acting style is truly what makes the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! Though I’m sure a quality pirates movie could be made without him, I can guarantee that it would lack the je ne sais quoi that has captivated audiences for years!

  4. I do want him back in the pirate he is capt Jack sparrow

    1. Michelle A Lynn

      His private life should be just that, private. We dont own or rule him, he does a job like you and i and does that job great. What more does anyone want from the man. He’s always seemed like a basically good guy, just drop the crap, let him handle his business and get your nose out of it Disney. Let the man do the job. He’s fantastic at what he does. Want people coming around poking into your life just because they think they can? My suggestion, dont throw stones.

      1. Jackie Malymeik

        Amen! Without Johnny’s talent there is no POTC!
        So, Disney, no Johnny, no viewers!

      2. Gretchen Dupuis


  5. I want lack sparrow back

    1. Leo Dew

      Bring back Johnny Depp, the character or characters that he portraits Brings meaning to the movies without him in any of them, Has No Meaning and No Heart.

      1. Charles Blake

        Jack sparrow is johnny depp johny depp is jack sparrow baby

  6. Mara

    Com’è possibile solamente pensare che i Pirati possano esistere senza Johnny Depp, questo film esiste solo grazie a lui, non c’è niente e nessuno che possano mai sostituirlo. Johnny è l’essenza e il cuore di tutto, siete solo dei pazzi a pensare a dare la sua parte a qualcun altro

    1. Erin

      There was not enough evidence on Depp’s part to make such claims. A career should not turn upside down without correct judgement. He should return as Captain Jack.

  7. Fatemeh

    Honestly, Pirates of the Carribean became Pirates of the Carribean, Jack Sparrow became Jack Sparrow with Johnny Depp.

    It wouldn’t mean anything anymore if he doesn’t play in it anymore.

  8. Dale

    Big big mistake if Johnny depp is not jack sparrow. Don’t be stupid. I won’t watch any pirates movie without him! Period!

  9. Trudy

    Hahaha….. disney deserves whatev they get here!!!! Johnny made them gold….dont worry for him… he has ” IT”. CANT TAKE THAT AWAY! Good things ur way friend?

    1. Tori

      Johnny Depp or no one!!!!!!!

  10. trudy

    Go right ahead disney, get what u deserve! Im sure JOHNNY Is shakin in his boots, hahaha. Our family sees any johnny movie, BECAUSE HE IS IN IT!!! SUCK ROCKS DISNEY. LOVE TO Johnny, hate what this personal crap does, nobodys bizz.

  11. Cindy Esco

    I will not watch or buy any pirates movie without johnny Depp. As a matter of fact I won’t for fantastic beasts either.

  12. Johanne LAPLANTE

    No Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean then I won’t go see it. I won’t watch Fantastic Beast neither Aquaman 2 if Amber Heard is in it! Sorry Jaso Momoa

    1. Jenn

      There could be no other actor in the world who could play the role of Jack as well as Mr. Depp. It would be a great loss.

  13. Linda Camacho

    There will never be another. He is iconic in the role.

  14. Theresa

    POTC will not sell as well without MR. Depp!!!! Disney knows this and the people do too. His long acting career stands for itself!!! Bring Mr. Depp Back.

  15. Christopher Borbet

    Amber Heard made up all this BS about Johnny Depp. It makes no sense that his career should be affected by one flat out lie after another on her part. She’s the one who should be punished, not Johnny.

  16. John M

    We don’t know their personal lives but from what we do know, DISNEY and DC, why is it ok for a man to lose his job, when the evidence that came out was his wife physically hit and abused him?
    If it was the other way around he would be fired in seconds, why isn’t she fired, don’t want to see her in anymore DC movies.

  17. Lindsey K.

    Justice for Johnny!!! Bring him back!!!

  18. Angel Beurrier

    Pirates isn’t Pirates w/o Jack Sparrow & Jack Sparrow isn’t Jack Sparrow w/o the originator, Johnny Depp ?

  19. Tazz Toxic

    Come back Jack! Johnny depp youre amazing in all your roles!!

  20. Nicolasa

    Please bring back jhonny depp as jack sparrow it wont be worth seeing without him in it.

  21. Alexis Kayla Wilson

    Once Johnny Depp has a role, that’s his role. No one else can do what Johnny Depp can do. He isn’t a wife beater, and he needs Justice. Fire Amber Heard and give JD his jobs back.

  22. Eimos

    Amber heard abused Johnny depp. There’s no reason why he should lose roles in films when he was the victim.

    1. Cindy G

      Disney has no right to judge his personal life. I cant imagine the Execs live squeaky clean lives. They just aren’t run thru the media. Let him do what he does best – be an actor. BTW no Johnny no audience. Johnny we all support and love you.

  23. Tushar

    A very very huge fan of Johnny Depp ????
    Let him play the role of
    Pls… Pls.. ?❤❤

  24. I cannot foresee that Disney Studios would be foolish enough to place another actor into Johnny Depp’s role as Jack Sparrow. No one in their right mind would go and see the movie!!

  25. Teri Davis

    He’s a great actor. He could never be replaced.

    1. Iris

      Bring John back his personal affairs should not interfere with his work. And no one will ever want to watch pirates without him. I wouldnt pay too see with out him!!

  26. Bella

    Bring johnny back he’s innocent, he deserves to play jack sparrow

  27. DenW

    Pirates of the caribbean not itself without good’ol Jack sparrow and Johnny Depp playing the part. Why i watched it, because he was in it. Comedic and adventuresome he was.
    Like to see him it again with the new installments…???

  28. Felicia McLandau

    Mr. Depp you will get through this. You have a lot of love out there for you. We are huge fans and support you through this time!!! Stay strong and feel the love of fans. And we are many!! Look forward to seeing you soon in whatever project you take up next. Much love Johnny Depp!

  29. Joshua

    I can’t picture pirates of the Caribbean without johnny.

  30. Son

    Johnny Depp is a hero actor . There’s no way his giant fan base will turn against him I vote for him over the smug Amber Heard…. ANY DAY.

    1. L.E.A

      There are plenty of celebrities out there still doing their thing even with allegations and personal matters going on. BRING DEPP BACK!!

      1. India L. McKinney

        Johnny Depp, is an amazing person. The courts don’t always get it right. In this case they got ALL WRONG. I have followed his career for years and he should remain with the franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. Its his and no one else. They can’t replace the Black Panther, they can’t replace Tom Cruse as Ethan Hunt in Mission impossible. So what makes you think you can just replace Johnny Depp??? Are you crazy or something???
        He taken pride in his work and his many characters, Savvy???

  31. Mr fixit

    At I don’t think so

  32. Ray Ruiz

    I won’t see another pirates of the Caribbean movie or anything close to it from Disney if they don’t reinstate Johnny Depp as Sparrow.

    1. Adrienne

      I won’t buy another Disney movie if Johnny Depp does not play Jack Sparrow!

  33. Sharon Swisher

    Bring back Johnny Depp, he’s the embodiment of Jack Sparrow! Stop with the political crap, because of “she said”! Bring back the one who made your movie make millions of $$$$$

  34. Adreanna Watters

    I dont care about his court case lol put him back in his movie captain jack sparrow needs to be played by johnny depp!!!!! There is no way you can have someone else play jack sparrow and expect us to be totally cool with it.

  35. Paula D Smith

    It won’t be worth watching if Johnny Depp is not playing Jack sparrow!!

  36. Larry Alexander

    Johnny Depp-jack sparrow 4 ever.

  37. Joseph koranda

    We all make bad decisions sometimes. Some people just aren’t meant to be together.

    I love Johnny Depp as an actor and always will in every role!

    2020 we need to give people 2nd chances!

  38. Jennifer

    Hes the main reson why i watch it he does jack sparrow Epic good.

  39. Derrick w kimball kimball

    Please bring back this extraordinary actor, pirates of the Caribbean is not without this legend.

  40. Michael

    Johnny Depp made the role iconic. His portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow is why the Pirates franchise is a multi billion one. He should be able to play the role for as long as he wishes to.

  41. Sylvis Rebecca Cadorette

    You do not get many Excellent actors like Johnny Depp. That can play his part and still be strait. Not drinking. Make you laugh your backside off. Forget about ALL of the bad things that are going on in your own life.

  42. Stephanie Brown

    No no no without Johnny Depp, it would no longer be worth watching. Love the other actors, but jack sparrow could only be Johnny!!!!! I wouldn’t watch or buy anymore of the movies.

  43. Donnalynn Pitzer

    Let Jobnny Depp back..noone else can be Captain Sparrow ..give him his part

  44. Cindy Scott

    Please Disney keep Jonny!! You can not replace him.

  45. Michelle

    Bring Johnny Depp back …He is Jack Sparrow !!!..

  46. Monika Cooper

    If JD is not in film, I will not watch it.

  47. Terry Rohrbach

    There is only one Jack Sparrow and only one Johnny Depp

  48. Angela Craik

    It won’t be the same without him and I won’t watch it if it doesn’t have him in it ….I love Johnny Depp ..

  49. Angela Craik

    It won’t be the same without him and I won’t watch it if it doesn’t have him in it ….I love Johnny Depp ..Abuse works both ways …it ain’t just the man who can do it..

  50. Erik Ellyson

    Yes, bring him back! No one else could compare!

  51. Brian King

    There’s only ONE Captain Jack Sparrow! Always and forever….Johnny Depp! Bring him back if you want the franchise to continue to be successful!

  52. Evans

    Look! No one wants to see what coming after that cause it will not be POTC.Jack Sparrow is POTC period. If you’re planning on changing the title go for it and I can’t even believe that I’m talking about something like. Imagine POTC without JS is a bad f joke. Hi fans and fams say by to POTC #IWON’TWATCHIT#???

  53. Wendy Davey

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. It would be a mistake to try and put another actor in his place.

  54. Heather Walker

    Johnny Depp is the reason this movie continues to be a success, take him out you lost millions of fans and money, please keep him.

  55. Leo Dew

    Bring back Johnny Depp, the character or characters that he portraits Brings meaning to the movies without him in any of them, Has No Meaning and No Heart.

  56. Sherri

    Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. The studio should be smart enough to see that fact. They need new leaders if the current ones aren’t savvy enough to figure it out. I personally won’t part with my money unless he is Jack Sparrow.

  57. Lori

    He IS Jack Sparrow!

  58. Sharron Braswell

    Pirates of the Caribbean would not be Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. He made the movies. If you don’t put Johnny Depp in the movie, you can expect your box office ratings to FALL big time!
    His private life is his private life! He’s a great actor and his private life, be he guilty if not, should have nothing to do with his acting ability!

  59. Xavier

    That guy was being beaten by his wife and defended himself and somehow he’s wrong? You messed up Disney, keep Depp, he made your franchise and nobody can do what he does.

  60. Iris

    Bring John back his personal affairs should not interfere with his work. And no one will ever want to watch pirates without him. I wouldnt pay too see with out him!!

  61. Laura Hudson

    He is such a great actor!! I can’t imagine someone else playing Captain Jack Sparrow!! Did u know while he is in character he visits sick children making their day!!!

  62. Taimah

    Johnny Depp is the only one who can do justice to captain Jack. POTC would never be the same without him.

  63. Wanda Gray

    I have allllof Johnny drops movies of the pirates of the. Caribbean an other movies put Johnny depp back in to acting an on. Anything else. About his x wife Amber I never did like her acting. An it always takes 2 to tangle so put Johnny depp back into acting

  64. Either Johnny Depp is in or I’m out. Not just me. Everyone I know wants Johnny in the film. They all say that a film without him will be a rip-off. Don’t Rip us off! Give Johnny Depp his role.

  65. edward snider

    Boycott POTC if Depp is not Captain Jack Sparrow!!!

    1. Paula

      Loop Johnny Depp made Captain Jack Sparrow his..
      No one can fill those shoes..
      NO ONE

  66. Haley

    A world without Jack I think not. The world needs him right now. So many people love that character he made that character if you dispose of him that would be a terrible thing I know I would never ever ever ever support Disney. No more field trips no more spending money at Disney tickets nothing I’ll cancel Disney plus whatever I got to do he needs to come back bottom line it’s personal life his adult business has absolutely nothing to do with his career.

  67. Kimberly Huntsinger

    There is no way anyone else could portray Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp is not the man he’s being made out to be. I would have no interest at all in a “pirates” movie that didn’t include him .

  68. Johnny Dep is no angel & we all know that, but he certainly isn’t the monster Hollywood wants to label him as now. His personal life is separate, and Captain Jack should only be played by Dep himself. No one else will suffice.

  69. Jan

    No Johnny, No Pirates. The uk case was a civil matter. Johnny has been found guilty of zero.

  70. Hes one of the reason I watch the movie and ever movie hes in I watch. Johnny Depp is one the best actors out there and I would pay to go see any movie hes in before I would go to see his ex- wife movie. What ever happened in the past only the 2 of them know and God and that has nothing to do with you me and anyone else.

  71. Rita Guizzetti

    There is no Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. No one else can play him. His personal life should not come into play in his career. No one should rule someone else’s life like that

  72. Janet A Coy

    There is NO Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. I won’t be watching unless Jack is back!!

  73. Nova D wilson

    Stuff that happens at homeneeds to stay at home it had nothing to do with his acting Johnny Depp is a great actor I love all of his movies I’ve watched him since I was growing up if he had a problem he needs help he doesn’t need to be casted away. Personal life shouldn’t interfere with business!

  74. Melissa Davis

    Johnny Depp makes movies better. No Johnny I will not go see it or buy dvds. Stop punishing him over BS.

  75. Nathan Dortch

    Come on y’all, there’s only one Captain Jack Black and y’all know it’s our Main Man Johnny Depp, there’s no other, let’s keep it real, he will always be the One.

  76. Janet M Ponte

    He is Jack Sparrow.Nobody can replace him.And by the way please have Gore Verbinski as director again.The last segments were on the verge of ridicoulous.Go back to what you had in first two films.


    Johnny Depp is an incredibly talented actor and he should not be black balled from Hollywood! Pirates should step up to the plate and show that mistakes shouldn’t end a brilliant career.

  78. Madcap Ren

    Disney needs to stop judging people and pretending to be so aloof. I have four words for them “Song Of The South”! (Mic drop)

  79. Gretchen Porter

    Johnny Depp IS captain jack!!!! Dont bother making a potc movie if you leave him out! Marriage issues with a former spouse (who, by the way, is 1/2 of their problems) shouldn’t affect his job. AND, if he hadn’t put his personality into that character you wouldn’t have a successful franchise!!!!!!!!

  80. The pirates franchise would not be the same without him. Depp brings a memorable perfection to this role. If he was not in a new pirates movie it would be like having a dollar in the bank account of cinema culture.

  81. Joellen Wilson

    Come back

  82. Alicia Saldana

    Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. I’m not going to sit here and compare him to any other actor. Each actor is one of a kind. Their hard work and commitment to their acting career is assembled in the movies in which they perform. We should applaud their great success. We should feel blessed for having such great actors and entertaining us. Otherwise we would be picking up sticks.

  83. Felicia Wills

    Everyone has something in their past, or an opinion about something you don’t like. We’re not saints, just human and that’s life. This man has paid his dues, BRING HIM BACK!! Look at all the slimy and bullying presidents we have/had, I mean come on ?

  84. Jessietta Lashun Harvey

    I love johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow… His personal life has nothing tondo with his professional life.. She should have learned to duck… Please ill marry u johnny and we can fight all the time…

  85. Dalena Kay Ramos

    Pirates of the Caribbean won’t be worth watching if you don’t have Jack sparrow played by Johnny Depp! Y’all are making a HUGE mistake for taking him out of all Disney shows. I say boycott Disney franchise till they get their heads out of their rumps!

  86. K. Doyle

    Parlay,chimney, Jack Sparrow IS Pirates of the Caribbean.

    It’s simple: keep Captain Jack, keep making money.

    Do we have an accord?

  87. K. Doyle

    Captain Jack Sparrow IS Pirates of the Caribbean!

    No one will watch POTC WITHOUT Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow!

    Do we have an accord, Disney? Bring Johnny back!

  88. Aaron

    Johnny Depp is a wife-beater, y’all are disgusting.

  89. Ashley

    There IS NO Cap’n Jack without Johnny! Do not ruin POC, Disney!

  90. Rocky r sanchez

    It’s a most that Johnny deep plays a part in the movie it just wouldn’t be the same

  91. Marissa

    We need Johnny depp. Its not POTC without him!

  92. Terry Grenier

    Please bring Mr Depp back!!

  93. Please keep Johnny Depp in Pirates he is an awesome actor. The movies may as well stop because he makes the whole entire movie.

  94. Jen

    I personally can separate the artist from the art. Yeah, so many he and his ex had a toxic relationship and neither treated the other with love and respect, or so we hear. I wasn’t there so I don’t know. But seriously, let the man act and do what he does best. Let him be Captain Jack Sparrow and damn it, let him play Grindelwald!!! Everyone still wants Harry Potter despite Jake’s horrible trash talking of transgender people but a couple has a bad marriage and it’s all over for the guy? Really?? I think we can be better than that.


    Amber Heard is a shining example of a nasty female! She is unstable and useless! Johnny Depp is a legendary actor! And regardless of their personal issues he never once showed a bad man! He showed an upset man he showed a hurting man! But she showed nothing but crazy! I own every pirates movie available! But if Johnny Depp does not continue in the series I will never get or be interested in another Pirates movie again! He made the movie! He’s the only reason the movies have been that much of a success and would be a great loss to the franchise without him!

  96. Tanya S Folsom

    Yes he needs to remain the as the only character for the jack sparrow. If was not for him I would not have bought all the MOVIES!!!!
    He is Jack Sparrow and no one else.

  97. Thomas Hollawell

    Total B.S. Depp is great. Everyone goes through a rough time. Let the man be.

  98. Ann

    Bring him back, please! There’s only one Jack Sparrow and he needs to be in the next movie.

  99. Diane Parden

    I love the pirates movies!! Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow are the franchise. I will not watch one without him. And shame on disney for not even giving him a chance. I’m not sure who’s right and who wrong in this whole divorce thing but really…..I dont care. We are all human. And for disney to suddenly stick their nose up is seriously hippacritical.

  100. Dawn

    Disney tried and convicted him without a trial. Their evidence was conjecture, hear say and personal beliefd. The newspaper belived Amber Hearst therefore they can pretty much say what they want. So NO DISNEY and NO FANTASTIC BEASTS! #donewithdisney

  101. Joy

    Love Johnny Depp, especially as CaptainJackSparrow.

  102. Caden Hullett

    Johnny Depp made the character Jack Sparrow feel more than just a character. Do not replace him Disney. His quirky portrayal is why watched and bought every movie?. Please don’t have some rando playing our beloved Pirate. THANKS!!!!!

  103. Rikki Klontz

    I would love to see him back on Pirates. Worth every dollar I would pay.

  104. Elsie L DeStefano

    pirates of the Caribbean is nothing without Johnny Depp. he made the movie what was is was. his character is the only reason I watch. his personal life has nothing to do with the fact that he’s an amazing actor.

  105. If Johnny Depp wasn’t famous,no one would care about his personal life- and that’s just what it is-HIS PERSONAL life-not ours! For all we know,his ex could be lying to get revenge on him-it’s happened so many times before with other celebrities.Johnny Depp has always been a magnificent actor,he really puts his heart and soul into his work-alot of actors and actresses don’t do that.Without Captain Jack Sparrow,there is no Pirates of the Caribbean! His personal life has absolutely no effect on his career.He is still the most wonderful actor.If Disney wants to get right down to it,other actors and actresses that have worked for them over the years have had unsavory personal lives as well and they never had them publicized nor did they get rid of them.Let’s face it,if all of us had our skeletons come out of the closet,we would all be judged, scrutinized,and raked over the coals because we live in a world where everybody thinks that they have the right to point fingers at people’s troubles and indiscretions-forgetting that we all have our own as well. Leave Johnny Depp’s personal life out of his career! Unless Disney is ready to attack all of the other actors and actresses that have let them down morally,they need to stop acting high and mighty and get off of Johnny Depp’s back.

  106. Judy A Cunningham

    He made the Jack Sparrow character, all the movies revolve around Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp…no one can take his place. Bring him back, myself if he’s left out of these movies won’t watch any new ones.

  107. Rita

    He is the only one recognized for that part. He deserves to keep !

  108. Justin

    Yeah Johnny Depp portrays a great Jack Sparrow and It would be great to see him again!! Jack sparrow is awesome!!!!!!

  109. Cheryl Hustedde

    It’s ridiculous for Depp to be penalized for anything Heard says. How is it that he managed to be in other relationships without abusing anybody and never abusing his children. No man is perfect. But has a huge fan base. I for one will never watch any movie or show that has been taken away from Johnny Depp and I will never watch any program of any kind that has Amber Heard involved in.

    1. I hope he gets the part, although he might being experiencing a middle age crisis doesn’t mean he don’t deserve to be the great Jack Sparrow againg!

  110. jeffery parker

    Without johnny depp there is no pirates of the caribbean his ex wife gave as much as she got

  111. JT

    Yeah Johnny Depp portrays a great Jack Sparrow and It would be great to see him again!! Jack sparrow is awesome!!!!!!

  112. Bella Davis

    Bring back Jack Sparrow. HE IS Pirates of the Caribbean!

  113. Kynan Hickman

    Without Johnny Depp there are no PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN….
    Tired of people losing their jobs over personal issues. You have no right not to use Depp. Hos private life should have nothing to do with his work!

  114. Joe madajewski

    Johnny depp IS cap jack sparrow

  115. Brent

    Bring him back. There’s nothing worth watching if he’s not present.

  116. angel bender

    johnny depp is a great man.. he derserves to get his career and life back on track the mans been through hell for nothing. i dont care about the court decision. the tapes proved what we all knew johnny is a good man my hole family and friends are screaming justice for johnny..

  117. Linda Fort

    Yes there is only 1 Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp.

  118. Carrie Sommers

    Mr. Depp is a great actor! The Pirates movies have to have him for it to work. If he’s not in them myself and family, and most I know won’t watch.

  119. Captain Jack Sparrow is a one-of-a-kind character much like Johnny Depp himself. I can’t see anyone else possibly playing him

  120. Jackie flood

    Bring back Johnny depp!

  121. Charlotte Turnage

    No Johnny Depp….No Pirates of the Caribbean!!!! Will not watch!!!

  122. Terri T Bartron

    It won’t be POTC anymore without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. If he is not in it I won’t even bother to waste my time and money. PLEASE bring Johnny back, he IS POTC, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow!

  123. Jessica Madera

    Its 2020! Wake up! Males are not the only abusers. Men are abused too. Even young boys of all ages. It is disgusting how this CXL Culture, Me Too Movemens, & all the knowledge we have this happens. Give Johnny his part back. He made that movie!!

  124. Tiffany benway

    Give him back jack sparrow! Nobody can be jack better than Johnny. Johnny depp is Jack Sparrow.

  125. Jen

    It won’t be the same

  126. Nancy Mcavoy

    If Johnny doesn’t play to it then no one is going to see it or buy it !! He’s not to blame ah is !!!

  127. D. Leyva

    Bring J Depp back! He’s the only reason the watch the “pirates” movies!

  128. Jessica D White

    Johnny Depp makes the movie, period. I wouldn’t watch it without him…and that goes for Fantastic Beasts too.

  129. Rebecca Dudley

    Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and person. His personal life shouldn’t keep the best character out of Pirates of the Caribbean! Without Captain Jack Sparrow and Johnny Depp there’s no movie and there will be no one watching it I’m sure of that!

  130. Delma Vazquez

    Talented Johnny Depp!!! My neighbors love him, everybody loves him and suffer because of him being cast out Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and we want him back!!

  131. His private life has nothing to to with his acting career. Without the Jack Sparrow character that Johnny Depp portrays Pirates of the Caribbean would flop. Bring him back

  132. No one but Johnny Depp can ever be Jack Sparrow. It’s your choice to loose money or make it.

  133. Ang Saddler

    There is NO proper Jack Sparrow without him! No one else can do the role the same!

  134. As if there is someone else capable to take his spot without ruining the movie. If hes not in it then we wont watch.

  135. Jessica

    He needs back in! Noone can fill his shoes. Hes best actor!. Where do i sign!. ??

  136. Tanja

    Johnny Depp ist ein erstaunlicher Schauspieler und ein wunderbarer liebevoller Mann Sein persönliches Leben sollte den besten Charakter nicht von Fluch der Karibik fernhalten! Ohne Captain Jack Sparrow und Johnny Depp gibt es keinen Film und es wird niemanden geben, der ihn sieht, da bin ich mir sicher!

    1. Mckayla

      I love Johnny Depp. The Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movies because of him. If he is replace I will not be watching. NO Johnny Depp. NO MOVIE.
      It’s ridiculous to think otherwise!!

  137. Lorena

    Jack sparrow only by Johnny Depp, theres no way some other actor can pull it like he does!! Please bring Johnny Depp back …..!!!!

  138. He’s the jack one will like pirates of Caribbean anymore without mr.depp


  139. Ryan

    This guy is one of the best actors I’ve ever grown up watching. Nobody ever would be able to play his role and a role that’s truly his, Jack Sparrow. Pirates would never be the same or frankly enjoyable without him.

  140. Takicia

    There is no Pirate’s movie without Johnny Depp, he shouldn’t be punished for something he didn’t do and for which he was the hurt party. It makes me so mad

  141. Barbara Capps Mcphail

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow ,,,no one else will ever be ,, it’s like his 2 nd persona ,,,I have bought every episode ,,and I wont but any more without Johnny Depp in it ,, Capt Jack Sparrow ,,is also Johnny Depp ,,, take away one ,,the other will fail ,,

  142. Arman

    No Jonny no jack

  143. Karen

    What would be the point of watching it if Depp WASN’T Jack Sparrow ? He IS the movie !

  144. Kathleen Crawford

    Please put Johnny back in pirates movies his character made that movie success you’re richer because of him.

  145. Katherine Shief

    Yes yes Johnny Depp needs 2 be Capt Jack Sparrow. Bring him back. There’s no other 4 that role. Johnny Depp is Capt Jack Sparrow cant be replaced. Please don’t punish Mr. Depp and his fans by trying 2 replaced him.

    1. Georgia M.

      If Johnny Depp is not in Pirates… I won’t be watching!

  146. Mary

    We vote and yes we want Johnny Depp back in the next movie.
    My 9 year old is a fan aof all the actors of the Pirates of the Caribean he watched all the movies and wating for the new movie his fav is Jack Sparrow and the monkey.

  147. Martin

    JOHNNY Depp is a
    Fantastic actor he needs to be back in films bring him back to
    DISNEY his great without this guy in films
    Would be a shame come on sort it out Disney

  148. Wishtecha Doroshenko

    Don’t take your home to work and don’t take work back home
    Everybody in Hollywood ain’t clean

  149. Love you Johnny Depp
    You’re the best actor that I know I grew up watching your movies, you’re literally one of my top favorite actors I love you so much

  150. Irakli

    Bring Johnny back!!

  151. Robert Floyd

    A Pirates of the Carribbean movie without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack is stunningly and embarrassingly unthinkable. That character MADE the franchise what it is. I wouldn’t see it, without Captain Jack. No way!

  152. Noor

    Without Johnny depp the movie won’t be the same. He’s a main character and to be quite honest no one will probably watch a movie without him as jack sparrow

  153. Shafik

    Am in Uganda but please bring back johnny he’s the reason why I watched pirates of the carribean

  154. Stephen Vine

    Brilliant in this role.

  155. Randu

    We need Jack Sparrow

  156. Nikol

    Johnny Depp is a unique and incredibly actor! His performances are amazing and no one else can transform and play like him!
    But, as we all know his greatest role is Jack Sparrow. With out Jack, there aren’t pirates of the Caribbean! No one else can replace him! Pirates of the Caribbean 6 need him!

  157. Turok

    I don’t even think people will watch the movie if Jack sparrow isn’t in it…
    I know I won’t.

  158. Victory

    NOBODY WILL WATCH IT IF HE IS NOT IN IT. He gave a life to this movie and made it a speechless experience. HE IS INNOCENT! Give him what he actually deserves!

  159. Heather

    Its not Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp.

  160. Safwaan

    Bring jhonny back

  161. Maria

    There is no cinema without Johnny Depp. We need him to do his magic! He goes – I go.

  162. Jamilla

    I think Johnny Depp is the only actor who can make Jack Sparrow’s character alive.

  163. Jamilla

    Disney will only lose fans because of this. Their being very stupid letting him go.

  164. Collin

    He was so good, idk how any person could ruin a career for one of the best people in the world

  165. Daniel Barrios

    Bring Johnny Depp back his the best pirate I know the best actor without Johnny Depp there’s no Jacksboro. a waste of time if you guys don’t have him

  166. alina Gonzalez


  167. George

    Is Johnny depp the one with those mangled fingers in that film with the mam from stranger things?

  168. V

    POTC are one of my favorite movies and Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Don’t you dare replace him, it would destroy everything.

  169. M

    Johnny Depp literally made POTC franchise with his amazing Captain Jack Sparrow.
    Disney… you are wasting your time re-casting or re-writing, without Johnny Depp you may as well drop the whole thing, it’ll flop anyway. And it will be boycotted.

    1. Ara

      100%. If Johnny was female he wouldn’t be shunned, he would put on a pedestal! Good luck with the movie, Disney, you’re going to need it!

  170. Johnny Depp will always be the only Pirates of the Caribbean Star,
    No one else could never replace Him in the films it would just never ever be the same
    He should be reinstated on everything he has been booked to do ……

  171. lila


  172. Raees

    Please, please and please.



  174. Arnie Gonzalez

    I bet there are more signatures for depp’s return than signatures to her did of Splash Mountain theme!

  175. Johnny Depp is without any shadow of a doubt one of THE most supremely, exceptionally and phenomenally gifted, talented actors the world hasxeverchad the pleasure and gift of having, his characterisations are superb, his accents sublime and his ability to play a magnitude of vastly diverse characters to absolute perfection as well as speaking THE BEST English accent by far of any non-English actor puts him in a league of his own, he is THE most talented actor I have ever seen in my life bar NONE. Pirates of the Caribbean’s viewing figures, audience and credibility will be irreparably damaged WITHOUT Johnny Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow which would be like bees without honey or strawberries without cream. I CANNOT stress, put into words or emphasize enough how much ANY future POTC film will pale into insignificance to the point of having NO pointvor relevance, whatsoever, WITHOUT THE MOST gifted, talented character actor on the planet, I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER, waste 2 hours of my life watching ANY future POTC films WITHOUT this supremely able, gifted and phenomenally talented man in them.

  176. Manish

    I don’t care who is better than whom But captain Jacksparrow is thr character which Only jonney deep can do

  177. Valerie J ONEILL

    Y’know nobody is perfect. Give him a break, he’s a great actor and if it wouldn’t have been for him the whole Pirates Of the Caribbean wouldn’t be as successful as it was. How about trying to give him some support. He was there for Disney’s success and good times, how about being there for Johnny through these bad times, Disney?

  178. Apollo

    We need johnny depp ge is the heart of the pirates of the caribbean its just not worth the watch without him

  179. Please let jonney depp be the jack sparrow in the up coming pirates movie. No one can replace his humore and his real acting.please don’t ruin the film.

  180. ilovepotc


    1. Yousuf Ghauri


  181. Mary-Catherine Kunz

    Johnny Depp is Pirates of the Caribbean. No Johnny will spell disaster for Pirates. I certainly will not be watching.

  182. Roberta Nance

    His personal life should be just that, personal. His movies are not based on his personal life, they are for entertainment only. Disney should have never fired him because of his “personal life”. He IS Captain JACK SPARROW and always will be.

  183. Jean

    Johnny Depp is the best , AH is a liar and the abuser

  184. I say Johnny Depp is a awesome man and actor. I am angry and apall that anybody will refere him as a wife beater. He has never harm a woman at all not his ex girlfriends or his ex wives.

  185. Carl

    NO Johnny Depp. NO Pirates of the Caribbean He is the
    franchise !!!

    1. Noe Galvez

      Getting rid of Johnny Depp.jack sparrow it’s like getting rid of Mickey Mouse and replace him with something else, you can’t do that!! To house brand!.I’m trying to be nice about it!

  186. Stephen

    No one will ever replace Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow. Disney you are making a big mistake by dropping him from the franchise .I’m not sexist or anything but a woman replacing Jack Sparrow will not work. Have some sense and re-cast him as Jack Sparrow

  187. Monique

    Johnny Depp is the landmark of POTC. He is brilliant in this role and should get an Oscar for it. Hope Disney will think this through and find a smashing screenplay for POTC 6 able to live up to Johnny Depp’s talent to play Captain Jack Sparrow. If they do so, the PTOC 6 will be a box office success. Disney can do any other film without Johnny Depp (though their loss) but not POTC!

  188. bailey landis

    if they don’t have jack sparrow I won’t watch it 1000000 times

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