Holiday Flavors Arrive at Joffrey’s Coffee Stands

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Piping hot off the press (see what we did there?), Walt Disney World coffee lovers can rejoice. Joffrey’s Coffee stands all over the resort has seen the return of seasonal flavored lattes to the menu. Caffeinated Disney fans can sip on two seasonal lattes served either hot or iced as they enjoy the Orlando Resort. Both Peppermint White Mocha and White Chocolate Gingerbread are on the holiday menu for Fall/Winter of 2020.

Joffrey’s Seasonal Lattes

This sweet and icy blue sign sits on the countertops at many Joffrey’s Coffee stands. You can see that both latte flavors are priced at $5.69 and served either hot or cold, depending on your preference in whatever weather you find yourself in!

joffrey's seasonal lattes
Credit: @disneycoffeeblog on IG

These popular coffee flavors are often the first stop for Magic Kingdom guests in the morning on the way to a queue for their favorite attraction. @Disneycoffeeblog shares the many java cups they had the day these special Joffrey’s seasonal latte flavors were released.

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Credit: @disneycoffeeblog on IG

The menu board at this Joffrey’s also has the light icy blue menu theme, advertising the drinks, ounces, and pricing. Of course, the lovely glass mug is not included.

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Credit: @disneycoffeeblog on IG

The @DisneyCoffeeBlog’s Instagram post is captioned with,

“To my fellow peppermint mocha and gingerbread coffee lovers: Joffrey’s winter season lattes are now available in Disney World???
☕️ Peppermint Mocha Latte: espresso, milk, dark chocolate sauce, and peppermint syrup
☕️ White Chocolate Gingerbread Latte: espresso, milk, white chocolate sauce, and gingerbread syrup
Both are available hot or iced at EACH Joffrey’s kiosk in the parks and their Disney Springs store. $5.69 plus tax. They’ll likely stick around until mid-February when their Spring season coffee specials arrive.  -Matt

The carousel of images takes us through not only the ordered and delivered hot and iced coffees but the menu signage and placards, as well.  If you are into the unique flavors and mix-ins of Walt Disney World coffee, I highly recommend stopping by the Joffrey’s cart in Tomorrowland for a Mission to Smores latte, (served hot or cold) for chocolatey-marshmallow goodness.

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Credit: @disneycoffeeblog on IG

Are you a coffee lover? Leave us a comment about your favorite seasonal latte flavor from Joffrey’s Coffee!

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