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  1. Thomas

    While I’m not exactly Johnny Depp’s biggest fan (though I do like some of his movies), I don’t think that removing the Jack Sparrow animatronics from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ would benefit OR take away from the ride. As stated in this article, he and the other film exclusive characters weren’t in it when the ride first opened, but he is synonymous with the Pirates franchise – even if he’s not in the upcoming 6th instalment. If they remove Jack Sparrow, then I would argue they should remove Barbossa too and any indication of the movie that wasn’t already in the ride to begin with. People will hopefully make the connection of the character to the movie franchise rather than the issues surrounding the actor who portrays him.

    1. Hope the movie bombs without him .

      1. Steven Dangelat

        It will. He was the main character. Maybe Disney will have a feminist woman play the role.

      2. Margi Chambers

        It ridiculous to go back to an actors past work and try to detroy their entire career past and future because of personal struggles. These aren’t Nuns, they’re actors.

        1. Nikkie

          I’m sorry, but being physically abusive is not a “personal struggle”- it’s a sign of serious mental health issues. They both need to fix themselves before they start working again.

          1. Claudia Trent

            Perhaps you should be saying that about his former wife.

    2. Margi Chambers

      This article is incorrect. His liable case against Heard is in Virginia in the Spring.He lost the case against “The Sun” It’s just that the crooked judge passed judgement on him , rather than just saying the truth that he didn’t think he proved his case against the Sun.

      1. Ann

        This is ridiculous. Fans don’t care about actors personal life. No one is perfect. Where’s it going to end. Amber was the abuser in that marriage and she is rising in her career.

      2. Julie Altman


    3. Darla

      I can see your point however I would like to just comment as a fan if Disney decides to creat another Pirates of the Caribbean it wouldn’t be right with out him and his incredible enthusiasm and I couldn’t accept a substitute in his place I personally believe if they are going to not accept him back there is no point in creating another one at all.

    4. Katherine Muhm

      He shouldn’t been replaced in the movie or in the ride because what went on was between him and his wife he doesn’t treat the women he works with or in other relationships like that and they both said they were both drinking so therefore it should not affect either one of their jobs that is crazy and sad that their private life was played out in the public

      1. Mohammad

        Yes of course
        Jonny Depp is the best actor who can be as Jack sparrow I won’t see the pirate of caribeen without JD.

    5. Susan

      I’m not going to see the next pirates of the Caribbean movie because it won’t be the same without Jonny Depp! I love those movies so since he’s gone I’m out too

      1. جوکر

        Please do not do this with Johnny Depp, personal life has nothing to do with acting in a movie

  2. Trudy

    Good!!!! Disney sux!! A pro like johnny…..draws fans , like deniro!!! Im sure he will get over it. Chin up , in the homestretch now. Johnny is a national TREASURE.


    Removing Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow from POTC wouldn’t be a huge problem in most parks, but Shanghai Disneyland’s attraction is based on the films. Removing Jack Sparrow would decimate the attraction.
    The argument could be made/tortured that the figure is Jack Sparrow, not Johnny Depp. Pretty weak argument, but im betting theyll use it considering the huge financial investment and the cost of replacing animatronics and show pieces/audio/lighting effects
    I remember when I worked at WDW, being told that Captain Eo was a huge financial risk for Disney. If Michael Jackson did anything ‘goofy’ (this was years before accusations of pedophilia) the attraction would be shut down.
    Im curious to see what will happen.

    1. Gus

      Disney knows that the character Jack Sparrow is Pirates of the Caribbean. And Johnny Depp is Captain Jack. There are little to none actors that can emulate his acting ability. As for the trial both Depp and Heard have destroyed thier reputation and they highlighted the destructive nature of thier relationships. Hopefully they recover from this. Johnny Depp will always be a A-list actor and Heard the attractive ex-wife.

      1. marknowak

        why cant I scroll to see all of the comments? only 4 of 34 are visible.

    2. Margi Chambers

      This is not pedophilia, stop creating a comparison. All the evidence goes to they fought, she screamed and threw things and tried to hurt him in every way. It’s easy to read the transcripts rather than just judge.

      1. Jack

        Margot Robbie is supposed to take the lead in the next installment (not sure why they introduced 2 new characters last time, if they had no future.) Jerry Bruckheimer is trying to get Depp back for the next one, how Disney reacts…we’ll see.

        1. Claudia Trent

          Margot Robbie is supposed to be the lead of the next POTC movie? What? An 18th century version of Harley Quinn? Is that the idea? Forget this.

  4. Athena

    Pirates of the Caribbean is always a favorite of people at Disney. When they brought out the movie franchisewe all freaked out, and this ride became a thousand times more popular removing him would actually really piss me off and a lot of other people. Jack Sparrow/Johnny made that movie gold. He’s also innocent and his ex wife is the actual abuser…that verdict was a bunch of bollocks

    1. Julie L Costelloe

      I agree that the verdict WAS bullocks!!!

  5. Paul R Davis

    British Courts will always side with a British Company in a Lrable case when it is an American is the one taking them to court for liable charges

    1. mark nowak

      we are talking about fictional characters. when we we go to any of the parks we are supposed to leave the world behind us and step into this magical Fantasy Place.
      So, keep the movie franchise going. Keep the characters in The Pirates of Caribbean attractions.

    2. Madeline Menezes


    3. Leeann Jacket

      Stop messing with the rides before my family get a chance to ride them. You’ve already ruined the auction scene. When I show them old videos of when I went to Walt Disney World & Disneyland; they’re always sad about the changes. But Galaxy’s Edge looks cool.

      1. I wont watch a reboot if Johnny Depp isnt it in Pirates of the Caribbean

  6. Becca

    I like to say that I love pirates of the Caribbean and I believe if Johnny Depp is not in them it won’t be the same. Jack sparrow is a important character and changing you plays me after this many movies will be wrong. Me personally I will not watch any new pirates movie if Johnny not it them, it won’t be a pirates movie without him

  7. Enea

    I think many actors in the industry deal with work after their private life goes public. I love the actor Depp is. He is a really good actor and in my opinion this is the character he created because no one would be able to take it over and killing that character or replacing him with something else on the ride just erases something that became synonymous with the ride after years of it being just a ride. It is a story.a really in depth story of pirates and Depp’s character Jack Sparrow is forever embedded into that story. Just my opinion. As for his private life…does not take away his acting career and it shouldn’t. Did Charlie Sheen get shunned forever in television because of his mess ups? No. He is still an actor as well as behind the camera.

    1. Sharon

      I totally agree with you. We need to keep his private life and acting career separate.

  8. Diane

    That is going a little too far. Come on the guy is a great actor and you passed off alot of fans already why even think about getting rid of Jack Sparrow in Disneyland.
    What the hell!!!

  9. Tyler Rowan

    I know for a fact that is they remove Captain Jack Sparrow that ride will loose riders so damn fast. One thing that has kept the ride so popular is Captain Jack Sparrow. By removing him they will piss off every single fan of the franchise because it is Johnny Depp who made it the massive success that it has become.

  10. Tad

    The ride has already changed so much over the years that pulling the Depp animatronic will not make the lines any shorter, which is what most guests care about. But the Imagineers do need to think about changing the knot of the rope that the pirates in the dungeon jail are using to try and catch the dog with the keys in its mouth. Instead of a hangman’s noose it should be a half hitch or slip knot. Any Boy Scout can help them out. It’s the PC thing to do.

    1. Al

      They are pirates. They aren’t PC, idiot.

      1. Tad

        Big Al, they are animatronics in a ride at WDW. Apparently you are the only one who doesn’t recognize sarcasm when it smacks you in the face… don’t look in the mirror, you might spot an idiot.

  11. Dori

    I think it would be a huge shame and a terrible act on Disney’s part to remove Johnny Depp from the ride. I love him as a person and an actor. I am a huge Pirates Fan and even went to the premier at Disneyland for the World End movie. It would be extremely sad and horrible if his character was removed.

  12. bundle

    None of us can know which part of his ex wife’s claims are true or not. Doesn’t matter-if it ain’t broke, let’s not fix it. You need a main pirate and will we waste money to refurbish this ride just to pick a side in his divorce?

    1. Adam Contreras Jr

      Actually Depp had evidence who had a voice recorder,camera recorder, & he even has a video that she was having an affair of that crooked elon musk who were making out Depp private elevator. She even made false police report.

  13. Billie Hanson

    The fact that Depp WON his case against Heard in a different British court was not taken into consideration by the judge in the libel case. The verdict was total BS! If Disney uses the cancel culture AS AN EXCUSE to remove JD’s likeness then they will have tarnished Disney in the eyes of millions of fans. I am a former cast member and do not like what Disney has become. I don’t believe Walt would either.

  14. Letty Perez

    They would be stupid to remove him. He is Pirates of the Caribbean!

  15. Diana

    Pirates of the Caribbean Will be nothing without Johnny Depp as Jack sparrow


    Pirates is nothing without Depp. Will not watch another Pirate movie without Depp. Disney is disgusting just like Warner Brothers. Make the bucks off someone and dump them.

    1. Madeline Menezes

      I agree. I am done with them. Disneyland prices are outrageous anyway. I can’t believe that they are even getting into Johnny’s private life. Heard has been proven to be an aggressor in past relationships. No one is judging her!!!

  17. Madeline Menezes


  18. Madeline Menezes

    I agree. I am done with them. Disneyland prices are outrageous anyway. I can’t believe that they are even getting into Johnny’s private life. Heard has been proven to be an aggressor in past relationships. No one is judging her!!!

  19. Michelle

    Wow!! Lets just kick the man while hes down shall we! There’s always 2 sides to stories. Anyways…Johnny Depp made Captain Jack Sparrow unique and popular! Thats why so many people come to Disney for main attractions. I personally dont think they should remove him. He earned that spot! Leave him be!! I say! And yeah still and always will be HUGE fan!!!

  20. Angie Singletary

    He made pirates & for them to turn their back on him shows their character! A child can determine from the evidence his innocence! Not to mention it’s his private life , he is innocent & fans want him around & he is a great human being & the BEST ACTOR ON THE PLANET‼️‼️ WB & Disney making a big mistake ‼️‼️He’s TOO GOOD for them‼️But he is such a good person he would probably go back if they asked.

  21. Spam Titus

    Nothing against Depp, but I wish they’d put the ride back the way it was.

  22. Karen Dagsen

    Given what I have read about Amber Heard, and the statement she made to someone close to her about setting Johnny Depp up, what people forget is one simple fact….MEN CAN BE ABUSE VICTIMS THEMSELVES!!!! If Amber started the physical attacks, and Johnny defended himself, consequently leaving bruises, the in a bias unfair system, it is 99.9% blamed on the man. Johnny’s first wife defended him, Winona Ryder(his ex- fiancee) defended him, and several others he dated through the years have defended him. I say he is innocent, because too many people who were once close to Amber all said she was vindictive and had quite the temper.

  23. Karen Heye-Ryberg

    Nah. Not with this pandemic, limited visitors and the popularity of Depp /Character. Not a wise move at this time.

  24. Adam Contreras Jr

    LOL Warner Brothers & now Disney are acting aggressive to Depp like he murder someone or was caught being a drug dealer or a slaver. The British judge made a idiot. Amber made false police report who is going to get away with it & keep her role in Aquaman 2. As for removing Jack Sparrow, is a big mistake since Depp has broken no law or committed a high crime.

  25. Hope the movie bombs without him .

  26. Yolanda M Aquino

    Does anyone also find it funny that Warner Bros is keeping someone on fantastic beasts who was video taped choke slamming a fan but then released Johnny over losing a libel? Disney removes him from playing Jack Sparrow but keeps Gina Carano who is a garbage individual I think both companies are bias. And the only real way to show them their error is to boycott

    1. Nikkie

      No, no one does because it’s not true. He definitely did not slam that person and there were reports of someone teasing him about fighting beforehand.

      1. Libbt

        Did Disney learn nothing from screwing up Star Wars. Now they want to ruin pirates too. Please enough with the pc. Can we just have a little joy in our lives.

  27. Teresa Highley

    Pirates without Johnny Depp you can’t replace Captain Jack Sparrow with anyone else it would be a huge mistake I am a huge fan, I will not be attending another Pirates of the Caribbean, Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow the one and only

  28. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow that’s it

  29. Maria del C. Beltran Ortiz

    Who are them to judge Johnny Depp? The court situation is not finish yet. Them don’t have the power to judge somebody. Maybe them do it something terrible toó in them life. Leave the fake judge to him. And leave the court process finish.

  30. Edwin Estrada

    Hell no!

  31. Michael J Lessing

    It would be like A nightmare on elm street without Freddy Kruger

  32. Free Johnny

    Aren’t pirates historically probable to have slapped a few wenches around?

  33. Cj

    A] Chapek is a cheapskate who doesn’t like to spend money if he doesn’t have to (he’s not going to finance altering Pirates – lol)

    B] money is set aside for Splash Mountain’s alterations (and that hasn’t started because the Theme Parks aren’t profitable during a pandemic)

    C] my opinions wouldn’t matter right now, because one of my favourite Rides has slowly turned into Boy Scouts Of The Caribbean since the 90’s (it’s already been ruined)

  34. Cristle

    This would infuriate me. Jack Sparrow made the movies. How ridiculous. Disney you suck!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Dee

    I think Disney is making a HUGE mistake kicking Depp out of the POTC franchise. I won’t be going to watch the next movie if Depp is not in it.

    I’m tired of the “Cancel “ culture that’s been adopted. Captain Jack is Depp and Depp is Captain Jack, there is no substitute.

    Johnny Depp is an amazing, talented and incredible actor and he will go on to make movies, TRUST. Tim Burton is a movie making machine and will use Johnny for something and then all this BS will vanish.

    Robert Downey Jr. previously was a drug addict and a hot mess and Disney hired him to play Iron Man.

    When Disney comes crawling back begging Johnny Depp to play Captain Jack Sparrow, his true fans will have the last laugh.

    1. Nikkie

      I don’t even know where to start. First of all, Tim Burton is not a moviemaking machine these days. He hasn’t even made a good one since…what, Frankenweenie?

      That being said, don’t compare domestic abuse to drug addiction. There is a huge difference between physically harming oneself and physically harming someone else. Also, RDJ got clean got his life back together. Who the hell knows if Johnny Depp phase done the same?

  36. Liz

    If he is removed from this movie then she should be removed from the Aquaman movie as well. She was abusive as well and should be punished the same way.

  37. Elysa Ramirez

    This’s completely wrong he is a great actor and person and suddenly everybody tries to banish him from earth for something that seems to be not completely clear or fair.
    He make a mistake I know but it was taking that “women” as a wife, because we already know this story, a young and beautiful woman that mysteriously fall in love with an older man who happened to be rich and famous just by coincidence (hahaha) and it turns in to an evil after she marry him. She’s the worst person and actress. You shouldn’t punished and ruin his career for a person that clearly seems not mentally stable (A.H)

  38. Carolyn Haines

    I hope the “Pirates” franchise a slow painful demise.

  39. LDW

    I was a late comer to the awareness to Johnnyas an actor but having enjoyed many a performance and expertise of the craft, I know Johnny will keep himself busy. If someone does not include him in their projects, it will be their loss.

  40. Debbie Myer

    If they remove Johnny Dep I will not be watching. He is Jack Sparrow!!

  41. Rich

    Disney will do whatever the PC snowflakes and twitterettes tell them to.

  42. Brant

    This would be moronic of Disney to do. Sure Pirates has a long standing history at the parks, but it’s without argument that Johnny’s Captain Jack Sparrow brought new life to the attraction and is adored by EVERYONE. The lines to meet Captain Jack are always long and Johnny had done WONDERS for Disney financially. Pirates is now Captain Jack Sparrow’s and part of Johnny Depps legacy.

  43. According to  The Hollywood Reporter  (THR), the new “Pirates” should not be considered as a spinoff of the wildly popular Johnny Depp-driven films centered on Captain Jack Sparrow – but is a wholly original story with new characters in which inspiration was drawn from the famed Disneyland ride and already has many fans speculating which character Robbie might encompass.

  44. Sharon Walters

    Was just at MK Dec 4 and noticed the animatronic at the end of the ride in the scene with him in a chair with the treasure the face has been altered and doesn’t look like Johnny like it used to

  45. Mary Clayton


  46. Mark

    Really, Andrew Jackson is one thing. Jack Sparrow is a character, he’s not real people. Get over yourselves. If Disney does, theybare fools. Sparrow is fictional. If you think he is real…. Go into therapy

  47. Lynne Ray

    Disney should NOT remove Johnny Depp!!! I just rewatched Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales. All the pirate movies have drunken womanizing pirates and military. So how is “Depp’s personal life” effecting anything. If people want to Nick-pick how about all the other movies they’ve all done outside of Disney…. Captain Salazar’s movies? It’s a new era and we’re still judging. Ugh. I vote to keep Depp in the ride and movies. I agree with another post… The movies would bomb without him. (I’m not condoning domestic violence) 🦇

  48. jacquie Keller

    Are you people nuts!!!! He should not be removed!!!
    And his private life should not have any issue on this. This is stupid!!! Remove him and wait the movie crash and burn. He is Jack Sparrow!

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