Comments for Disneyland Resort Made Some Major Updates During the Closure


Credit: Disney


  1. Mumertle

    They should put Frozen Ever After in the theater

  2. Leeann Jacket

    I really hope they’ve fixed Indy & overhauled the Haunted Mansion. But please keep Splash Mountain until my “first timers” get to ride on it.

  3. It’s very sad and difficult to see posts of the Happiest Place… amidst all the cast members who have been/are being laid off! ~ and the ramifications of all the businesses that have been shuttered due to the closure.
    I’m happy for the changes/additions; and I look forward to returning to a somewhat “normal” Magical experience.

    1. Tina

      The Magic is gone , there’s just to many changes, rules,expectations, and many of the familiar faces of our loved Cast Members are gone.

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