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  1. AMJ

    We have a December trip planned. As Premium Annual Passholders we made our 3 park resservations. Our 5 yo grandson is going with us, he has a 6 day Military Salute ticket. We can make him 6 days of park resservations. We are only allowed the 3. Even with our tickets linked, and we are in a group together, I had to make 2 sets of park resservations for the 3 of us for each day. It’s very cumbersome, and not a lot of fun. It took several days to coordinate with the 3 of and the 7 others going.
    I just hope the Cast Members take good care of the grandson the days he can go into a park and we can’t. (Joking, really.)
    It is very irritating that we spent almost $3000 for PAPs and a regular ticket has more options.
    Anyone else able to use a multiday ticket to make more then 3 day park resservations all at once? I even called Guest Services and was told it wasn’t a mistake, or WDW website glitch that allowed the rest of the group to have 4 to 6 day park resservations all at once.

  2. SG

    It looks to us like all the parks are way more than at 25% capacity. Has any park in Disney World ever had to close because it reached capacity? What is capacity for each park? All we see when we go (which was typically more than twice a month) are lines everywhere. Fast Pass would help, but unless you lower capacity even more you’ll still be waiting in lines for food and shopping. I’ve heard talk of virtual lines (other than HS’s ROTR) but haven’t seen any. I feel badly for those who can’t get their money back. If I were them I’d reschedule. It’s just not the same. Even the pop up parades (one float) are VERY scarse, MAYBE two or three a day!

  3. Tamara

    They would fill up more if they offered annual passes again.

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