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Disney World Park Hopping

Credit: Disney


  1. We have a vacation scheduled December 29 to January 5. I just spoke to a cast member about upgrading. I cannot, at least not over the phone. I would have to go to guest relations on January 1 and upgrade it in the park that I happen to be in. After reading the restrictions laid out in this article, I don’t think it is worth it. I imagine all the parks will be booked January 1-5 (we won’t be able to get a second park reservation). No thanks, Disney. I’ll keep my money.

    1. Doug asking

      I think article said you don’t need reservation for the 2nd park, only the first.

      Have a good trip

      1. Tamara

        Doesn’t matter, no annual passes, Disney still catering to the rich.

  2. Larry

    This is wonderful news for everyone that doesn’t want to spend the entire day in one park, but for me the biggest benefit of park hopping was to return to EPCOT in the evenings for a sit down dinner or to catch a night time show. Until restaurants can seat more people or the fireworks return park hopping will go unused, at least for us.
    The return of Fast Pass+ (or the expansion of virtual queuing) will benefit all by spreading out the crowds through the use of ride reservations.

  3. Davis

    “Ap w park hopper options”.????? Doesnt all APs park hop??? Very confused but very happy i miss spending the day and eating somewhere else… no 4 parks in 1 day as of now but still better than nothing!

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