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  1. We have visited WDW every year for the past 27 years (several times twice in a year). We will not be back until everything returns to the way WDW used to be. If it never returns back, then we have thousands of wonderful memories!

    1. Natasha

      I don’t blame you! What utter nonsense! Universal lets you park hop so why not WDW? I know WDW has more than one park but why bring park hopping back if you have to make a reservation? That’s not park hopping if you cannot freely hop! The whole idea is nonsense! Why can’t they just count the ones who buy park hopping passes into the park limit for the amounts of days they are in the park? And why keep
      This very stupid reservation system going until 2022? What nonsense! This isn’t about health and safety either or they wouldn’t have as many in the park already crowding around that they already have! Wheres the fast passes? It’s so crowded the last time I was there in October and so hot my daughter nearly passed out from this very dumb muzzle rule! Their Governor there already lifted all covid restrictions so why does Disney give a dam if we wear a mask or not? Who are they trying to impress? The people? No one wants to wear the very stupid masks! Are they trying to impress Adof Newscum? That dictator will never allow Disneyland to open he’s a tyrant! So who is Disney trying to impress? Let the people make their own choices! Why is Disney so all up into our business? If the ones that are so scared of this virus won’t come without a mask rule then let them stay home and let the rest of us visit! Find employees to work that don’t care either about this sniffles-19 either! It’s proving to be nothing but a bad flu that there is no escape from anyway! I will never return to Disney while it’s hot and humid out with this stupid mask rule and won’t ever buy an AP until there’s no reservation system in place! This’ll shake on Disney fur taking such draconian measure “for our health safety” you know who else says that? Adolf hitter!

    2. Corey

      Agreed. Our family feels the same way. So sad.. I hope it was with it Disney.

  2. What about AP? Rumor has it that Disney may do away with that as well. I’m out of state and have been getting AP for the last 5 years. I’m also recently DVC, (but re-sale so I don’t get the discounts).I got AP for the flexibility of park hopping and for the merch/dining discounts. Between my AP and DVC, visits aren’t that expensive. Trying to decide if renewing the AP is worth it!

  3. Elisha Benson

    Sounds like a headache to me. No thanks!
    Guess my family won’t be doing our first trip next year either.

  4. Andrew kelso

    The last time I visited I took the kids on their last day to every park to go on their favourite rides. Does that mean on our last day we need to pick our favourite park and stay there all day.

  5. Patrick

    This article syncs with what DVC member services told me a few weeks ago. DVCMS said they were seeing a option for park reservations for part of the day in their system. You could reserve a park hop from one park to another in the afternoon /evening. Of course it wasn’t a option to sell yet, just something she could see in the system but not offer it in any way.

  6. Tommy Gibb

    FWIW, our tickets are for early January 2021 and we were able to request Park Hopper options on them.

    1. Natan Shar

      Tommy – how did the park reservation work for you with a park hopper ticket? Were you able to reserve two parks in the same day for the same person?

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