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  1. Rosie

    I feel safer at wdw then anywhere else in this crazy state whom has a govenor whom thinks 20k dead and counting is nothing! So glad i can go to wdw to escape! I always felt safe at wdw but now w all the precautions its even better and also das pass is actually working for all of us that use it and not aganist us so i hope wdw is seeing that.

  2. We have had several vacations to WDW cancelled due to the pandemic. Currently, we are on vacation reservation #5 in December. Going to WDW used to be an escape from normal life. Excellent customer service, great food, excellent entertainment, freedom to park hop, they pick up your luggage at the airport, and your kids actually get along for a week. Many of the perks are gone, laid off castmembers, limited menu and seating at restaurants, drive by characters, and you have to wear a mask (which isn’t necessary outdoors). This takes away the magic. You are not really escaping reality going there anymore. Can’t wait for a vaccine!

  3. Tiffany

    Our family of 9 frequented Disney about 8 weeks total or more each year. We won’t be going back till it goes back to normal. Not interested in a vaccine, temperature checks, masks and limited capacity. The magic is gone with all that-will get annual passes again once it resumes business as usual.

  4. We just recently stayed for a week at Boardwalk Villas and a week at Beach Club Villas after 3 earlier cancellations and I have to say we had one of the best WDW trips we’ve ever had. We are used to wearing a mask everywhere in WNY so it was really not a big deal. Set aside a few of our favorite restaurants still not open and a handful of shows and attractions, it was business as usual. We had some apprehension before we left but once we got there we quickly realized it was extremely safe and WDW, in typical fashion, had figured it out. Of course, everyone still needs to do their part by hand washing, distancing and be sensibly cautious. Every guest with rare exception socially distanced and masked up with few resisting. No regrets and already have a trip scheduled to Boulder Ridge at the end of Feb, a Boardwalk at the end of April and a Saratoga the beginning of May. Disney has absolutely no problem tossing resisters!! If the rest of the country followed Disney’s lead, we’d all be much safer and have a closer to normal life. Thank you, WDW, for giving us a safe break from this horrible pandemic!

  5. SG

    First, that video is a Disney commercial. Not reality. Disagree? Go and look around you.

    Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Disney. But we do not like COVID Disney. As APs we usually go often. When the park first reopened it was great and I sang their praises. Now however, it has increased capacity and the lines are literally everywhere. It is no where near normal. We used to be able to count on three rides/attractions with Fast Pass, no more. FP is gone, look at the app right now and pick the rides/ attractions you want. See what I’m talking about? A lot of favorites are closed, rides, shops, restaurants, you can check it now. Plan your day accordingly so you’re not disappointed. If you’re at a resort you’ll have a much better experience, it’s only you and your fellow resort vacationers there. Drive your car to the parks, Disney transportation will double to triple your usual time. Be prepared to double or triple what your past wait times were including shopping (no you can’t just enter a store) and food counter service (everything is done by Mobil order). It’s fun if your expectations are low.
    My advice, save your money until you have taken the vaccine, by then Disney will be normal again.

  6. AA

    We love Disney and went this past February for my 40th and went again last week for my daughter’s birthday. The magic was still very much there and in some ways better! Wait times are not bad and we rode every ride we wanted to ride and even got to ride Mine train, Flight of passage and Navii River twice in one day which never happens! Mask wearing was not a problem and everyone for the most part social distanced. I also appreciated when Cast Members would call out guests who were not wearing a mask appropriately! We all had a great time! I actually liked the Calvacades and Flotillas better than the parades! I hope they keep those!

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